Nolan Lines Up Actresses for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ [Updated]


Deadline broke the news that Tom Hardy had been cast in The Dark Knight Rises and now they have some exclusive news on the rumors surrounding the leading ladies. According to their exclusive report, The Dark Knight Rises will have two female leads, one being Bruce Wayne’s love interest (Julie Madison?) and the other will play a villain. Deadline says Nolan’s narrowed down the actresses to Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts, Blake Lively, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway and Keira Knightley. Nolan hasn’t told the ladies specifically which character they’ll be playing. Which two actresses would you like to see get the parts?

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Update: was first to report that Nolan would be meeting with actresses for the lead female role(s). Today they added a few more actresses to Deadline’s list. They’ve heard that Tanit Phoenix, Marion Cotillard, and Piper Perabo are also being considered for these roles.

SOURCE: Deadline, Moviehole

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  • Rachel Weisz as Talia Al Ghul!(crossing my fingers for Talia being included!)
    Naomi Watts as Julie/Vicky or Selina Kyle(not Catwoman)!

  • it looks like three blondes and three brunettes. maybe there is some correlation?

  • Peteagassi

    Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts would be outstanding. I could care less about the other actresses.

  • Simon

    Definitly no Talia!!!!!!!!!! There was already an al Ghul in BB and I really don’t have to see his daughter to ‘come full circle’ in that way…..

    But still, I’d love to see Weisz in TDKR and for the other ones, well…. Then Naomi Watts as well.

    • No ,Talia HAS to be in this movie!
      To finish her father´s work and to be Batman´s new love interest!
      Please,yes to Talia!

  • Anonymous

    My toughts are Sofia Falcone and Julie Madson.

  • This could be cool. If Catwoman is in the film, it could be interesting to see how these women affect Bruce/Batman’s love life in both of his persona.

  • BrazilianBatFan

    Please, please let him choose Marion for Catwoman!! I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed for far too long. lol

  • Undadog25

    Keira for Talia. Nuff said.

  • Why in the blue hell would blake lively be in the running? That is absurd.

  • keifaleif

    Keira Knightly as Catwoman! Yes please!

  • Keifaleif

    I’ve changed my mind! Rachel Weisz as Catwoman! Yes please

  • Interesting additions to the list with Marion Cotillard and Piper Perabo, considering Nolan’s worked with them both before. It would be interesting to see them in TDKR.

  • guest

    I think you should update the poll with the 3 new additions! I want to vote for Cottilard and I can’t!!

    • The poll has almost 400 votes already, adding options now would mess up the results.

  • I may not be a big fan of Talia, but dang, Rachel Weisz would be really awesome as her :o)

  • batmanyearone

    Would be very happy to see Piper join the cast. Would be some surpise casting if that was the case. She was good in Prestige.

    • True. It’s because of The Prestige in large part that I checked her out in Covert Affairs.

  • wonderwitch

    blake lively is auditioning for EVERYTHING these days. gosh, i like her but shes not that great….. anyways i hope there are more top contenders we don’t know about b/c i for one do not see natalie or keira fitting in well in comicbook world and the other choices aren’t really making me happy either. i suppose i would be fine with weiz or cotillard as talia, but other than that, i really can’t say. that tanit girl is pretty tho. doesn’t seem like a serious actress or nolan’s type tho… i suppose i should be thankful he can’t bring maggie gyllenhaal back.

  • One-eye Willie

    If the main villain is Black Mask, my guess for female villain goes to Catwoman… If not, I think Talia would appear… In this case, could be both: love and villain! But the Wayne´s love interest propably is Vicki Vale.
    Rachel Weisz as Catwoman
    Naomi Watts as Vicki Vale

  • Matthew Harrison

    Rachel Weiz will be hot as Talia.

  • Montycristo24


  • Goku

    I like Rachel Weisz but I think Anne Hathaway will be better!

  • 2012hopeilivethatlong

    This is such an underwhelming list. I only picked Weisz because she’s the lesser of the rest of the evils.

    Natalie Portman is such a horrible choice. I still can’t believe how many films she’s been cast in the lead role since the dreadful prequel trilogy ended. Must be a good agent.

  • Anonymous

    Natalie Portman and Blake Lively are out since they’ve already landed roles in comic book adaptations. I’m hoping he goes with a blonde; Rachel Weisz and Anne Hathaway are Rachel Dawes look-alikes

  • Ingrid

    No Talia! She’s a poorly written character only their to further daddy’s interest. How about let’s not, and instead have a proper Catwoman in a Batman movie this time. Sofia Falcone would actually work, seeing as she was in the Long Halloween, which influenced Batman Begins and Dark Knight, and was the main baddie in Dark Victory. She could have a smaller role in TDKR but work to try and rebuild the Falcone crime family again. That would be awesome.

    My vote out of all the women here would be Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts or Marion Cotillard, if she can get the American accent down.

  • Bazman05

    What is with these choices. Most are too old or are not that good. I chose Anne Hathaway but that’s only because she’s the best of the rest. I hope that Talia Al Ghul is not in this and certainly not the campy catwoman, so if any of the other actresses were cast in lesser roles, I wouldn’t complain.

  • DHJ

    Who is the woman on the lower left?

  • M6000

    I personally am not to thrilled with the thought of there being a leading female role but I trust Nolan’s judgement so I guess this will turn out right as for who should be picked I really don’t care they all seem the same to me.

  • Nave Torment

    I hope its Cotillard. Naomi Watts or Kiera Knightley can both play Vicky Vale really well. Rachel Weisz is always a lovely actress to watch, I see a firm Talia Al Ghul in her.

    It’s strange because a while ago both Weisz and Tanit Phoenix were Wonder Woman contenders among fans.

  • Krd0203

    I feel Racheal McAdams should be considered for this movie.

  • Krd0203

    Racheal McAdams and Emily Blunt.
    They need to consider both of these very talented actresses.

  • I still believe that Olivia Wilde has the more sexier alluring comic book look than Rachel Weisz
    for the role. As for the other love interest I feel that Diane Kruger should have that part.

  • harley quinn 1

    naomi watts looks like harley quinn i hopeshe gets a part