Confirmed: Marion Cotillard in talks to join ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, new locations revealed

Yesterday news broke that Marion Cotillard would be joining the cast of The Dark Knight Rises, and today we have some new details. A rep for Cotillard revealed exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter that the actress is indeed “in discussions” but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Marion Cotillard is expecting her first child this spring, and is currently going over any scheduling conflicts that may interfere with The Dark Knight Rises. According to THR, Cotillard would have to be ready by June to shoot in London, and then Los Angeles and Pittsburgh for the rest of the summer. She would wrap up filming in November in New York. While it’s still unclear what role Cotillard is in talks for, it certainly seems like it’s a big one.

THR also notes that Christopher Nolan is meeting with other actresses for Christian Bale’s love interest. According to insiders, Nolan has met with Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts. Again, it’s unclear if these actresses are competing against Cotillard, or if it’s for a completely different role.

Deadline has promised to bring some “clarity” to this recent news later today. Stay tuned to for the latest on that development when it happens.


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  • Awesome, I hope she joins. I loved her in Inception, and would be happy to see her in TDKR!

    • She was amazing in Inception! It was the first time I’ve ever seen a movie with her in it. Maybe she’s up for Talia and Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts are competing for Vicki Vale? Remember last month Collider’s source said that Watts was cast as Vicki Vale.

      • Same for me, and I thought she was great. I felt bad for her, but thought she was an effective love interest and villain at the same time.

        As for the Collider report, that same report claimed the Batcave would be making room for the Batcopter, so I have a hard time trusting that. I think Watts would be fine, but I have a hard time with Nolan including the BC in a film.

        • James

          I saw her before Inception in Public Enemies with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, and could totally tell that she had major potential right away. Inception just cemented that. It’s great to know that she could be a big part of Nolan’s Batman.

      • Daniel F.

        I really hope she’s up for Talia! If not, that’s ok. Whatever character she plays, she would do a great job!

  • Stone

    With all the people they casting from Inception, maybe Ellen Page will be cast as Robin.

  • sweet!

  • Anonymous


  • FanOfNolan

    I know a lot of guys might not be wild about Kate Winslet, but she brings a lot of credibility. We know she can act, unlike Katie Holmes. I think Nolan has to meet with all these other actresses in case things don’t work out with Cotillard.

  • I’m pretty sure she will play Julie Madison. She resembles her pin-up style, especially in Public Enemies: ;

    • One-eyed Willie

      Yeah… you´ve got a point! Julie Madison… interesting! Much better than Talia, ’cause we already have too many villains.

  • FanOfNolan

    I hope this confirmation doesn’t cause Cotillard to get passed over. Then again, it didn’t seem to hurt Hathaway who kind of let it slip that she was up for consideration.

  • Americanthrift

    I called this! On this very board, when you guys said to strike her off the short-list, I posted that her pregnancy didn’t matter, that she could shoot her role later in the summer, and lookie here. She probably will!

  • Manoschaos

    I feel justified for my half -assed prediction yesterday. Should I become the new Jett? Nah I kid.
    Also, I don’t want Talia. She’s great and all but I’ve made my mind. A femme fatale should suffice. Maybe Nolan even make her role an amalgamation of Vicky Vale , Julie Maddison,Silver St. Cloud etc. What is more, I love for her to take a few pounds and keep them. I don’t like it when she was so skinny before the pregnancy. Batman women should have curves. One more and I’m finished (seriously I’m hyped): Does anyone remember when at the 81rst Academy Awards Heath Ledger won the Oscar and BOTH ANNE HATHAWAY AND KATE WINSLET WERE ON THE VERGE OF TEARS? I WANT BOTH OF THEM IN THIS MOVIE.

  • Manoschaos

    I also want to see Bruce in BED with some of those females in the script. Damn. The last time this happened was in Batman Returns.

  • Manoschaos

    I also want to see Bruce in BED with some of those females in the script. Damn. The last time this happened was in Batman Returns.

  • Anonymous

    If Arkham is in TDKR Just once , I HOPE its the signiture BATMAN walks down long corridor passing the villians he has sent their SCARCROW , ZAZZ , JOKER , That would be EPIC !

  • Dknight007

    I hope Marion can make it work. It certainly seems she like wants to be in the film if they can work out a schedule for her to shoot. Iaf she is to have the baby in May, then I think Nolan should have her start shooting her scenes in July. Give her a good two months to be with baby and get back in shape.

    If she has the baby in April, then her shooting in late June should work. If she can make it happen, then Rachel Weisz should get the gig IMO.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a part of a dream coming true, because I really wanted her to be Nolan’s Catwoman. However, if I can’t have that I would love love love if she was Bale’s love interest. Their talent combined at close range would set the screen on fire. Yes, it would.

  • FanOfNolan

    Do actors ever get in trouble for confirming that they’re in discussions about joining a film? I would think that with a project as big as The Dark Knight Rises, they would want to keep everything a secret until they’re finally ready to announce it. It’s one thing the media has “sources” and uncover certain details. But for an actor to publicly acknowledge that they’re in talks seems like a big no-no. I have to assume that she or her reps wouldn’t disclose that they’re in talks unless they were confident that it’s a done deal. How embarrassing would that be to tell people you’re having discussions about joining only to have it later revealed that you didn’t get cast.

    • That’s a really good point. Seems like the only thing stopping her from signing the dotted line at this point is the heavy shooting schedule.

      • FanOfNolan

        That and the prospect of having to slim down in record time. If her role is at all action-oriented, then she can’t look like someone who just had a baby.

  • QueenFrost

    Having an academy award winner in TDKR would be perfect! She’s super good and she fits the role perfectly for Talia, as she has that kind of seductive foreign look about her. If she’s wasted on Vicki Vale I’ll cry :(

  • she should have been catwoman. i think she had the look for it. but i dont doubt nolan.

  • Bazman05

    Ahhhh! Too many actresses. Man is this next film going to be slow

  • Halltim1868

    i didnt think Marion couid look any more beautiful than she normally does,BUT she is absolutely glowing .Pregnancy seems to agree with her .

  • I am greatly confused as to WHY Marion Cotillard is gonna be in it then, what role could she possible play? You have temple playing (we think) Holly, you Anne Hath, playing Catwoman , you still have all of the orignal actors then you have Joseph Levitt and Tom Hardy, WHAT IS Marion Cotillard. what is she gonna do, stand their and be pretty, lol idk

    I kinda feel like their is SO much going on,
    unless she has a small role…?