‘The Dark Knight Rises’ script did NOT leak

There’s a rumor going around today that The Dark Knight Rises script has leaked. That’s simply not true. By writing this post I’ve already given it more attention than it deserves, so I wanted to take the time to let you know what Batman-News.com’s spoiler policy is. Read all about it after the break.

I will never post major plot spoilers here on Batman-News.com. If I post an occasional minor spoiler, there will be a warning and you’ll have to click to view it. It’ll look something like this (don’t worry, there’s no spoiler inside):


Please do not send me spoilers via email, Twitter, or Facebook throughout the production of The Dark Knight Rises. I realize that by running this website I’ll see a bit more than I want to, but I’d like to see a few surprises when I walk into the theater on July 20th in 2012.

Thanks for checking out Batman-News.com. It’s going to be the best place online for news about The Dark Knight Rises. If you have any comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Update: Some people are upset with my “no spoilers” policy. Just to clarify, I will be posting photos from the set of The Dark Knight Rises when they get to Chicago or do on-location shooting. People who wish to avoid these photos will be able to do so, the post will be clearly marked and you’ll have to click a link to view the photos. The only type of spoilers I’ll be excluding from Batman-News.com are major plot spoilers.

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  • Markhooson

    Did anyone read synopsis of the “leaked script”? It was absolute garbage and so obviously fake. It featured about five villains.

  • Anonymous

    where is the fake script?

    • There wasn’t an actual script leak. Someone at the SHH! boards just made up scenes/characters/plots and posted them claiming they were from “the leaked script his friend from Warner Bros. emailed him”.

      Warner Bros. has confirmed that the script has not leaked and that what was posted this morning at SHH! was completely fake.

      • Randomdude123

        It’s funny that the studio actually took the time to deny what was just some random message board fanboy making bogus claims.

    • http://bit.ly/dEDW1D There was no “script leak” as far as I know, just a (bogus) synopsis.

  • Randomdude123

    “I will never post major spoilers here on Batman-News.com.”

    Well, there go my hopes that Batman-News.com could have risen above BOF. Like other sites, Batman-News.com apparently has no problem deciding for us what they think is best for us (rather than letting us make our own decisions about how much we want to spoil ourselves, via spoiler tags).

    “It’s going to be the best place online for news about The Dark Knight Rises.”

    Not anymore, it’s not. And I had high hopes, too.

    • Look, I’m not going to be as strict as BOF, but I don’t want to spoil the whole movie for myself!

      I’m not trying to decide what’s best for you. If the script really did leak today I may have told you where to find it, but I wouldn’t have read it myself or posted the movie ending.

      Is that fair?

      • Anonymous

        I recommend finding someone who has no problem posting spoiler stories. Nothing wrong with having a second writer to update the front page. :)

        • Randomdude123

          Agreed. That sounds real sensible.

      • “If the script really did leak today I may have told you where to find it, but I wouldn’t have posted the movie ending.”

        THAT is a perfect policy, just say: Today bla bkla bla was leaked, and if you are interested in it,it can be found at ha ha ha ha.
        that is the best way to handle this issue, this way you can post spoilers with OUT posting them, this way, i don’t have to read it. cause i don’t, but those of you who DO, CAN. simple and sweet and still puts Batman Above it’s older counter part!

    • Spoilers =/= news. Batman-News.com promises to be the best place online for NEWS about TDKR. Not the same as spoilers.

      Do you ever read BOF? That site has “EGO” written on it in 50 foot letters. Just read Jett’s post on this topic and how he “called Warner’s” to confirm the script leak was false. The guy constantly flaunts his “connections” to WB and the Nolan crew. It’s a joke. It makes it look like he has more of an “in” than anyone else. And honestly, he never really has anything outside of what anyone else posts. But if you want to go back there, go. Batman-News.com has not just risen, but SOARED over BOF.

      • Randomdude123

        When a spoiler is released about the movie, that release becomes “news” about the movie. Wow – are you really trying to bring in a semantics argument, about “spoilers” vs. “news?” It all amounts to the same thing.

        Just because Batman-News.com is better than BOF in some departments (i.e.e, EGO), doesn’t mean that some of us wouldn’t like to see it better than BOF in other departments as well (i.e., restricted spoiler policy).

        • Perhaps I was (somewhat) wrong. A spoiler being released is news, but it is different than leaked news. I was talking about the latter. I don’t see anything wrong with posting something like the video of Harvey Dent/Two-Face in the bar, since that was something WB released, and was intended. Something like the Joker in the police uniform was NOT intended to be released, and got out. Was that not a spoiler? That was something WB actively tried to shut down, as it was unintentional. I think, particularly in the latter case, Batman-News.com is on the money to not even bother with them.

          Additionally, I’m sorry if I was a little too in-your-face. I think everyone got a bit emotional with the “leak” and the spoiler policy yesterday, and that certainly wasn’t my intention with you.

          Finally, there is somewhere where you can discuss rumors/spoilers/leaks unhindered, and it’s linked to on this very site: http://www.jowforums.tk It’s been slow lately as there’s been little news, but you can openly discuss all things TDKR there uninhibited.

  • Figs25

    I don’t see a problem with not having spoilers on here. I’m sure most if not all of you belong to some sort of message board community. Any spoilers will always pop up their in the same day.

    • That’s the way I look at it. People who want those major plot spoilers know where to find them. They don’t need Batman-News.com for that. The majority of readers do not want to know every single detail. Part of the fun of a Nolan film is all the twists and turns.

      BOF has a policy against posting set photos too, not here. I will be posting set photos (they’ll be easy to avoid if you don’t want to see them), and I hope to be one of the first websites to post them!

  • The people looking for major spoilers know where to find them. I’m not sure they need Batman-News.com for that.

    I honestly didn’t expect this type of backlash. My goal with Batman-News.com was to give people a better looking website. I wanted to give them better writing, make it easier to find news, and to post news faster than BOF.

    I actually don’t mind BOF’s spoiler policy, though Batman-News.com’s won’t be as strict. My “no major spoilers” policy only applies to the plot. I will be posting photos from the set of The Dark Knight Rises when they get to Chicago or do on-location shooting. Still, people who wish to avoid these photos will be able to do so, the post will be clearly marked and you’ll have to click a link to view the photos.

  • Superallstarfilms

    so much for not beineg like the douche on batman on film I like spoilers and so do most people whats the big deal and wahst the point of having abatman site if your gonna be like that same crappy douche jet and withold stuff! i dont give a damn about pictures of the setting and location shooting if the actors arent on the sets big whoop!

    • I will be posting pictures of the actors on set. I won’t be revealing major plot spoilers. If the script leaks, and reveals that Batman dies at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, you won’t find that here. People (like yourself) who want major spoilers know where to find them.

    • Dude, grow up. No one’s forcing you to come here. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. Problem solved for both parties.

      • Superallstarfilm

        sdude stop being a douchebag and get over ir Not a Fan of crappy nolan in the slightest at all im a fan of Batman

  • The Batfan

    When I read the leaked synopsis it all sounded to messy anyway. Way too many villains and a story that had way too many plotlines.

  • The Batfan

    BatCopter that was quite ridiculous as well.

  • Thejumpingbeanbrigade

    Thank you for this policy on plot spoilers. It will make me feel a lot more comfortable about coming to this site when filming gets under-way to know that the film isn’t going to be ruined for me.

    As for this script leak – unless Warner Bros’ security is as weak as the average American embassy, I doubt it’ll ever leak.

  • The reason BOF sucks so bad is because that idiot creator Jett posts about how in the know he is with WB every chance he gets. I’ve never seen a guy on the internet be such a prick when it comes to what he thinks he is.

    I really hope B-N doesn’t start that up because it’s the main reason I can’t stand BOF anymore. Seriously, Jett is like the Kanye West of Batman websites.

    • “Seriously, Jett is like the Kanye West of Batman websites.”

      I wish there was some way to award points for this because of how hilarious it is.

      • Haha, thanks.

    • Jett and I actually patched things up via email yesterday. I’d appreciate it if we can all focus on what we like about Batman-News.com rather than what we don’t like about BOF. Thanks.

      • I still think he’s a joke… This doesn’t change anything.

  • Geeky Randy

    “Some people are upset with my ‘no spoilers’ policy.”

    Wow. I will never understand why a person would want something spoiled for them. Some people are strange.