Caine Talks Batman 3 Villains [Updated w/ audio]

Michael Caine had a few things to say about Batman 3 in a recent interview with Chris Moyles for BBC Radio 1. Caine said that filming will probably begin in May, a month later than what he said previously. Another interesting but not too surprising quote from Sir Michael Caine — “no one apart from Chris and his brother know who the baddie is yet”. With an official announcement coming sometime before the end of the year, it’s only a matter of time before everyone knows who the “baddie” is.

Update: I’ve got audio from the interview embedded below. Michael Caine talks about working with Nolan, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and of course, Batman 3.

SOURCE: BBC Radio 1 [via Obsessed with Film]

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  • zeke235

    Dwayne Johnson as The Clay!!!!!! discuss!

    • Hahaha maybe…though I’m not sure he’d fit in with Nolan’s world.

      • Simon

        Defenitly NOT. I mean, there are still some villains who do fit in Nolan’s world.
        Like: Black Mask, Deadshot, Riddler, Catwoman but she will be hard to get right though, Hugo Strange, Rupert Thorne and I’m sure a lot of others. I still think that de Riddler will be the main-villain rather than the lesser-villain. It just make sense to use him. Black Mask and actually Catwoman as well…. not.

        • Simon

          I forgot Hush!!! He would fit as well.

  • bradley

    Michael Caine sounds drunk in that interview.