Knightley, Hathaway, Biel, Riley, & Mara testing for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’? [Update]


This is quite the night for casting rumors! Hot on the heels of the news that Eva Green and Naomi Watts have been cast in The Dark Knight Rises comes a new report from Heat Vision. According to Heat Vision, Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel will be screen testing for The Dark Knight Rises in the next few weeks. Also testing are Kate Mara and Charlotte Riley. Riley is engaged to Tom Hardy, who has already secured a spot on the The Dark Knight Rises cast. Gemma Arterton is also mentioned, but just landed the lead role in another film and may run into scheduling conflicts. Heat Vision’s sources also claim that one of the two female roles is indeed Talia.

With respect to Collider, I’d pay a bit more attention to this list than the one posted earlier. This past weekend I received a tip from my own source that Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel were the frontrunners for The Dark Knight Rises. My source also mentioned that Kiera Knightly and Kate Mara were the “back-ups”. What do you guys think of the five ladies mentioned here? Let me know in the comments.

Update: 01/12/11: Last night at the NBR Gala, Christian Bale told THR that he needs to return to Los Angeles to work on screen tests with his possible Batman co-stars.

SOURCE: Heat Vision

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  • keira, yes.

    hale naw to the others. in a perfect world, keira and eva would be in this movie.

  • immature

    Kate Mara is a backup to Jessica Biel? Is that because of scheduling? (Though Biel WAS great in that Noel Coward film…)

  • Jessica Biel???
    Are you *** kidding me?

  • honestly, if anne hathaway is cast, TDKR will go from a “OMFG midnight showing!!” to an, “eh, i’ll probably catch it opening weekend.”

  • Kraken

    Biel? Good grief… They’re not casting for some B list comic book hero movie here! Watch Justin Timberlake make a spectacle out of the premiere the way Cruise did during Batman Begins.

  • Jessica Biel is awful. I’d have some serious problems with her being in this movie.

  • Bazman05

    I accept the fact that Nolan needs to cast a female character but now I’m hearing it could be 3. Too much, Chris.

    I just hope none of them is the awful “campy” Catwoman.

    • Andrew f

      3 feamle leads/ wow whered u hear this?

  • Giggitygoo34

    Anne hathaway needs to stick to her girly crap and Jessica biel needs to consider porn and keep her hot untalented ass outta my movies lol

    • M6000

      Dude your nuts those two are the best picks the other bitches need to GTFO

  • LordRedbeard

    I had a geek-gasm when I read that Eva Green would be in this movie. Please let that one stick! I’d also prefer Kiera Kightly over any of the others listed for the second lead, depending on the role.

  • I think if eva green cant do it for scheduling problems or something a perfect backup could be lena heady (300, The Sarah Conner Chronicles) she has the beauty and badass ass chick perona down greatly if i might add! and she’s british!! what yall think?

    Lena Heady:

  • BmanFan

    NO!!! Please no Anne Hathaway! Can’t stand her!

  • MyHumbleO

    Kate Mara? Yuck. Let’s have actresses who act, not rich girls who decided to become actresses because their families had enough money to buy them some roles.

  • Tsuki

    Of that list, I only like Gemma and hope she can clear her schedule [H&G shoots in March] so there is a possibility….

    I won’t go see the movie no matter how I’ve enjoy Nolan’s series thus movie if Jessica B. makes it into the movie.

    Not convinced about Anne H. or Keira either….while they can act, they don’t seem to ‘fit’ for Batman series.

  • Matthew Harrison

    Anne Hatheway and Eva Green would be the perfect villians/love intrest in the Dark Knight Rises.

  • Dr Harleyq

    If any of the ladies mentioned above are cast, I will beat the shit out of someone. Eva Green please!

  • Gott

    Jessica Biel,Kate Mara WTF???
    Everybody wants Eva Green in this film…

  • Scarps

    I have to say, I am not impressed with the casting choices, but my best bet is Keira Knightley will play Talia and Charlotte Riley as the love intrest. Charlotte Riley looks more like Julie Madison than Vicki Vale. I also think Tom Hardy will play Dr. Strange and the Scarecrow will return. Between Black Mask and Deadshot, I think Black Mask will be in the film becuase he was supposed to be in The Dark Knight, but was cut due to too many villians.

  • Ingrid

    Please, let all of this be only rumor.

  • M6000

    I’m happy with Biel and and Hathaway the other chicks suck though hope they don’t make the cut or else the movie is ruined.

  • Markamayo

    well Anne Hathaway is in as Now all we need is Jessica Beil in and this movie is set to
    Selina Kyle Surpass the Darknight

  • Dwayne

    All five girls are ‘been there done that’ many times over boring. New is going to be refreshing and exciting. Seeing any of these girls in this movie would mean “isnt she supposed to be in some goofy soap somewhere else whats she doing in here”

  • harley quinn 1

    the first one looks like a harley quinn to me