Mark Millar Knows Who the Villains Are?

Scottish comic book writer Mark Millar claims to have heard some Batman 3 gossip at the Big Apple Con this past weekend. His latest tweet reads “Con gossip: I know who the villain(s) are in Batman 3”. While Millar has been known to exaggerate the truth in the past, I’m going to put a spoiler tag around the rest of his tweet just in case it turns out to be true. I’d consider this a small spoiler, but read on at your own discretion. Millar goes on to describe a certain scene he thinks we’ll see in Batman 3


He goes on to say “One of the villains is from my favourite childhood run on the character.” Millar has been quite successful in the comic book world so it’s possible he might have heard some credible rumors. Hopefully all the guessing will come to an end soon, when Warner Brothers makes their official announcement.

For the record, will NOT be posting major spoilers during the development of Batman 3. If I post a minor spoiler, I’ll always be sure to hide it by default.

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  • Anonymous

    I haven’t read the rumour, (i’m debating whether i’ll even watch the trailers for Batman 3!) but didn’t Miller get escorted off the set of TDK by security when one of the producers found him leaning up against the Bat-pod like he belonged there?

    • I haven’t heard that but it wouldn’t surprise me.

      I wanted to make the spoiler tags easy to access with just a click, no need to highlight because some people will visit on an iPad or phone and that wouldn’t be possible. I don’t want to be spoiled either so don’t worry about reading any major spoilers here! I can’t stay away from the trailers though…I watch them a bit obsessively :)

      • Anonymous

        Its just a few moments in TDK i thought were spoiled by knowing they would happen after seeing the trailer (Truck flipping over, Hospital blowing up). However saying that i’ll still probably take the day off work to watch the first Batman 3 trailer lol

        I read that Millar story in Imdb trivia so who knows if its true, was supposed to be when “Wanted” was filming.

  • Thejiggler2342

    Millar is a cock end to be honest,his fannying around with the Kick Ass and Wanted scripts and was nothing short of pathetic coming from a fellow Glaswegian I would say Mark just shut the fxck up and just write comic books ya twat!

  • Truth

    Mark Millar is a child of the 70’s (born: ’69); therefore, It’s Talia al Ghul:

    She was a prominent villain in the 70’s and early 80’s.