Scratch Marion Cotillard off ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ shortlist

The rumored shortlist of actresses up for lead roles in The Dark Knight Rises keeps getting smaller and smaller. Back in December news broke that Natalie Portman was pregnant, making her unlikely to land a part. Today, Marion Cotillard’s reps revealed exclusively to US Magazine that the Oscar winning actress is expecting her first child. Cotillard starred in Christopher Nolan’s summer blockbuster Inception, and was a fan favorite to land a role in his last Batman film. With Portman and Cotillard out of the running, which actresses would you like to see get the two rumored female roles?

SOURCE: US Magazine

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  • Dude


  • Hcookecooke

    A shame. She’s a wonderful actress, and I can see her in any of Batman’s femmer fatale roles, especially Talia. I’m hoping for Keira Knightly as Barbara Gordon and Rachel Weisz as Talia!

  • She was my choice for catwoman. This is disappoint. Congratulations to her though. I guess.

  • One-eyed Willie

    Yeah, shame… She could fit both roles – Talia and Catwoman! Three points from dead zone to Rachel Weisz!

  • Naomi Watts as Silver or Talia was the best rumor I ever heard about this cast.

  • I hope to see Rachel Weisz or Keira Knightley as Talia and Naomi Watts as Sarah Essen or Selina Kyle.

  • quist

    Emily Blunt

  • Americanthrift

    Wasn’t Maggie Gyllenhaal pregnant during TDK? I’m not suggesting Cotillard or Portman could play Catwoman in a form-fitting suit or anything, but if they have another role things can be done to hide pregnancies on film…It’s unlikely, but not impossible. I just wouldn’t rule them out 100%.

  • Guest

    When does filming begin – has anything been announced?
    She’s apparently due in May so never say never!

  • mbembet


  • Bummed. Of course, I’m happy for the expecting couple, I just thought Cotillard would have been a fantastic Catwoman. Back on the Emily Blunt bandwagon I go!

  • Elvin Cito

    I hope so to… Racheal Weisz. She look great for a catwome, Talia or any women!.

  • Robstill926

    Marion was never in the running; in fact, I recall her being crossed off a month or two ago. She stated in an interview that she wasn’t participating in the film. As much as I wanted her for Catwoman though…. *drools* :p

  • Simon

    Mila Kunis please!

  • Ingrid

    That’s too bad, I did want her as Catwoman. Naomi Watts or Rachael Weisz then hopefully.

  • Anonymous

    anyone see The Cape last night? It was like a Nolan rip off beginning to end with elements of Burtons series. James Frain plays a villain that wears a black mask. Vinny Jones plays a Joker graphic novel Killer Croc character with scales on his skin. Its like they took the best of both series, created new characters, went through the messages boards and added elements fans always talk about…it was crazy how similar it is to the stuff on the hype boards everyone talks about. It is a little cheesy but its watchable.

    • I read an review that said it was straight-up terrible. I thought it looked interesting (in concept) but if I want to watch a Nolan/Burton hybrid, maybe I’ll just throw in TDK and Batman Returns at the same time. :P