Robin Williams as Hugo Strange in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’? [Update]

Robin Williams is no stranger to Batman movies. He was offered the role of The Joker back in Tim Burton’s Batman, only to have it taken away when Jack Nicholson expressed interest. Then he was offered the role of The Riddler in Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever, but they ended up giving it to Jim Carrey instead. Since then, Robin Williams has been lobbying to get cast in one of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films — is his wish about to be granted?

The tweet above from BOF’s Jett peaked my interest this morning. Jett has mentioned Robin Williams before on his BOF message board and Facebook page… could he be onto something? The last time Jett dropped hints about possible The Dark Knight Rises villains was when he kept mentioning Bane on his message board, and we know how that turned out. I’ve also heard that Hugo Strange would be appearing in The Dark Knight Rises, though my source was wrong with his casting. So what do you guys think? Wild speculation, or may Jett be onto something here? I hope Robin Williams gets a role no matter what it is. He’s been very vocal about being a Batman fan, and it’s a shame that he’s been burned so many times in the past. Sound off in the comments and let me know what you think!

Update 01/30/11: Jett said that he was just “thinking out loud after a chat with an industry friend”. He suggests that people shouldn’t read too much into his tweet.

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  • Fcruz5

    Nays to RW as Strange!

  • I Tweeted Jett asking for clarification, which I know I won’t get (I don’t mean that in a negative way, I know he can only say so much in public and that’s cool), but I really hope this is true. God knows Williams is in need of a decent dramatic role at the moment.

    • Yeah I hope it’s true too! I’ve seen Williams talk about Batman on a number of talk shows in the past. It’s clear he’s a fan, and it’s clear he’s been burned before. Plus he’s worked with Nolan before in Insomnia…*fingers crossed*

  • Chris

    Williams could be fantastic in the role and he’s worked with Nolan before. Fingers crossed there’s something to Jett’s tweet…

  • just a random guy

    I’d like RW for HS.On a different not, i just saw TDK again yesterday. Now, imagine this: You are hired to take down batman. You remember a dude that claimed to know who batman is and was willing to reveal it to the public. Of course, the guy ‘reformed’ and would deny he really knows…BUT: If you are a super genius (and can tell when people are lying to you), and you are super strong (so ‘convincing’ people to tell the truth aint a problem)… hmmm… do you think that loose end will be picked up in DKR?

  • Please no.
    No Strange!

    • just a random guy

      Why not? As long as his role is not too large he wont overshadow the other two villains (i agree, three bad guys can be overkill). Actually, Strange coulld fit in nicely: He can be retconned to be the psychiatrist in charge of the joker, who lets him in on a little secret about harvey’s true self and that undoes the bats/gordon coverup, hence making TDK ‘rise’… ha, i actually like that story :D

      • nowimalwaysmiling

        agreed. thou i think people are reading too much into Selina Kyle, Catwoman was never mentioned, i dont believe we will see her in a suit, and im thankful for that. so i think Strange would make a great addition, or Talia. Nolan did say he wanted to finish the story instead of expanding on it.

        • LogicalEye

          Two Face was never mentioned in the press release for TDK, just ‘Harvey Dent’… I doubt they would announce Selina Kyle in a press release, make a film about escalation of vigilantes and not show her wearing a suit…

          • Twendellban3

            really is that what u think ?? Are u writing te script ?

      • Antrozous

        Stop throwing Selina Kyle to the villains basket please… :S

    • Manoschaos

      A psychologist in a psychological movie.How inappropriate.

    • Seriously, what’s wrong with Hugo Strange? He’s Batman’s original arch-nemesis, and one of the best characters in his entire rogues gallery. Have you actually read any Hugo Strange comics?

      • Just Another Randon Guy

        Agreed. Hugo Strange is an awesome character

    • Just another Random Guy

      Why Not? wth?

    • Just another random guy

      Why Not? wtf, he would fit in the movie. I i def. would not doubt chris nolan if he did have him in it.

    • Just another random guy

      I agree with you other random guy.

  • Robstill926

    It’s hard to say; I don’t think he would be in the movie, as fantastic as it sounds. However, I will say Hugo Strange did administer the Venom compound to the prison and used Bane as a test subject (having he was the first surviving success); and it’s still relevant that the Prey story can still come into play, especially after the events in TDK.

    I’ll wait to see what Nolan has to say first.

  • Yes I deffinatly think Robin Williams should be given the part of Hugo Strange, we already have a great cast of villians being played by amazing actors. Catwoman-Anne Hathaway Bane-Tom Hardy, so why not bring Williams as strange, the characters himself would seem fitting to how Bane would be brought into the story. Plus Robin Williams is an amazing actor, and nolan usually uses actors he has had in previous films, so hopefully he makes the right call.

  • Justin

    I like Robin Williams and all but this is NOT gonna happen.. you can’t have Robin Williams AND Anne Hathaway in the same movie and people take it seriously. I mean think about it, on the movie poster your gonna have STARRING: TOM HARDY, CHRISTAIN BALE, GARY OLDMAN, MORGAN FREEMAN, ROBIN WILLIAMS, ANNE HATHAWAY. LOL! if you didn’t know any about this movie you would think it was a comedy! you may as well just cast Steve Carrell too while yor at it!

    • Dlcrain

      you seem to forget that Robin Williams and those other “comedy” actors are amazing dramatic actors as well

    • Antrozous

      I guess you never saw Robin Williams in One Hour Photo or Insomnia…

    • Thejokersmiles13

      seeing those names on a poster would make me even more excited for this movie and you forgot michael caine

    • Nads

      no not really

  • Batman_fan

    It would make sense as despite what people believe both Batman begins and the dark knight had 4 villains so there has to be more then Bane and catwoman (who is more of an anti hero then villain) in the dark knight rises

    Personally I could see Hugo Strange working as either the real main villian manipulating Bane to take down batman or being maipulated by Bane who uses him to take down batman

    • Thejokersmiles13

      Yes! Yes! and because Batman Begins & The Dark Knight were do so well alot of people forget that there are actually 4 villains (a main one, secondary one, a cameo & the mob element) if these films were done like Spiderman 3 or Iron Man 2 then you can argue about villain overload so Thank You Batman_Fan!

  • papasanchez

    That would be awesome casting. Just think about him in one hour photo!! I imagine Milanese take on the character would differ greatly from the comics and RW could play the genius scientist/mastermind criminal perfectly…with creepy undertones.

    Anyway, it’s probably not gonna happen but I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

  • papasanchez

    That would be awesome casting. Just think about him in one hour photo!! I imagine Milanese take on the character would differ greatly from the comics and RW could play the genius scientist/mastermind criminal perfectly…with creepy undertones.

    Anyway, it’s probably not gonna happen but I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

  • I AM VERY OPEN to the idea of Robin Williams as Hugo. I love Robin as an actor, as and i think he would amerce him self into the role and become the character and really make it amazing!.. But at this point i think we know Nolan enough to know he wouldn’t dare take ideas from speculators and blogs, his is head strong on his ideas, and that partly is why he does so well. I also think three villains would be over doing it. and i ALSO think although Robin is a great actor, idk if Nolan would use him in this type of film being that he has already choice his cast!

  • THO, with the up coming video game release featuring Hugo Strange, and then even if a very short part featuring Hugo, would be great, like the did in the first film talking about joker, it would be great for them to do something for Hugo, maybe like some one said treating joker, or just plotting to get at batman

  • Why does everyone think Catwoman is going to be a villain? Chances are just as good that she’ll be an anti-hero that is an ally (of sorts) of Batman. To think that she’s going to be a straight-up villain would hearken back to the ’60’s TV show, and I’m willing to bet Nolan won’t take his cues from Adam West.

    That said, Hugo Strange would be interesting in the film, and I’m fine with Williams playing him. I don’t think there would be too many villains with three. Begins had (at least) three in Scarecrow, Ra’s, and Falcone. If they are balanced right, it won’t be a problem.

    • Thejokersmiles13

      Both had 4. Batman Begins had Ra’s as the main villain, Scarecrow was the secondary, Falcone represented the mob & Victor Zsasz made a small cameo. The Dark Knight had the Joker (main) Two Face (secondary) Sal Maroni (mob) Scarecrow (cameo). So Nolan can do the same for The Dark Knight Rises.

  • Bud

    Williams as Strange sounds like a great idea! Honestly, I hope that Selina Kyle does not become Catwoman in this movie. So Hugo Strange and Bane would make great villains for this story!

  • Dlcrain


  • Zubeida_ct

    That would be great :-)

  • Michael

    I just don’t want Robin Williams to be attached to TDKR

  • Manoschaos

    I’m getting SO pumped up by the minute. If you got Hugo Strange, Bane, Batman,the entire police force desperate to make arrests no-questions-asked, and a vigilante cat thief protecting her turf and go all femme-fatale to everyone, this can only take epic proportions.
    Non stop con games, double -crossings , mob hits, violent threats, adrenaline fueled chases and cat and mouse games. This movie is NOT going to be off the hook! IT’S GONNA TEAR THE HOOK OF THE WALL , AND THE WALL OFF THE BUILDING!!!!!!!

  • ThatLATEFortiesGuy

    Robin Williams as Hugo Strange…
    HELL YEH!!

    And I’ll have a SECOND helping of…
    HELL YEH…if you please. :-)

  • Even if Williams doesn’t do the role, this has me excited that Strange is still a possibility for the movie.

  • Ihaveaboner

    First off, Robin Williams as Hugo Strange would awesome but let’s face it, this is Jett tooting his own horn. I mean seriously, I know a handful of people who don’t even bother with Batman-on-Film anymore because the guy is so full of himself. I’d much rather read Batman News by Chris and report what’s really going on rather than listen to Jett talk about how he knew this before this guy but didn’t wanna say anything because of his relationship with WB. BS! The guy claims to not report rumors and gossip yet here he is starting one of his own.

    Does anyone remember a few years back when he started tooting the horn for some guy named Lachy Hulme? Then he tried promoting Liev Schrieber for Two-Face. Or how about when he claimed a few weeks back that Talia was going to be in the film or that Hugo Strange was a “near lock” to be in the TDKR per his “sources”. The guy is full of it and if he happens to hear right on something…you’ll never hear the end of it.

    I have no respect for Jett’s word and I don’t care what anyone else says about the guy, he’s an arrogant prick. Robin Williams for Hugo Strange? Ok Jett, your the first person to think about that. Make sure you tweet it tho don’t want anything like that ending up on BOF in case your viewers realize your full of shit.

    • Haha, yeah. I hate that guy.

    • DoubleEdge

      The best part about Jett is how he claims his website is not a “scoop site” and couldn’t care less about being the first to report news, but he’s constantly claiming that he’s known for weeks. Make up your mind, dude.

      Maybe he’s got a split personality…Bill Ramey is humble, but Jett is arrogant and they’re always at odds.

      • DoubleEdge

        Oops looks like Disqus thought part of my comment was an html tag.

      • Fixed it for ya!

        BTW, I’ve noticed you’re commenting as a guest. I would suggest signing up for a Disqus profile. This way you’ll always be signed in, and you can keep track of all your comments and even get notified when people reply if you want.

  • Holy crap this would be awesome. This would come out of left field. I think it would be perfect.

  • Billy567111

    I think Robin williams is probaly hands down the best actor for this role. Hes funny and plus in some pictures of him now he sort of is growing a beard just like Hugo Strange. I think Christopher Nolan should think about this one

  • DKnight007

    I have been suggesting Robin Williams as Dr Hugo Strange for the last couple of months as well! I hope it happens….seeing Williams as the eerie, intelligent, yet dementedly wicked Dr Strange in Nolans final Bat film would be GREAT cinema!

    Williams can play dark and demented characters….just see his performances in One Hour Photo, Insomnia, and Death To Smoochie.

  • Zubeida_ct

    Yes to Strange. I think that Robin will nail as Hugo :) !!

  • if not RW. Ben Kingsley anyone?

  • Gabryel

    Oh, please… NO!

  • Victor Zsasz

    Very interesting, I think that is true, because RW have also played in Christopher Nolan’s Insomnia and Nolan use often the same actors.

  • Dub544

    YESS!!!!! RW as Hugo Strange!!! Even it’s a minor role. he would be AWESOMD

  • James11

    Personally i would rather see Andy Serkis as Hugo Strange

  • Thejokersmiles13

    Please be true! He be perfect for Hugo Strange. This just keeps getting better and better, let’s hope that 3rd times a charm for Robin Williams he deserves a chance in this Batman franchise no doubt in my mind he’ll put off Hugo under Nolan’s direction.

  • One-eyed Willie

    Strange as a link between Bane and venom steroids? Sounds great! Strange employee as psychiatrist in GPD´s to bring down the bat?? Perfect! RW as Strange? Yeah, why not? The guy worked with Nolan in Insomnia and was awesome… Alright, I prefer Ben Kingsley or Malkovich, but Williams fits nicely.

  • Moriatroll

    yes! I really want to see this character portrayed by THIS actor!

  • resudes

    I’m not convinced that RW is going to be in this film and I never believed that Tom Hardy was going to be Strange either, it just didn’t seem to fit…I think that we’re in for a real treat with this film whatever happens because after two great films you’ve got to have faith in Chris Nolan!

    • Mike S.

      I dont’ think anyone should be convinced that Robin Williams is going to be in this picture. This is Bill Ramey blowing his own horn which he seems to love doing. no industry insider is slipping some no-name website operator information like this and it doesnt make sense 3 marquee villains in one film? yeah you had scarecrow, ra’s and falcone in begins and the joker, two-face and maroni in tdk but three A-list actors, all villains, in TDKR in a film suppoesdly about the batman rising? no chance

      • FanOfNolan

        If you’re going to dismiss the rumor, come up with a better argument than this. So what if the 3 villains are being played by A-listers. For starters, Tom Hardy isn’t an A-lister. Outsides of Inception, I don’t think the average moviegoer knew who he was. I hope that the success of Inception and The Dark Knight Rises will change that cause I think he’s a very talented actor. But he’s not exactly a household name yet. Second, even if Robin Williams appears in this film, we have no idea just how big a role it would be. Sure you could argue it would be a waste to have a big name actor in a cameo role. But look at Nolan’s first two Batman films. Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine taking on very supporting roles. Why? Perhaps they got paid enough where they didn’t care. Or maybe they’re the kind of actors who would rather part of something special, even if means having only a bit part. If Nolan has established anything, it’s that he knows how to work with a large cast of big-name actors and still give everyone a substantial amount of things to do. There are plenty of reasons why RW won’t appear in this film as Strange. But the “three A-listers” argument just doesn’t fly.

  • Manudchief

    Please… NO!! John Malkovich for Hugo Strange!!!

  • James

    I absolutely loved the idea of Hugo Strange in TDKR. I just thought he would’ve fit in perfectly in the story line after TDK. I was honestly really disappointed when they announced Tom would play Bane. I still think he’ll do a fantastic job, I was just unhappy to NOT see Strange in the line up. So I would be really excited if this rumour turns out to be true, even if only in part.
    Obviously, Nolan already has two new characters being introduced in TDKR. But, like a number of other people have said, I really see Selina Kyle as being more of an anti-hero than a villain, which leaves a slot still open. And now that Bane IS confirmed for TDKR, I think Strange can fits in even better, he being the one who gave Bane the Venom.
    My only doubt here is Robbin Williams. He’s a phenomenal actor, and he’s really showed his dramatic skills, especially in Nolan’s earlier work. However, when I think of him in the role as Strange, I see Jim Carrey as the Riddler. Don’t get me wrong, Jim did amazing. But that style of character just wouldn’t fit in Nolan’s world. If this rumour proves to be true, I seriously hope Robin will prove me wrong. Because he definitely has the skill. I’m just a little nervous about it right now.
    But hey, let’s be honest. We were all nervous when they said Heath would be the Joker, and look how that turned out…

    • Mike S.

      Agreed. Hey, if anyone could do it, it’s Chris Nolan. He took six (possibly 7) A-list actors and made the movie of the year in Inception. He knows casting, he knows film and he’s really the quintessential director of our era. He’s going to make a phenomenal trilogy (I hope he continues onward) but either way when it’s all said and done the Batman (Nolan Era) will be the greatest Superhero Trilogy of all time.

      Here is my problem with the whole Robin Williams in the TDKR. All this rumor and speculation is based off a “tweet” from the man known as Jett. Could it be true? Maybe. It makes sense to have Strange in the film and it makes sense to have Williams play Strange. Hey, you don’t need to operate a website to do the math on this. But this guy (Jett) is a pretentious, self-absorbed a-hole. He fires up the entire Batman fan-base with one tweet, now whether that’s true or not, it’s wrong. The guy doesn’t have concrete sources and he isn’t the voice of reason in the Batman universe, he’s a self-employed website operator, nothing more. And apparently, from what I recently read on SHH message boards, he ripped Batman News awhile back, only to take it down when he realized how pathetic it made him look. Im sorry but the guy is a text book douche bag starting rumors to fuel his own fire. I’m just going to be interested to see what his explanation is if this all turns out to be bogus.

      • James

        I’m with you there. But I think people are taking this tweet too personally. Yeah, the guy’s a douche. He thinks way too highly of himself. But the point is, just like every other unconfirmed piece of news on any movie, IT’S JUST A RUMOUR. This is something people have to understand.
        So it’s great that we can all sit here and discuss whether or not we think it’s a good or bad idea. But what we have to remember is that it IS just a rumour. Now that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy deciding if we want it to be true or not, just that we have to keep in mind the fact that it is yet to be proven (or dis-proven, for that matter). =)

        • Mike S.

          Im glad we agree on the fact that Jett is a huge douche because his tweet epitomizes what the guy is all about. He claims that BOF isn’t a scoop site and doesn’t report on “bogus rumors” yet here he is starting one. Honest to god I can’t deal with the guys ego and his BS rants about how we knows this and that but doesnt say anything….ok……then why are you saying something after the fact?

          Anyways..couldn’t be more happy to be following Batman News. Anyways. Yes, agreed it is just a rumor and I realize that…but I’ll be more enthralled when the official news hits.

      • FanOfNolan

        “He fires up the entire Batman fan-base with one tweet, now whether that’s true or not, it’s wrong.”

        Why is it wrong? People think out loud on Twitter all the time. This guy isn’t a journalist. He’s just a fan. Seems like a lot of you are letting your personal dislike for him to lead you to attack him instead of attacking the people who are really at fault, which is the people who decided to take his tweet and write a story about it. I don’t know enough about this Jett guy to know whether he’s “a pretentious, self-absorbed a-hole.” Maybe he is. The point is that so many of you out there who claim he has no credibility are getting worked up over one silly tweet, all because you don’t like the guy who wrote it. If you got a problem with him stirring up the fanbase, blame the people who took him seriously. I could start a rumor today that Nolan’s bringing in Akiva Goldsman to polish the script. Thankfully it wouldn’t be true. But if a bunch of websites start reporting it as fact, are you gonna attack me for starting the rumor? No. Chances are you’re going to be attacking the sites who decided it was worth repeating.

        • yodellko

          The guy runs a website dedicated to Batman if he posts or tweets something regarding major casting news/rumors it’s going to make news and he knows it. If Batman News runs a story, “Eva Green for Talia Al Ghul? Hmmm.” That would make news. This is the most anticipated film of 2012 and the most beloved superhero character in mainstream media today. If a Batman outlet runs a major rumor or a story, regardless of who it is, it’s going to make news.
          The fact that jett posted that garbage (which isn’t the first time hes done that) after his latest antics speaks volumes for his character and credibility.

          • FanOfNolan

            I’m not defending the guy if that’s what he was trying to do. This is the internet, the place where anyone can pretend to be something they’re not and claim to have insider info when they don’t. The point is that the people who pass along these rumors deserve some blame for reporting them in the first place. You cited the example of this site running a story that Eva Green may have been cast for Talia. Again, is it the fault of Chris that other news outlets reported it? No. It’s their fault for not doing fact-checking of their own.

  • Rolegio383krjk2

    Strangest combination of villains ever. 3 villains? Batman Forever 2?

    • Begins: Scarecrow, Ra’s, Falcone.

      TDK: Joker, Two-Face, Maroni.

      Nolan can pull it off. Schumacher couldn’t.

  • Nads

    Robin Williams as Hugo Strange. Best decision ever. Hope this happens. I am starting to think it just might work out.

  • Collin V.

    Hugo Strange in this final Batman film would fit well. He could be the one who transforms Bane. Robin Williams could play this role well…

  • TheDarkNight4ever

    I think everyone should have a chance to see this and what a total and complete fraud that Bill Ramey over at BOF is. He starts a rumor then suddenly backs out on it but wait….there’s more.

    “Glad to hear I’m that respected– which is no surprise due to the way I run the site” – Jett on Facebook

    “I have no idea why any outlet would make this a story, but whatever. I was just thinking out loud after a chat last night with a “friend.” I have no idea if Hugo Strange is in this film and if Robin Williams is playing him — though I’d LOVE for it to happen. It was just a random Tweet and nothing more…kinda.”

    If anyone reading this can honestly say they take that guy seriously or have any respect for him whatsoever needs a reality check. “If I knew that Hugo Strange was in the film for a fact — as well as Robin Williams portraying the character — I wouldn’t say anything about it anywhere.” — Jett.

    So Jett that resembles the fact that you resisted the urge to make obscure Bane comments on BOF before it was announced.

    If anyone is having any pondering thoughts about leaving BOF for Batman News. I think your reasoning is now well justified.

    Just like when you resisted the urge to make obscure Bane comments on your forums before it was announced. Right… whatever

    • yodellko

      i wish someone would hack BOF and shut that s-hole down! it’s quite possibly the worst site i have ever been to the dork has no clue how to use 21st century technology on a webpage but claims his site is classy? wow, lol! this guy gets more full of himself by the day he’ll need a cup hanging from his ass to catch all the excess

    • OK, I dislike BOF like a lot of people, but where did Jett say “Glad to hear I’m that respected– which is no surprise due to the way I run the site” on Facebook? I looked for that comment and couldn’t find it. I’d like to know if it exists for sure. It’s one thing to call Jett out on things, but it’s an entirely different thing to slander him.

      And we need to be careful….our comments reflect on Chris and Chris does an awesome job here, but if we look like a BOF-bashing community (particularly based on slanderous statements) it will detract from being what Chris intends it to be: the best place to get your Batman news.

      Not to rag on you. I have no position within, just a fan like anyone else. But this site is awesome and I think we need to be careful of what we say, particularly if it isn’t true.

      • TheDarkNight4ever

        I apologize, I don’t mean to hamper Chris’s site, it is the best. But in response to your question about Jett saying, “Glad to hear I’m that respected– which is no surprise due to the way I run the site”. I looked that up and found it on BOF Facebook too, whether or not he deleted it I saw it and so did others as well.

        Here is the link..seems I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

        • Hey, no worries. I didn’t see it on Facebook, but I didn’t check that post. That’s unbelievable.

          Also, sorry if it sounded like I was accusing you of slandering. Not my intent. I just meant it generally. I was just concerned because I hadn’t seen that personally, and wanted to be sure. Like I said, I have no authority within, and I think we should be careful so that it doesn’t look like it’s the Anti-BOF in the comments. But I think that’s different than calling him out on something ludicrous that was said.

          Thanks for helping to clear that up!

          • TheDarkNight4ever

            yeah no problem. I won’t post anything on him anymore. I just needed to vent, I cant stand the guy.

  • Anirudh

    ROW deserves to be in a batman movie for sure!
    i hope nolan would give him hugo’s role.

  • AnirudhSainath

    RW deserves to be in a batman film..
    hopefully he will portray hugo strange in the nolan verse

  • FanOfNolan

    I find it interesting that so many posts are addressing the credibility of the person who wrote the tweet rather than the subject of the tweet itself. Set aside whether this Jett guy should be taken seriously and just talk about whether RW as Strange would be a good idea or even something likely to happen. But if all you’re going to do is bash a guy who runs a competing website, spare us. Some of us come to discuss Batman, not bash the operator of another website.

    • fansofthebat

      sorry, some of us care about the credibility of the source posting obscure material to fuel his own publicity. this rumor was started out of pure ego not fact. its no different than me making up some bs rumor about casting or plot and posting it on my twitter page – the only difference is i havent operated a lousy website for the past 12 years. RW for strange, yeah great casting, great idea – but i’ll discuss it when i actually hear its a fact from a “reliable source”, like batman news.

      • FanOfNolan

        Why does it have to be reported as fact before you can discuss it? Seems like a lot of you can’t get past your dislike of this guy Jett. Even if he has no credibility, does that mean you can’t talk about whether RW as Strange is a good idea or a likely possibility? What if Christ just decided to pose the question, not because of a tweet by someone else, but just because it seemed like a cool idea worth discussing?

  • Kiwi in the mind

    Anyone else think Salina Kyle is a false name like Henri Ducard was for Ras Al Ghul. (Would just be like Batman Begins in this regard.) She will be Talia Al Ghul and Catwoman (her battle suit/”league of shadows wear” will look like a cat’s and thus she will garner the nickname from the press?). I think the beginning of the movie will show Bane’s background…then lead up to Talia to meet him in prison after his “venom” experiment just like Ras Al Ghul did when Bruce Wayne was in prison training to become a crime-fighter. The thing is, in the shadows is Strange testing out the venom? They(Bane/Strange) both will pose as police force/high-up personnel through Strange’s profession….like in “Prey” and will be included on a task force to find the Batman. (Bane will just be like Hugo Strange in that comic….obsessed with finding and destroying Batman. Talia/Salina/CW will be there to set it all up.) The main thing though I think is that she only knows that Batman killed her father, but she doesn’t yet know who is actually behind the mask. Thus, they both head to Gotham to destroy him. If Strange is used, only allow minimal scenes like Alfred and Fox get now. Random theory, but the possibility to add Strange to the mix could make for a sweet story.

    • I don’t think so. As far as I know, Ducard was a rather minor character in the Batman mythos, so they could get away with doing something like that with Ra’s. But Selina Kyle is too big of a character to simply be a pseudonym for Talia. The fan reaction alone would make the Hardy-as-Bane crying look like child’s play.

  • Nads

    Here what will happen, bane will break batmans back and catwoman will take over. if talia and strange are in there then im sure bullock will be somewhere as well

  • Derek Fay

    Please please please let this happen. If this rumor and the Joesph Gordon- Levitt rumor is true this is shaping up to being one of the greatest combinations of young and old actors in an ensemble ever! Williams, Caine, Freeman and Oldman as great older actors then you got Bale kinda in the middle but still freaking awesome. And then a nice young crop of up and coming talent in Hardy, Hathaway and Gordon-Levitt. This is going to be one incredible film!

  • ftw

    what is see on hugo is that he can take advantage of batman’s mistakes because he’s intelligent,and that make him dangerous for bruce himself and his people.

  • When the announcements came that Hardy was Bane and Hathaway was Selina Kyle, I thought that they’d wrapped up the main characters. But now that there are rumblings that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is joining the cast, I totally see a Hugo Strange angle as a possibility, so the rumor of Robin Williams as Strange make sense to me. Why? Because if JGL is coming on, then this story is much larger than just Catwoman and Bane. The persistent rumors have been two villains (and the history of Nolan’s Gotham includes more than one villain with varying importance) and I think its presumptuous to assume they count Catwoman or Kyle as a villain. She’s a character that might be opposition for the moment, but always has some redemption in the end.

    So my thinking is that JGL has two divergent possibilities in this film. The presence of Bane brings in the possibility that Batman could be broken and need a stand in. JGL could well be Robin/Nightwing or Jean-Paul Valley (Azrael) and stand in for Batman as he recovers. The other possibility is that we know the authorities will be hunting down Batman for the Two Face murders. Strange fits in here as part of the task force hunting him down. JGL could be Strange’s pawn, Sgt Max Cort who heads up the task force. We know Gordon will not hunt Batman harshly, so there has to be some antagonist in that role with some teeth. Strange and Cort could be that element.

    Remember in Batman Begins that there are two story elements and only in the end do we realize they are related. Ra’s al Ghul begins the story and we think it’s only part of Batman’s origin. We think the mob and Scarecrow are the problem. Then it all comes together when we find out Ghul is behind the whole plot. I see TDKR having layers like this and you need more characters to do that. especially if you believe as I do that Selina Kyle is not the antagonist but rather meant to create uncertainty and conflict for Bruce Wayne the man.

    So I think JGL is more likely part of the hunting of Batman than adding a sidekick (which seems to run counter to Nolan’s universe). So you’ll have Strange and Cort hunting Batman, while Gordon tries to secretly protect him and the villain Bane will present the opportunity for Batman to redeem himself in Gotham. I think Bane will hurt Batman at some point and there will be doubt as to whether he can defeat him, but whether he is “broken” or not I don’t know. If Nolan is serious about ending this story, it could be that Bane succeeds. Never know.

  • Irrelevent

    NO. They just announced Joseph Gordon Levitt as a cast member. Strange eventually goes out and acts like batman. Could Robin Williams’ old ass be plausible doing that? I’m not saying JGL is going to be strange. He’s a little young.

  • Wolfman3337

    Let him have his turn in the batman franchise I mean I never watch any batman episodes about Hugo strange but he’s still a villain and I’ve seen robin Williams play a villain in the movie insomamia which was wonderful

  • Charlie Baker

    Robin Williams is such a talented actor that I believe he could play ANY role in ANY movie. I hope that he does get the part!

  • CounterClockwork

    I want to see Edward Nigma… batman is not complete without the riddler sorry but its true

  • Cra-z person

    Actually, there was a point in the comics where Strange turned people into giant, hulking zombies with some kind of drug, so I think it could hold a potential story of Hugo creating Bane… I wouldn’t know though; I’m just speculating.

  • Sharkattack_1234

    I think that robin williams as hugo strange would be the  best person on this planet to play his role as a villian

  • Nick A M 260

    that would be epic. Robin Williams is a perfect fit for many different Batman villains, especially Hugo Strange. They even look alike. 

  • Robin williams will not just portray a character, he will give the role character. If they do not put him in this movie, they are nuts.

  • Brandonjquigg

    robin williams is a fantastic hugo strange!!! lets make that shit happen nolan!!! if you disagree you dont know batman or robin williams. cause fuck you for casting anne hathaway shes awful

  • Thomas63

    it’s a sure thing now!!!!

  • Danielcaux

    Well, it’s true! RW is playing Hugo Strange. Just watch the new trailer.

  • Tiffanyblews14

    What im not to crazy about is that all the previous batman movies are linked together. Now you have catwoman played by a sweetheart, and bane why not add Hugo to the mix. It would def. Be a better movie. You can’t use the same villains over and over. Mix it up, what about clayman or man bat? Hell what about croc.? There just repeating old villians who are already in Arkham asylum.

  • Sketchy Reporter

    We know Bane is on this movie…but according to some comics, we wouldn’t even have Bane if it wasn’t for Hugo Strange. I say bring him aboard.