Wally Pfister on Anne Hathaway, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in New York and More

The Kevin and Josh Movie Show interviewed Christopher Nolan’s cinematographer, Wally Pfister this past weekend. Bleeding Cool’s Brendon Connelly also joined in on the interview which helped turn it’s focus to The Dark Knight Rises.

  • Pfister said that he was recently in New York scouting locations for The Dark Knight Rises with Christopher Nolan.
  • Pfister has read the script and said it surpasses The Dark Knight with The Dark Knight Rises making it “the perfect trilogy”.
  • Pfister was asked if he shot Anne Hathaway’s screentest for Catwoman, and he answered “yes”, adding “she looks phenomenal in the wardrobe”.

If there was any doubt that Hathaway would just be playing Selina Kyle and not Catwman, don’t worry. When Pfister was asked to clarify if the “wardrobe” was the cat-suit, he replied “I can’t really say, but I definitely want to be around next year…”. Check out the entire interview below, it’s definitely worth a listen.

Be careful if you haven’t watched Inception yet (there are spoilers). The Dark Knight Rises conversation starts around the 13:22 mark.

If the audio player isn’t working, you can download the interview here.

SOURCE: Kevin and Josh Movie Show [via Bleeding Cool]

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  • RustyCage

    Guh. Inception spoilers.

    Luckily I had my mouse hovering over the pause button there.

    Any chance you could cut it so that we can just hear the Batman stuff, Chris?

    • Sorry about that! I put a warning up about Inception. I don’t want to cut the interview, then they won’t get credit for the download. You can skip to the 13:22 mark for the bulk of The Dark Knight Rises conversation.

  • Wanre


    • DD Angel

      What the hell is Wanre? I’ve been seeing it in a lot of places. EXPLAIN

  • Great picture for the article. I completely see her as Selina Kyle in this photo.

  • TheDarkNight4ever

    Say just out of curiosity, and love the interview by the way Chris thanks for posting it, did anyone catch the part where Pfister was talking about the Batman logo at the beginning of the TDK and he’s talking about the resolution and dimensions in relation to IMAX. He didn’t allude to this but it got me thinking what the theme for the TDKR is going to be. You had the worn down almost rusted (gray/brown) logo in Begins then the shattered blue smoke/fire in The Dark Knight. You can also see the logo slightly changes, the wingspan has gotten larger and the bat symbol is starting to take full form.

    Now, don’t bash me for saying this but any chance we’ll see the Yellow/full fledged Bat symbol from the silver age? I know it won’t be anything like the logo from Batman ’89, I guess the point I’m trying to make is do you think we’ll see anything like a fully formed batman symbol?

    • I think they’ll stick to the Bat symbol they’ve used for the last two movies. I think the logo helps tie them together.

      While I like the yellow ellipse Bat symbol. I also like how they’ve done it for the Nolan films, and I think that makes more sense in the contest of the films. But then again, so does the reasoning of the ellipse symbol being a target for guns, drawing fire to a heavily protected chest, and away from the head.

      I think it’s plausible, but I (personally) don’t think they will.

      • TheDarkNight4ever

        maybe not the fully formed symbol but maybe yellow surrounding the batman logo??? Kinda like how blue surrounded it in TDK and brown/gray in Begins? Or they could just go straight black.

    • Manoschaos

      I could gladly see something like this bat symbol. Only slightly less surrealistic.
      I think the theme for TDKR should be a combination of colours of the dawn. Red would be perfect.

  • TheDarkNight4ever

    Speaking of the The Dark Knight Rises symbol, I don’t know if anyone has seen this and I highly doubt it’s authentic (but maybe). Wikipedia has a TDKR poster up. Check it out.


    Real or fake?

    • Bound to be fake. It looks good, but I don’t think they’ve put anything out for the film yet, promotional-wise.

    • Anything you’ve seen so far is just fan art. When the first official teaser poster is released, I’ll make sure Batman-News.com readers are among the first to see it!

  • bradley

    Her wardrobe will make me “rise” in the dark of the night. :D

  • Greased Up Hunk

    Man, I’m getting greased up and hunky at the moment, Babtman News seems to have a lot of scoops recently!

    Good work, this film is gonna rule. Looking forward to the Blu-Ray Trilogy box set in 2-3 years.

  • Greased Up Hunk

    AAAAaaaahhh hahahahahahahaha, who is that Brendon guy? What a legendary nerd!!!

    Man he’s angry, NERD-RAGE!! The Amrerican guys are like “wtf? Is this guy real?”

    AaaahhahahahAhahAHhahhahAhahHAhahaha, pure nerd, makes me cringe. Like seeing CosPlay videos.

    P.S. Kevin and Josh interrupt each other too much; quite unprofesional. Brendon is right, they should just take it in turns.
    Also, on the 40:59 – 41:00 mark you can hear Kevin say “Josh…I’m sorry” aawwwww isn’t it cute!?!

    Stay greased up and hunky.

  • Anonymous

    Brendon is such a douche in that interview. She will play Catwoman/Selina Kyle, people are thinking way too hard on that press release.

  • “Cat-suit” ? The way they talk about a “wardrobe” makes me wonder if we are going to see the one that has been shown to the public in every comic, TV-series or movie. Nolan – so far – proofed to be more authentic by coming from real life, rather than just retelling the comics in all their colors.
    In the times Jack Nicholson depicted the Joker, his dress was a clown’s suit – Heath Ledger’s Joker bought the most ridiculous looking suit in stores to pull a joke on the mafia’s expanses.
    Batman’s suit has been “just” a costume to hide Bruce Wayne’s secret identity. It’s belt and armor were secondary toys, that could be added when needed. Nolan twisted that: The suit’s primary function is being useful, the disguise and bat shape come afterwards.
    I think the “wardrobe” will contain something like a “cat-suit” but not “the cat-suit”. Since catwoman is a thief, I could think of something you can move free with or disguise yourself in the dark with, rather than intending to make people “>rise< in the dark of the night"… that would be too damn simple. Look how long it took Nolan in TDK to explain something as simple as a guy getting his face burned and going berserk.

    And has anyone an idea about Bane, yet?? A 7" wrestler on steroids isn't quite common in everyday life, you know.

  • Bazman05

    This guy Wally Pfister is talking out his ass. He’s now attempting to hype this movie to impossible heights, even before the pre-production is completed.

    He’s also trying to hype a character (Catwoman) that has never had anything remotely good outside a camp setting.

    What a wally.

    • Bonny

      wally is one of chris most trusted go to guys you think he would talk of something he isn’t aware of….buzzzzzkillllllll

  • just a random guy

    Is it 2012 yet? Is it 2012 yet? Is it 2012 yet?Is it 2012 yet? Is it 2012 yet? Is it 2012 yet? I want it to be 2012 !!!!!!!

    Feeling much better now, thanks for listening :)

  • Hathaway looks sexy in that picture. /randompost

  • resudes

    The more I hear about this movie the more I can’t wait to see. Pfister says the opening scenes will ‘blow you away’. BTW I don’t know what that guy is talking about but Pfister didn’t confirm anything about catwoman appearing. The guy assumed it just because he said he really wanted to be there next year and not get fired by confirming anything. “it’s going to spread across the internet!” Whatta douche!