The Dark Knight Rises: Big scene at the NYSE?

The tweets above caught my attention this morning. What would Christopher Nolan be doing at the New York Stock Exchange? Scouting locations for Magnus Rex The Dark Knight Rises of course. BOF adds a bit more detail, claiming that a big scene will be shot there in October.

BOF also echoed what I reported last month, The Dark Knight Rises is likely to shoot in India. It seems like Christopher Nolan is literally shooting his final Batman movie everywhere.

SOURCE: Twitter (1), (2), BOF

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  • Joker1

    Hmmm something to do with Wayne enterprises ???

  • TheDarkNight4ever

    crazy stuff, nolan is all over the place.

  • Exciting news! Look at what Nolan did all over the world with “Inception”…I’m excited to see how all these locations fit into TDKR!

  • Anonymous

    They could just (and most probably) be stand ins for Gotham locations, but do you think its possible we could see a globetrotting Batman again? Anyway, I’m just glad little by little more news is coming in…

  • Anonymous


    • Manoschaos

      What’s to steal from the stock exchange? I don’t know. What history has taught us is the shooting locations are much more subtle most of the time. For example, Lucius could meet with Bruce Wayne at the entrance or even other bussinessmen meet with Lucius. Or something irrelevant to stock exchange entirely. We’ll see

      • Anonymous

        Just a guess ! the way i see it cat womans going to be a socialite type , so i dont see her stealing for nessesity , i see her stealing for IMPACT , there could be DATA OR INFO , that could have implications for WAYNE ENTERPRISES ” I ve done the calculations and the numbers just dont add up , what are you building for him next , a ROCKETSHIP ” Just a complete guess ! Ha ! but your probaly right it will just be a 5 second shot , and have no revelence to the movie , and i am sitting here building the movie around it ! the FUN of guessing!

        • Manoschaos

          True words

  • Simon

    Who knows were the locations are for….
    I’m hoping the Batboat will be his new vehicle :D. That’d be awesome.

  • This movie is going to be crazy.

  • RCM3535

    I can’t wait until next years Super Bowl where Warner Brothers better show the TDKR trailer. It would be better then the halftime show(except for Springteen) they have now.

    • Did you not get a feeling, that that night was gonna be a good, good night?

    • I really hope there’s a Super Bowl commercial next year, but I don’t think it’s a given. Batman Begins got one, but The Dark Knight did not. Also, I don’t think Warner Bros. advertised any of its movies this year.

      • Anonymous

        I dont think we will have to wait that long , if we compare it with THE DARK KNIGHT , i expect the DARK KNIGHT RISES TRAILER to drop christmas this year 2011

        • Oh definitely! I was just talking about a special commercial during the Super Bowl. I think we’ll get a teaser trailer this summer with the full trailer in the winter, just like with The Dark Knight.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah will probaly be to early for any footage at COMIC CON , but i excpect some kind of TDKR presnce , maybe an auidio teaser like the ” They turned to a man they didnt understand ” teaser ( loved that ) . Whats your view on another viral campaign , will it feel just to much like TDK ?

  • One-eyed Willie


    Ladies and gentlemen: ALBERTO FALCONE

  • I appreciate Steve’s tweets, but I wish he didn’t have such a crazy background image with bright green text!

  • Collin V.

    A big scene at the New York Stock Exchange? I can’t wait to see how this plays out.