Will Bane be in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

Update 01/19/11: Yes! Tom Hardy will play Bane, and Anne Hathaway is Selina Kyle. Check out the official press release here.

The Riddler, Catwoman, Killer Croc, and Hugo Strange have all been rumored as possible villains in The Dark Knight Rises. This past week a new name has popped up, one that we’ve seen on film before. Jett on his private BOF message board has been hinting that Bane may show up in The Dark Knight Rises. The last time we saw Bane on screen was in 1997’s Batman & Robin. If Bane is a character in The Dark Knight Rises, I think it’s safe to assume he won’t be anything like what we saw back in 1997. Yes, Bane is one of Batman’s most physical opponents, but he’s also one of the most intelligent (something that Batman & Robin never touched on).

So what do you guys think? Would you like to see Bane in The Dark Knight Rises? Fans online are already talking about how Bane would fit Christopher Nolan’s story. Some say he may be hired by the Gotham police to take Batman down, while others speculate that he might have been a member of the League of Shadows — sent to Gotham by Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter Talia to get revenge on Batman for her father’s death. Let your voice be heard in the poll and talk about your own theories in the comments.

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  • yeah sure why not :)

  • Sounds good to me. I’d love to see a Megan Fox Talia, Angelina Jolie Catwoman, and Johnny Depp Riddler (although I know the latter won’t be in it).

  • One-eyed Willie

    Shallow, poor character… I Think TDKR deserves more, much more about the villains.

    • onojoshua

      You obviously don’t know Bane. Are you a comic reader? I recommend reading Vengeance of Bane and Knightfall. You will find that he is far from shallow. He mirrors batman in physicality and intellect.

    • Continentalop

      Yeah, I have read them and he is a shallow, poor character. Just because someone is written to match Batman’s intellect and strength doesn’t make him a good character – just a lazy plot device to raise the “stakes” against Batman.

      • batman is god

        Bane=pure awesomenes , he is much more complex then the likes of scarecrow,catwoman,riddler,freeze etc.he is infact more intelligent than them all put together.he was raised on an island with assasins,war criminals and mercanaries , making him an expert martial artist ,battle tactician and his physical prowess is geater than batman.throw in venom and he’s on a different level.he’s much better than those one dimensional lunatics who rely on their personal comfort zones to be classied as threats.

  • Dwarrenjr

    You’re shallow and poor. I want Bane.

  • Sam

    As you can see from Broson, Tom Hardy certainly bears a resemblance to to Bane, after bulking up some more he would be perfect. Plus he’s got the acting as well, and who knows he could probably do a decent mexican accent.

  • Paul

    He could step it up a notch in Villany for Nolan’s Batman franchise, because like in the comic books Bane would be able to match Batman both physically and mentally, making it harder for him to save Gotham.

  • Bud

    Not my villain of choice… But, maybe he could be a steroid freak hired by Black Mask…

  • Continentalop

    I seriously doubt this rumor. There is a long list that makes Bane unlikely, the least of it being he is a bad character. Batman foes should be distinctively Batman foes. You take Joker, Catwoman, The Penguin or Riddler and you instantly recognize something about them that is unique and inherent about Batman’s villains. Bane could just as easily be a Daredevil, Wolverine or Captain America foe. He’s just another super-villain instead of an arch criminal which the best Batman foes are.

    • Batman is god

      I’m sorry but you think penguin is a good character? i’ve been reading batman comics for decades and i have to admit his rogues gallery is vastly overrated and pathetic. all his major villians live in their precious comfort zones , outside these zones they are all sitting duck waiting to be taken,lambs waiting to get slaughtered,lawn chairs waiting to get folded , they are a bunch of bullies who prey on the weak. bane is different he isnt some one dimensional lunatic who kills for the heck of it,he actually has saved people as well.unlike batman’s typical villians who are just a threat to society , this guy is a threat to the man himself,he has photographic memory, is multilingual (even knows forgotten languages) .basically imagine arnold schwarzenegger from the commando movie vs christian bale’s batman.much more interesting than seymour hoffman and eddie murphy running around as riddler and penguin

      • Continentalop

        Size and power does not make a great character. An obstacle yes, but not a character. Jason Vorhees is big and scary, but he is not in the same league as Hannibal Lecter or Hans Gruber as a character.

        And yes, the Penguin is a great character, maybe not the way he is written nowadays, but in the Golden Age through Silver Age he was Batman’s best foe and an amazing arch-criminal. The problem with most fanboys is that they want supervillains instead of arch-criminals, which is fine, but Batman was meant to be a masked crimefighter not a super-hero (more Zorro and Shadow than Superman and Human Torch) and he works best in the context of crime/detective story, so his best foes still remain the arch-criminals like Joker, Two-Face, Catwoman, Riddler and, yes, Penguin.

  • NoWatImSayin

    No bane . No bane no bane. The batman: knightfall saga can b a movie trilogy by itself. Bring in catwoman/talia, black mask/Dead shot n finish with Harley Quinn takin on the job to treat the joker just to drive us crazy. Cmon it’s batman u cannot jus forget bout joker ( unlike Burton , c no trilogy for him)

  • No Bane and no villain already used before in a movie! That´s all.

  • Ghost of Hunter Rose

    I love the comic (I don’t remember which one it is) in which Bane deduces batman’s identity, unleashes Arkham upon Gotham once more causing batman mental and physical duress as he fights and subdues them all once more. And when batman gets back to his manor, he finds Alfred out cold with Bane waiting for him who them breaks him physically before which he taunts him and nearly crushes the bat mentally as well.

    However I would love to see Grendel Rose as the villain.

  • Simon

    If the Gotham police is going to hire someone to take down the Bat in TDKR, than it seems way more convincing that a villain like Deadshot would be hired.
    Please, no Bane.

  • M6000

    I like the thought of Bane being in as a villian but I just don’t know if he has what it takes to be the main Villian as I’m sure there will be more then one.

  • jingleheimerschmit

    im on the no-bane side.
    hes an interesting character, and it would be interesting to see chris’ take on him. but hes just not a strong enough character to hold an entire movie, ESPECIALLY coming off of something as huge as TDK. i think its going to be really tough to make anything come close to heaths’ joker, and bane is just not it.

  • Guest

    Umm. Jeep Swenson played Bane in “Batman and Robin” in 1997.

  • One-eyed Willie

    C´mon guys… Just take a look at the Bat´s rogues gallery, for f*** sakes!! Bane isn´t a villain to fit in this epic trilogy finale! Well, let´s see:
    1- A “super-intelligent” villain addicted to… steroids/drug/whatever?? Really??
    2- With mexican accent wearing a luchador mask?? (call Danny Trejo for the role!)
    3- A minor villain already used before in a movie
    4- All that stuff doesn´t sound much “Nolan” to me…

  • I’m in the pro-Bane camp. I think it could be done and done well. But I can’t see Bane as the primary villain. I could see him re-imagined as someone working for Strange or Black Mask.

    And don’t think he’d have to wear the ridiculous luchador mask. Remember that before Heath Ledger, the Joker “had” to be permawhite.

  • It could be…. but please, don’t make it with more than two villains.

  • terry

    don’t take the fans ideas about anything they don’t no shit about anything plus they want depp to play riddler , riddler was the best with jim carey but i think the joker would be way better as t rider smith who played trister in brainscan

  • Supervenomsuperman

    Are you guys retarded? BANE BANE BANE is the perfect character. Like previously mentioned he is as smart as Batman and Physically superior. When I say smart I don’t mean the stupid Bane they had in Batman and Robin! I mean the Bane they had in Batman the Animated series! Watch it for yourselves on youtube or your local library and then decide! In my mind Bane is the only one who could be the main Villian that can carry this third installment.

    The penguin or catwoman as a formidable foe to Batman? Please don’t make me laugh. Catwoman as a secondary character maybe. As for the Riddler, he’s to boring to be the main Villian. Talia al Ghul, secondary character maybe for she was never in the league of Shadows which is a boys club. Watch Batman begins in case you forgot.

    Bane can work as a lone villian or a hired one b/c that’s how strong of a character he is! I want to see someone like the Joker who tests batman’s mental limit or someone who test’s his physical and mental limit like Bane. If you think about it there is nobody else that would be a great fit. Two-face might be a secondary villian type b/c he knows everything about the law and is now whacko. He could test the Dark Knight but he could not carry the movie by himself. So tada enter the Riddler and Two-face (working seperately) if there is no Bane.

  • Supervenomsuperman


    Here’s a taste but it’s better if you watch the whole episode!

  • petey

    originally i was at dismay of bane being a villian. then i remembered that christopher nolan is a great director and will make a great movie. but i gaurentee it wont be as good as the dark knight.

  • Good4larry

    Bane could be okay with CGI, but the more villains in a movie, the less each one can be developed. Twoface never got developed, sacrificed for the Joker’s portrayal last time around. Keep it Catwoman alone and bring in Lady Shiva in the shadows, testing the man that finished off Ras al Ghul.

  • Dmtmoonman

    Bigger Bang- Every villain know in Gotham city. Well at least to some extent a shot or a walkthrough of Arkham Asylum . . .

  • Supervenomsuperman


  • Gtrgdss

    Would have loved to have seen Nicole Kidman as Poison Ivy or someone else as Harley Quinn. Hathaway will be an interesting choice here – can’t wait to see her onscreen chemistry with Bale.

  • Stonewolf

    Bane was to Batman what Doomsday was to Superman. He’s an ender. The story-line is no where near progressed enough to introduce Bane when Wayne’s going to have his hands full with the entire GPD.

    Now introducing Killer Croc as a bounty hunter has it’s appeal…

  • Josephruiz0326

    Where’s Clay Face..?

  • Mrhorse

    Will that be anything like the anorexic faggot as ‘Venom’ in Spiderman 3?

    There are caracters whose physique is a PART of their caracter as portrayed in the comic books.

  • L Gallagher

    How about the hush making an appearance?

  • Wgbsnowman

    bane looks crazy i wonder if he will break batman like he did back in the 90s comics