‘The Dark Knight Rises’ to include Robin? Don’t count on it [Update]

Earlier this week Michigan State Senator, Rick Jones, confirmed that Warner Bros. was scouting for Nolan’s last Batman movie, and now a local Michigan news channel claims that Robin will show up in The Dark Knight Rises.

They looked at the Ledges as well as a water treatment plant located inside the park. Sources say the area is being considered as a hideout for Batman sidekick Robin.

I try to just report the news and keep my opinion off of Batman-News.com, but I don’t think anyone should read too much into this. I’m sharing it with you because large movie websites are starting to report the story. Both Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale have been very vocal about Robin in the past. Christopher Nolan has said that Robin wouldn’t fit the story he’s trying to tell, and Christian Bale went as far as saying “[Robin] is the most humiliating role in Batman”. I’d be shocked to see Robin appear in The Dark Knight Rises.

Update 02/06/11: The Daily Blam! reached out to Alex Goldsmith, the WILX reporter who started this rumor. Here’s what he had to say:

I heard from three sources, the only one who would go on camera being state Sen. Rick Jones. All three mentioned the water treatment facility being considered for “Robin’s Cave” specifically. I’m not as up on my Batman lore as others but I wasn’t aware that Robin got a cave. As this was just a scouting mission, I don’t have any details on actors or even confirmation as to what role he’ll play. I just know what my 3 sources told me. Granted the production team scouting could’ve given them “Robin’s Cave” as a red herring.


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  • Superallstarfilms

    sorry dude your a dumbass robin rules and putting your opinion against evidenec your an idiot are u sure your name isnt jett?

  • Anonymous

    Still a rumor, at all.But i can see Nightwing fix in the “Nolan-verse”

  • trubatfan

    let it go andre, robin wont be in this.

    • Drakeson

      u let it go trueBitch he will be

  • Ryan

    Maybe they had the trilogy planned from the first film and said those comments so we was surprised

    • bradley

      Well plans change. For example, the Joker was originally going to be in The Dark Knight Rises.

  • I hate the idea, but if Bane really breaks Batman’s back, another character must keep things in order while the bat recovers, and then, finally rises. I can’t see a robin in this, but maybe a similar character, like Azrael.

  • TauHeel05

    I hope you’re right, including Robin in Nolan’s Batman would be highly disappointing.

    I remember hearing similar quotes from both Chris Nolan and Christian Bale. I’ve tried to find the sources, could you post them?

    • Sorry I don’t have links to the exact sources, it’s all from memory. The quotes are 3 or 4 years old now, but I remember Bale saying his during an interview for 3:10 to Yuma with Russel Crowe.

  • Dev1359

    Why does Nolan hate Robin so much when he’s stated in the past that his favorite Batman story is Dark Victory? lol

  • Dev1359

    Wow I’m tired. I meant to say Bale*** not Nolan lol -_-

  • Christian Bale went as far as saying “[Robin] is the most humiliating role in Batman”.

    and here I thought I was the only one!

    • Anonymous

      Why??? Robin is freaking kickass most of the time

  • TheDarkNight4ever


    Thanks for posting this. For those wondering where Bale said he didn’t want Robin in the final film it’s right here. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/37328

    “If Robin crops up in one of the new Batman films, I’ll be chaining myself up somewhere and refusing to go to work.” – Christian Bale

    I couldn’t agree with him more. Robin is NOT character you want to see in the TDKR. Why? Because this is still the early stages of Batman’s career and this film (this series) is about Batman! It’s about HIS rise to redemption and about him becoming the Guardian of Gotham. If your looking for Batman to have a sidekick it’s Gordon, that’s his guy and he serves multiple purposes and actually makes for more use than the inclusion of adding Robin to the story.

    Levitt will hopefully be in the movie but I’m hoping for either an original role or Max Cort/Detective role.

    • Manoschaos

      I agree. Robin as the full time sidekick from the comics is unnecessary here. But who’s to say he won’t be a teenager wannabe vigilante who ends up killed or something. As long as the story fits and the reason why Bane , Catwoman and Robin (if he’s included) exist is logical and a natural response to the escalation of crime, I could watch Robin in this one. But there should be a golden balance in all this.
      We’ll see

  • just a random guy

    I agree w/Nolan that robin wont fit his story, but I disagree with Bale… I remember a comics scribe (I think Johns or Loeb) saying that the trick to introducing Robin in the bat verse is to be gradual: Start with a movide where Wayne meets Greyson and you tell, parallel to the main story, the story of Wayne/Greyson. THEN, towards the end of the 1st movie, begining of the 2nd, Dick starts helping Bruce from the cave, maybe they brainstorm on a case, and only in the LAST movie he becomes robin, costume and all. I think that such a trilogy could be a very good way to bring Robin into the picture, because the first two movies (sans costume) help you establish him as a man in his own right, not “Bat’s little helper”…

    • I agree, 100%. It makes no sense to establish in Begins that Bruce traveled the world for years before becoming Batman to train, only for Grayson to show up and be perfectly adept in one film.

  • Collin V.

    I trust Nolan, not rumours. I want to hear something like this from him.

  • just a random guy

    I did a little digging and this is the article i remembered (http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2008/07/03/should-robin-be-in-batman-comic-legend-jeph-loeb-defends-the-boy-wonder/) I actually checked my copy of DV and it;s true… Robin in costume appears very little… it’s mostly a Dick/Bruce story. That is the key to Robin… atually, i think after Nolan finishes his story, an idea like the one Loeb poses could be a good direction for another trilogy…hmm, sorry for the long comment :)

  • James

    Thank you for posting this. I know that it IS just rumour right now, and probably a rumour that will turn out to be false, but it’s good that we still get to hear about it, especially since many other major movie websites are talking about it too. It would be a shame if you didn’t report on all TDKR happenings, rumour or not, seeing how you are just about the best Nolan-Batman website there is out there. Thanks again. We just have to take this news (and all other news unconfirmed by Nolan himself) with a grain of salt.

  • Jowyulrich

    robin is gay and grayson is fag, NO robin in any Batman movies!!!!!!!

    • Have you seen some of the women Dick Grayson has gone out with?!

      • Anonymous

        Overcompensating lol

    • Wow. Let’s not post again.

  • Thejokersmiles13

    Thank You! count me in also as some one who doesn’t want to see Robin these movies are 100% all about Batman and what makes him the most fascinating and amazing character in comics. This franchise don’t need Robin, it’s doing just great without him.

    • Anonymous

      … Are you kidding me?? I hope you mean just these movies because Batman as an icon definitely needs Robin. It’s been established many times that a Batman without Robin is an angry, lonely, annoying Batman.

  • Hanktwq898889

    Okay Bale has been very much against Robin, but Nolan has given his opinion from both sides of the fence on the character. If Nolan listened to everyone and their opinions, his film would probably suck. He has his own vision and its work so far. It’s very possible that Dick Grayson will be a character in this film, SO GET OVER IT! I don’t see Bale crying like a baby or not doing the film, if he would learn that Robin is in The Dark Knight Rises.

  • Captain_Obvious

    Yeah, it should be obvious. Obviously, the amount of rumors that get posted and repeated for Man of Steel and Dark Knight Rises should be taken with a grain of salt. Obviouslly.

  • Wonder why Bale hates Robin so much. lol

    • “Because he’s f—-ng distracting” lol

  • Anonymous

    I predict in the next few days this rumour will be flat out denied by an official source.

    By official I mean not some fake made up by a reporter on a local news channel.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, i have always been anti Robin and completley dissmissed him as a possible for Nolans films to unrealistic in my opinion .BUT after watching UNDER THE RED HOOD , this gave the character a bit of hope that theres a place for him in Nolans world ! Still 99% shore its not gonna happen !

  • Anonymous

    O.K , So i said to myself i was not gonna comment on the Batman News Vs Batman on Film Wars ! Gotta lot of respesct for Jett , he has worked hard for along time .keeping Batman on film alive ,and i thank him for giving me a place to go to feed my Batman addiction ! BUT it seems to me he has become a complete puppert for either Warner Bros or Team Nolan , and i find anything he says know to intentionaly trying to lead readers in the wrong direction ! So when Jett says Robin is not in TDKR I just carn t buy it ! because i think to myself has Team Nolan or Warner Bros told him to say that ! I guess this feling comes from the fact Jett knew Bane was in the movie for along time and did not let the fans who have been following his site for along time { like me } know !

    • SuperherooftheMonth

      In all fairness, I think Jett didn’t know for as long as he did. I don’t know the guy, and I have no proof, but I get the feeling that he said he knew, and I kinda think it’s BS.

      Just my $0.02 on the matter.

      • Anonymous

        Jett did know BANE was in the movie and what dissapointed me the most as a long time fan of Batman on film is he chose to to tell selected people from the site but not everyone . I listened to one of the Great pod casts they do and it seemed like they all knew BANE was going to be in the movie along time ago . Listen i am sounding like i am realy Anti Jett and Batman on film and i am not its probaly the site i ve been on the most in the last 5 years ! I ll say it again I THANK Jett for that ! what i am saying know is the site seems to me to have lost the DEMOCRACY a good FAN site should have instead right now it feels a bit more DICTATORSHIP !

        • I don’t BOF ever claimed to be a “democratic” fan site, and Jett has said on multiple occasions that he’s also not interested in being a “scoop” site. It’s basically his personal blog, and the guy has a right to post or not post whatever he likes. This is more a defense of WB and Christopher Nolan, but being a fan doesn’t mean we have a RIGHT to know every detail of a film before the filmmakers want to release it. I think Jett understands this, and if he knew about Bane, he had the right to keep that news to himself out of respect for the filmmakers. Jett’s not claiming to be a journalist, and he’s not honor bound to reveal every bit of information he gets. He’s just a fan with a website. He can do with that website whatever he likes, whether we agree with him or not.

          • Anonymous

            JETT has never claimed BOF to be a DEMOCRATIC forum , thats just a quality i personly think a good FAN site should have ! You do make a good point and i know and respect Jetts non spoiler policy , but i dont see the cast of characters as a SPOILER ,

        • That’s what I mean. What proof is there other than Jett’s word? Nothing. There’s no proof Jett didn’t know Hardy was Bane, but aside from Jett saying he knew, there’s nothing to support that he knew Hardy was Bane, either.
          Jett had been tooting his horn that a TDKR announcement would be “coming soon” for almost eight months before anything was ever said. So it sure looks good to say “I knew Tom was Bane” once EVERYONE knows it. It reeks of fishiness to me.
          Again, no proof. But now there’s good, strong competition (even if other sites don’t care about going head-to-head with BOF, Batman-News.com included), and they’re cutting into the market he’s solely dominated for years, and in my opinion, they’re doing it better than BOF. So making the claim that he knew makes BOF look relevant.
          Again, no proof. Just my opinion. :)

          Batman-News.com forever!

    • TheDarkNight4ever

      This was brought up awhile ago and I’m going to say now what was said then. Batman News isn’t an “Anti-Jeff site”, who cares what that guys says? Seriously, that site and everything that goes along with it is absolutely grade-A trash. I could sit here and write you an essay on Jett, his BS and how pathetic his attempts to jump into the spotlight are. “RW for Hugo Strang. Hmmm” — That sums that guy’s ego up. We (or at least I) come to Batman News to get away from all his crap and after he publicly bashed Batman News a few weeks ago (then took it down) that was it for me and for alot of others. I get sick to my stomach when I think about that guy so let’s not bring him up anymore. FYI, Robin’s not going to be in TDKR.

      • Superallstarfilms@gmail.com

        sorry dumbass Fyi robin will be in ity multiple sources are NOW Reaffirming the robin rumor!

      • Is there any documentation of what he said?

  • “Robin is in a crib sleeping somewhere”
    – Nolan (I think)

    so the chances are luckily 0% of him appearing.

    • Superallstarfilms

      sorry 2robin graham ur wrong now Multiple sources are REAFFIRMING THE ROBIN rumor

    • Erbeadam

      U guys suck robins freaken awsome he woUld kick every ones but here so shut up

      • Nycetira

        Okay robin grahm so saying crap because robin isnt the one sleeping in a crib u r so shut up

        • Jakesabo

          Someone come suck my weiner and make sure its a boy cause im super gay some let me do u boys up the but hard

  • I Dont think…a Director Like Christopher Nolan Include A Character like Robin in his Movie…Robin will Decrease the Importance of Batman,as the name indicates movie is abot The DARK KNIGHT so there wont be any ROBIN….. RISING.

  • Anonymous

    I think Nolan could take any character from The world of Batman , and create a cool looking , well rounded character , even Robin , the question i have is it to early in Batmans carear for Robin to make an appearance ! I mean Batmans not even in his fully teched up BAT CAVE !

    • Anonymous

      Uh…. If you read the comics, you’d see that Batman took in Robin before he got his “fully teched up bat cave.”

  • Clarklois1

    Why Robin matters and should be in nolans film You have to understand the psychology of Batman. Bruce Wayne died the same time as his parents…theres a part of Batman’s personality thats always going to be an emotionally scarred 9 year old boy who lost his family. Thats why he reaches out to Robin and Batgirl and Alfred…he’s trying to recreate the family he lost. As those characters get older(especially in Robins case)they eventually mature and move one…and Bruce never does. Thats where all the conflict comes from with Robin growing up and moving on and becoming Nightwing. Believe it or not,the best recent example of the Batman and Robin relationship was with Big Daddy and Hit Girl in Kickass. Hit Girl is not that far off from Robin….and last time I checked this site you fanboys were all ranting and raving over Hit Girl. Its because shes an awesome character(just like Robin) right? And not because shes a little girl and you’re all sick ass pedos….you’re not right? RIGHT????

  • Jetlagfrombirth

    What about Joseph Gordon-Levitt becoming “the next batman” like in the cartoon (Batman of the Future), after Bane breaks Batman’s back (in TDKR)? That would be awesome!

  • Guano Man

    Please, Chris Nolan is so incredibly secretive, this is obviously something he told the people doing the scouting to tell officials. He know’s that anything he let’s the officials know will most likely be publicly disclosed. Unless Nolan truly is throwing a tremendous curve ball, his word thus far has been “No Robin.” He has literally been saying this since before Batman Begins was made.
    In any case, wait and see.

  • One-eyed Willie

    Total, big amount of BS! Which part you guys don´t understand? Nolan already said:
    1- NO ROBIN , Grayson, Todd, etc, etc, it means: NO NIGHTWING either
    4- NO JOKER, or any recasting actor

    Damn! People are going blind and crazy…

  • Theswitchfoot

    While I can see why people don’t want Robin in this movie, I find it shocking that Robin’s role would be considered “humiliating.” Anybody who read Batman at ALL would know that Batman has Robin for a reason, and that Robin can in fact be a pretty cool freaking guy at times. Robin is one of the most prestigious “sidekicks” in the DC Universe…. Now I kind of want someone to give him a respectable role in a good Batman movie so people will KNOW what a great character he is.

  • FanOfNolan

    Why do people start rumors that they know will eventually turn out to be false? Do they enjoy making fools of themselves?

    • TheDarkNight4ever


  • just a random guy

    Ain’t it obvious? Rumors of Talia, Robin, JLG up for a role, Bruce having lived for so long in Ra’s camp…JLG is playing DAMIAN, Batman’s son with Talia! :)

  • Anonymous

    They were in fact scouting locations for a new sitcom spin-off called ‘Robin’s Lair’, possibly starring Chris O’Donnell a lá Joey. Burt Ward and Adam West would cameo. The Camp Knight rises this Summer!

  • Why is no one stating the obvious here? “Water treatment facility?” If they are scouting this location, it’s probably for the re-built Batcave. Remember how much water the Batcave had running through it in “Batman Begins?” Now imagine what that would look like with more construction. A water treatment facility sounds like an ideal shooting location for something like that. Whoever told Mr. Goldsmith “Robin’s cave” was obviously misinformed or confused.

  • Perkons

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robin. Trilogy ends Robin taking over the mantle of Batman. That would be fitting ending for whole trilogy, yup.
    I mean, these guys in 2005 re-invented Batman franchise. Before then, Batman and his name was tainted in mud because of all the previous movies. They came and changed everything. What I’m saying is that, if something is presumed as unfit, opinion can change especially if those things are shaped in right form. Think out of the box, and everything is possible. Even Robin in this Batman’s new world.

    • just a random guy

      While it is true that “Think out of the box, and everything is possible”, there are 3 reasons I think robin wont be in this: (1) It took batman YEARS to train properly… unless the movie takes place along huge time periods, introducing robin would be very unrealistic. (2) I think nolan knows that robin deserves hin own story… not a shared byline in somebody elses story. Maybe a next triology of films could focus on the wayne/grayson relationship, but not this one (3) It’s way too early for batman to need someone to “take over the mantle”… he’s just fought only 2 main enemies and people want to end him already?!?!

  • coal

    Oh my God, what is it with the Robin fans? Don’t you realize that this character (combined with the first name of his alter ego) in the long run has done more harm than good to Batman? And who came up with the “Robin balances out Batman’s darkness” s#|t? And why Batman’s darkness need to be balanced, he’s supposed to be a “dark” character.

    Robin was introduced to make the stories lighter, more kid-friendly and to have a character children could identify with.

    I’m thankful that Nolan and Bale see no use for this ridiculous character in their movies.


    • Anonymous

      Are you kidding me??? Have you even read the comics? Have you actually witnessed Robin in action? Batman’s darkness does need to be balanced, because he’s still a hero. If you read “A Lonely Place of Dying” it EXPLICITLY shows Bruce spiraling into depression and anger because there is no ROBIN to “lighten him up.” You obviously don’t know what an asshole he can be sometimes; I hate him for what he does when he’s pissed/angry or moody or whatever. He would be neither a likeable character nor a hero if he always acted the way he does without Robin.

      Seriously, “kid friendly?” If that was the sole purpose of Robin, he would have ended with Dick Grayson quitting. Why the hell else would DC choose to have Bruce adopt a freaking homeless delinquent as his second Robin? It’s out of necessity, not for sales.

      Bruce without Robin is NOT Batman; no matter how great he is at fighting, a hero still needs a HEART.

  • Anonymous

    Nolan and Bale have both made offhand comments about Robin but its not impossible that they’d change their minds. they made these comments years ago working on earlier films that wouldn’t suit robin, correct. But as the story progresses I think as natural storytellers both director and actor could very easily begin to see how a Robin figure makes sense