VP of IMAX talks ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Collider posted a great interview with Executive Vice-President of IMAX, David Keighley. He talked a bit about The Dark Knight Rises, as well as working with Christopher Nolan. The whole interview runs about 50 minutes, here are some highlights:

  • The Dark Knight Rises will be filmed in IMAX. How much? “Many more minutes” than The Dark Knight’s 28 minutes.
  • Christopher Nolan may use a 65mm camera for dialogue scenes in The Dark Knight Rises.
  • The Dark Knight may be re-released in IMAX as part of a double-feature when The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters.
  • Keighley has had about 5 meetings with Nolan, they’re working together to make improvements for The Dark Knight Rises.

Check out the two part video interview after the break, and head on over to Collider for a more in-depth breakdown.

Part 1

Part 2

SOURCE: Collider

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve been hopefull for a TDK/DKR imax double feature for a while now.

    I saw TDK 5 times on the big screen, each time at a different cinema but never at an IMAX cinema and i’ve been kicking myself for it since. So hopefully i can rectify this :)

  • Simon

    Is there gonna be a marathon for all three of them when it hits theaters (in IMAX)? I’ve been to the marathon of Pirates of the Caribbean. The first two films were showed before midnight and when it was midnight, the day that it would be in theather, the third one was shown!
    I’m really hoping they will do the same with Nolan Batman trilogy then! I’ve never seen Begins and TDK in IMAX…..