Morgan Freeman Talks Batman 3

Morgan Freeman recently sat down with and naturally Batman 3 came up. Sounds like he doesn’t know anymore than we do at this point. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On whether he had doubts about Christopher Nolan doing another Batman movie…

There was never any doubt in anybody’s mind after ‘Dark Knight’ hit the streets. We know Warner Brothers would say ‘Whatever! What do you want? As long as you give us a third.'”

On the production’s start date…

“No I don’t really know anything at all. I’ve heard what you’ve heard. Spring.”

On which villains he’d like to see (he previously hinted at Catwoman in another interview)…

“I don’t know if that [Catwoman] is going to be his [Nolan’s] choice. There’s been talk of the Riddler, the Joker — I don’t mean the Joker — the Penguin. Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the Penguin, and that sounds interesting to me.”

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  • Anonymous

    Its interesting how the actors have no more info then the fans.

    At least it seems that way, maybe they just know how to keep their mouths shut lol

    • TheseScars

      I think this series is one of the rare ones where all but 3 or 4 involved know absolutely nothing but a start and release date. Crazy. The series that I love the most is the most secretive. I cannot wait until the Virals start and find out new info on a daily basis. I’m guessing we all will know a lot more by Jan. 1st.

  • Yeah I believe that they don’t know much more than us. Michael Caine talked about how secretive Nolan is, and if anyone is going to spill the beans…it’s Caine lol. He didn’t have much to say here:

  • TheseScars

    I am beginning to think that Nolan is going to use every villain thats left in the last film. It would be a perfect ending having all these characters come together in the finale of the trilogy. He’s used the villains that needed substantial back stories and now he’s left with all these villains that can’t carry the finale by themselves or in small combinations, so what can he do? Use them all to end with a bang. It would be the first trilogy where the majority of the rogues gallery had been used.

    I don’t believe that New Orleans will be part of the story but it will be the setting for the seeder Gotham that all these villains do their business in. Orleans has great character to it. As for the villains I would say all they all can fit in without much effort to where the story is going.

    Selina Kyle fits into the female lead, Nigma/Scarecrow fit for a city wide threat, Black Mask/Penguin/Croc/Few others can fit in the mob part of the story, Hugo Strange can be a threat to Bruce and Batman’s identity and Strange also can have a connection to Bane bc in a older storyline he creates these super sized zombies. It sucks the Joker cannot reek havok again but it seems like Nolan will be throwing everything he’s got left at us in Batman 3. I hope the Talia/Croc rumors are not true and I’m pretty sure their not. Not even Nolan could make Talia interesting as a main villain without Ras.