The Dark Knight Rises: Everything we know so far

It seems like almost every day there’s a new rumor about The Dark Knight Rises. I’ve always tried to report on rumors from reputable publications here at, so you don’t have to read about things that’ll likely never happen. With the breaking news from earlier this week that actresses would be screen testing soon, an official casting announcement is right around the corner. In the mean time, I thought I’d draw your attention to all the official news we’ve received over the past year. A full timeline of The Dark Knight Rises news continues after the break.

The Dark Knight Rises: Official News Timeline

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  • Hate to be this guy but October 27th has a spelling error in the title.

  • Locky_92

    Great timeline, would like to see how far it is advanced this time in a year.

  • i am going crazy, i cant wait for more info to come out, i want to know, for a long term lover of batman, i cant seem to get enough, i check this site twice a day, NO LIE. HURRY UP CHRIS!

  • Will be exciting to get some official news and then compare it what we were hearing rumored the months leading up to it. Always fun to do that.

  • TheseScars

    The post about the graphic designer overhearing a meeting about TDKR and hearing the villains name could be legit…If it’s a singular villain it will 100 percent be Hugo Strange…but like that fake leaked script he maybe mixed with the Riddler bc that makes it feasable for Nolan’s world…are we really going to have Batman talking to a guy legitimately named Strange?? Most likely will be Naston…the fake scripter was on the right track..

  • Hersito

    The picture of this post of the bat pod its amazing, anyone knows were can I get one with better resolution to use as a wallpaper?

    • Did you enter your real email address when typing in your comment? If so, I have it, and will send you the high resolution version of this photo later tonight :)

      • Hersito

        yes I did, thank you very much!