Is ‘Magnus Rex’ the working title for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’? [Update]

Working titles are generally used to disguise the production of a high profile film. Batman Begins’ working title was “The Intimidation Game” and The Dark Knight worked under “Rory’s First Kiss”. According to the latest issue of Production Weekly, The Dark Knight Rises will be known as “Magnus Rex” when it goes into production this May.

Fun fact: Magnus is the name of Christopher Nolan’s son. We’ll find out soon if “Magnus Rex” is in fact the working title for The Dark Knight Rises.

Update: Production Weekly has updated their post. It looks like “Fox Hills Green” is another possible working title.

Update #2: We’ve heard that The Dark Knight Rises would be shooting in NYC this week, and it looks like that’s confirmed. According to a document on, “Magnus Rex” will begin shooting today and go until the end of the year. I think we have an official working title!

SOURCE: Production Weekly,, document (PDF)

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  • Manoschaos

    Magnus Rex! A worthy name for the king of heroes. Fox Hills Green in all probability is a combination of a location and a surname .

  • Anonymous


  • i don’t understand the point is beating around the bush with a fake title

    • I think a lot of people know/find out the fake title, but not everyone checks out sites like and knows what they are. Having a fake title helps keep mass public interest away, you know? Think of how much of the general public would try to catch a glimpse of “Magnus Rex” filming, as opposed to “The Dark Knight Rises.”

    • 123

      It’s so that they aren’t mobbed when they’re working.  If someone sees Magnus Rex is in town, people won’t be phased.  If they see Batman is in town, people swarm the production area.

    • Magne

      A fake title will get u cheaper deals in terms of renting a location for shoots. An owner may wanna charge you twice the amount if he knows you’re a blockbuster hollywood production, as opposed to a nobody like “Magnus Rex”….

  • TheDarkNight4ever

    plagiarism!!! oh wait……yeah, we heard it here first!

    BATMAN-NEWS #1 Batman News Source….yet again!

    Nicely done Chris, excellent work. Early bird gets the worm!!

  • ad

    Is it even right to make a post about this?

    Fake titles exist for a reason. They exist to keep stuff under wraps. They don’t want rabid fan boys seeking out every single detail of the production.

    If I had a site I wouldn’t post it. It goes against what Chris and everyone who works on the movie wants. They don’t want to people seeking out shooting location or reading casting sides. I’d have enough respect for them not to post it.

    I agree with Jett’s stance on this (makes a change).

    • Well to be fair, Jett is the one who broke the news about Rory’s First Kiss back in 2007.

      I didn’t break this story, I’m just reporting on what Production Weekly made public. People walking the streets won’t know what “Magnus Rex” is. It’s only us, the diehard fans who will know The Dark Knight Rises is filming!

      If the news is already public, then why not post it on That’s my stance on it.

      Note to commenters: Feel free to discuss this story, but PLEASE do not turn this into another BOF vs disaster.

      • I’m 110% in agreement with this. Nothing has been “leaked” by If anything, it would have been Production Weekly and — apparently — the government of New York City.

        If THAT’S not public, I don’t know what is.

      • ad

        Well Jett saw the error of his ways and didn’t do it this time.

        And it’s not the general public that annoy me. It’s the die hard fans that will use this information to dig up every little detail and spread it all over the internet. I’m guessing you’re planning on doing that since you’ve already been asking anyone on Twitter who mentions Magnus Rex to contact you.

        Do you think Chris Nolan wants people doing that? It’s actually about respect for the filmmaker.

        • I don’t think Nolan wanted people to know Catwoman and Bane were in The Dark Knight Rises, but it’s just the nature of the business he’s in. He knows that.

          I’ve already said I won’t be posting major plot spoilers here on I want to know as little as possible when I walk into the theater on July 20th, 2012.

          • Anonymous

            GOOD LUCK running the site and trying to keep as SPOILER free as possible ! I realy mean that i am not being sarcastick ! i for one devoured all info i could get building up to THE DARK KNIGHT and have to be honest looking back , i wish i had not , Gonna try and stay as SPOILER free this time but its not going to be easy ! CURSE NOLAN AND HIS BRILLIANT BATMAN FILMS !

          • ad

            Bane and Catwoman were named in a press release issued by WB.

            “I want to know as little as possible when I walk into the theater on July 20th, 2012.”

            Except you’re already clawing for anything information. Why else would you be asking anyone who mentions Magnus Rex on Twitter to contact you. What are you expecting to find out?

          • What, are they just sending people over to fill the comments with negativity? It’s like people who complain about a show on TV when the remote is gently resting in their hand. If you don’t like the content, change the channel!

  • Simon

    I like it!
    Can’t wait for the film!!!
    Yes, I’m a Die Hard fan :D

  • OT, but is there any way to add compliments to the Fan Art section? I just saw Rob Thorne’s Catwoman and, well….awesome!

    • I don’t plan on adding comments to the sections of the gallery (since there will be a post about all the photos that I add), but you have a good point, I think I should make an exception for the Fan Art section. I’ll have to play around with it tonight, it uses a template that doesn’t enable comments, so I’ll need to find the code online that will enable it.

      Short answer: Great suggestion! I’ll try to get comments added.

    • Anonymous


    • Sorry it’s not as easy as I thought it would be to implement. When I get a good chunk of time to work on the design of the site I’ll try again, but I’m stumped at the moment. I can get the comments box to display, but it screws up the whole layout of the gallery page.

      • Sorry! I didn’t mean to make something hard out of it!

        • No it’s a great idea, and something I wish I could do, I just need to figure it out. I like the challenge :)

  • TheDarkNight4ever

    Do trolls from BOF really have nothing better to do than add traffic to Batman-News and piss and moan about production titles? WHO CARES? How pathetic are some people?

    • I appreciate your support, but let’s not “feed the trolls” as they say. Let’s stay on the topic of this exciting news. Nolan is shooting aerial shots for The Dark Knight Rises today! May will be here before we know it :)

      • TheDarkNight4ever


        My apologizes. These “BOF Bashers” (who are all the same people using different names) coming after you and trying to humiliate you is insulting to us Batman-News fans. We love Batman News and it really gets us fired up seeing people come on here trying to slam the better and #1 Batman site. I understand this isn’t what Batman News is about and we shouldn’t even have to worry about stuff like this but these clowns need to be put in their place.

        Batman-News is our home and we’re behind you all the way, no matter what. #1 Batman site on the net! I’m good friends with at least 20 other loyal Batman-News goers and nothing these “BOFers” say would ever get us to go back to BOF. Your site is legit, it’s clean, it’s modern, it’s easy to read, zero ego. Keep doing what your doing. Your gaining more support than you realize and we all appreciate a true Batman site being run without any propensity of trying to promote your self-image.

        To all BOF’ers….thanks for coming and we all appreciate the traffic!

        • Anonymous

          Well said ! and we all feel the same way you do when someone trys to bash chris or the site ! but we have to learn not to take the bait or what should be a fun ride building up to TDKR will just turn into a nightmare ! just remember thier on this site for a reason they just carn t admit it yet !

      • Guano Man

        Hey Chris,

        Thanks for this web-site. It is the best on the web for keeping track of TDKR news.
        Keep-up the “it’s most likely just a rumour,” under the radar attitude. It works.

  • Anonymous

    Any one heard about the JGL Alberto Falcone RUMOUR !

  • Matthew Dickens

    Magnus is the title character in my 2004 novel “Wayfarer.” It is also the name of the title character in my new novel that is being shopped around to publishers by my new agent Greg Johnson at Wordserve Literary. The new novel is about the supernatural history of the publishing industry. Bob Kane even makes a cameo in one chapter. I also included a great deal of Batman history in the story, especially Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns.”

    • Magnus Fan!

      I LOVE the “Wayfarer”.  I have been waiting for a new novel from you.  I am looking forward to getting it!!


    Great find! Appreciating your digging!

    TDKR Rumor Mill: Working Titles?>>>

  • Manoschaos

    Batman in New York , bitch. That Spider-dude had better hide.

    • Maybe that’s why they moved production to LA? The last go-round proved how much bats enjoy devouring spiders.

  • I work at LA CENTER STUDIOS in Downtown Los Angeles where the film’s production offices are housed. Security is top notch. No one is allowed on the floor where the offices are.

  • James

    Just got a letter through the door saying that Magnus Rex is filiming between the 16th to the 20th May on St John Street’s in Farringdon. The letter informs that there will be gun shots etc!


    • RaDNom


    • Any way you can send me a picture of the letter?

  • Noggin

    Just to let you all know that they are also shooting scenes in Croydon!. The reason I know this, is that I took one of the location guys up on the roof of one of our buildings to look at lighting another. Also they are shooting scenes outside the building I work in. May even get to go and take a look at one of the sets in use!

  • Hazzzer

    Hello there,
    Just been chatting to an actor in the film.
    $2 million been spent on the film in all
    And everyone has been sworn to secrecy to rumouring the new name.
    It is the real name though.
    My friend plays 1 of the 50 prisoners in the film and helped compose the chant.

  • Hickseyy1

    That guy is wrong on saying about getting it cheaper, they have to tell u the actual film coz every production teams have a different name mainly for security reasons, even though this is Magnus Rex it’s also Aka cape road, I know as I produce there equipment for the explosions and the bat car and cape :)

  • Lihue48

    Magnus Rex is currently filming in our neighborhood of North Torrance CA. between Alondra Park and El Camino College, heard lots of explosions.