Hugo Strange in Arkham City, all part of the plan?


Last night the trailer for the Batman: Arkham City (the sequel to 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum) video game premiered at Spike’s Video Game Awards. The main villain in this trailer is Dr. Hugo Strange. As first reported back in November, it’s rumored that Tom Hardy will be playing Hugo Strange in The Dark Knight Rises.

Hugo Strange was introduced in the comics even before The Joker or Catwoman. He’s appeared in animated Batman TV shows, but is not well known to the “mainstream” audience. Arkham City is one of 2011’s most anticipated video games, and would be a great way to introduce a wide audience to Hugo Strange. By introducing Strange in a video game, Warner Bros. will also get people excited to see the character on screen in The Dark Knight Rises.

On the other hand…this type of synergy between Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures would have to include Christopher Nolan’s participation. Nolan is the type of director who likes to keep things close to the chest. Warner Bros. didn’t even get their hands on the script until last week. It’s hard to believe that Nolan would have told Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment that he planned to use Hugo Strange as the villain in The Dark Knight Rises.

Still, Warner Bros. is a business, and topping The Joker from The Dark Knight is no easy task. By introducing Hugo Strange in 2011, and then bringing him to life on screen in 2012, perhaps you tone down the “can you top The Joker” talk and get people excited for a character that’s never been seen before. We still don’t even know if Hugo Strange will be in The Dark Knight Rises, but all recent rumors point to ‘yes’. So what do you guys think? Is Hugo Strange’s appearance in Arkham City a coincidence, or is it all…part of the plan? Check out the trailer for Arkham City after the break and let me know what you think in the comments!

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  • Gotta admit, it does look awesome!

  • nah, Rocksteady is doing the story they want and Nolan what he wants… and youi cant really call it a coincidence either since its not even sure strange will be in dkr…

  • Collin V.

    This kinda makes sense…I say that they are behind something here…

  • JaySin420

    It can’t be a coincidence, I wonder when this game is coming out though. Maybe they just recently found about Strange like everyone else and made that trailer for him? He could have already been in the game with a few other villains but then they found out he’s probably going to be in the movie so they decided to showcase him? Who knows.

    • The game is coming out Fall 2011. It was announced in August that Hugo Strange would be a villain in Arkham City and the game has been in development for almost a year (if not more).

      • JaySin420

        Oh that’s interesting, thanks. I guess Nolan must have gave them some info then, maybe cause it’s his last Batman movie he’s being cool about it.

        • DVoc

          I’ve read that the game is set for Oct 4, 2011. I kinda would prefer Strange as the villian. I haven’t read any comics with strange and I can’t really get into black mask so with no riddler, Strange is my last hopeful! :)

        • BG88

          Why are you people still assuming that Hugo is in the latest movie? You people crack me up… quit feeding unsubstantiated rumors


    • Oh woah oh

      Comment removed. Please keep the discussion friendly.

      • M6000

        what di you say to get your comment removed

  • Attack Kitty

    We don’t even know if Hugo is in The Dark Knight Rises. I love how you’re talking like he’s in the movie… They’re just two separate things that have nothing to do with one another. Both doing the stories THEY want to do. Does the trailer with Joker and Harley Quinn mean they’re in the third movie? Nope. The pictures of Catwoman and Two-Face mean they’re in this? Not necessarily. Hardy doesn’t even seem right for Hugo, tbh. You’re cashing in on the rumor that YOU started right now.

    I don’t know who the villains are, but I feel like Black Mask will be one of them. Showing how the mob has escalated into chaos and is ruled by fear & freaks since the Joker. And doubling as a villain connected to Bruce.

    • You’re right, no one knows if Hugo is going to be the villain, or even is in TDKR. Which is why this post was classified under Opinion/Rumor. This in no way states, for a fact, that Strange is the villain. It’s speculation. Right now, Christopher Nolan, Jonah Nolan, Goyer, and a handful of others know what’s going on. Which leaves us to speculate. And everyone’s having fun doing it. Everyone had fun with the Riddler rumors and those got debunked. Strange and Black Mask could just as easily be debunked. In the mean time, hold the phone and enjoy the ride.

    • While the Hugo Strange rumor did start here, I’m certainly not the only one who has heard something. Shortly after I posted that rumor, numerous websites said they heard the film would be based on Prey. Then just a couple of weeks ago Aint It Cool News claimed to have seen actual proof that Strange is in it. We’ll have to wait and see, but you’re right, Hugo Strange is not a given.

  • Anonymous

    If he is in the movie hopefully they’d try to make him look less like Jeff Bridges from Iron Man then this. I doubt he is in DKR anyway regardless what the rumours are. All rumours pointed to it being filmed in New Orleans till that got debunked.

  • DVoc

    With all of that said, all signs does point at Hugo Strange with it being the last movie and all. Its crazy how people have so much angry towards a site that says this is only a rumor, do not take it serious but still find a need to be angry at them. No signs point to Black Mask so I kinda dout its him but who am I, I’m barly read comics, but I have started reading Prey.

  • Anonymous

    Smart move from DC Entertainament.Well, the script is dont finish, btu doesnt means WB dont know the true villain of the film.A good move in my opinion,. and i wish to know if DCE have any kind of opinion on the next Batman and Superman films…

  • My thought is that your source that claimed Hugo Strange and the one who thought the story for TDKR mistook it for the story on this game. Just my thoughts.

  • This trailer slays so hard.

  • This trailer slays. Cannot wait for this game.

  • Dark Knight

    What made Arkham asylum a big success was not to be tied in any way to the movies, and I hope Warner Bros don’t make such a big mistake of merging the game into the story of the movie or vice-versa.
    Whatever happens ,I just hope that the story of the game will be completely different from the story of the movies, just like Arkham asylum was..

  • Anonymous

    WB would have communcation across their media arms to be to able to plan this. If no one else in the world knew who the villain in DKR would be, Intervactiove Entertainment would be the FIRST to know. This game is enormous

  • M6000

    Man I really REALLY want this game. You should post more news on this game as well as the movie on this site seeing I am really interested in both.

  • I agree, their is NO WAY any one knows for sure what the truth is, and this site is finding a lot of its stories from back door words and maybe mistaken truths for rumors, but the game and movie is almost 11 year off, and like EVERY other movie and game, the patrons all have their opinions, EVERY ONE IS ENTITLED to their own.
    as for both the movie being rumored to have a villian that just so happens to be the same villian showcased in an up coming video game i feel is more then just a mistake, even more so BOTH movie and gaeme are made by the same over all company! you can not deny that,
    let the rumors lye where they may. and enjoy the speculation!