First set photo from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’? [Update]

Update: Geoff Boucher of Hero Complex sent me a tweet to help clear up some of the confusion around this photo. What we’re looking at is the Arkham Aslyum set that appeared in 2005’s Batman Begins. In fact, Boucher stood on the steps of Arkham when he visited the Inception set back in 2010. Arkham Asylum could very well make its return in The Dark Knight Rises, but the set pictured here has been standing for at least six years.

Has the first photo from the The Dark Knight Rises set been revealed? A member of the JoBlo forums has posted a photo of the Arkham Aslyum set and said “my good mate who is working on set at cardington where it’s being shot sent me this”. The photo appears to be legit, and we’ve heard they’ll be shooting in the Cardington hangars. Check out the full photo after the break and judge for yourself.

SOURCE: JoBlo [via Nolan Fans]

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  • Anonymous

    WOW! Arkham is back! Nice!

  • Stone

    Interesting. Maybe this is how they’ll make a quick reference to The Joker. They’re going to have to in some way. Not that I want any one else to play him. Either way I agree, this looks legit.

    • Hersito

      Don’t get your hopes up to see anything related to the joker, if Hugo Strange is in the movie thats good enough for the movie to show Arkham. Besides the Joker gave everything it had to give in TDK no need to bring him back in any way as there is no need to bring back Ras or Scarecrow. And with Cat woman, Bane, Hugo Strange and the villain that JGL might play and possibly Marion Cotillard playin Talia who needs more villains?

      • Stone

        Well, I they will at least say something about The Joker’s actions, even in just a couple lines of dialogue.


  • It’s possible that this could have been the same set piece from Batman Begins, if I recall correctly part of that movie was also shot in the Cardington hangars

    • so the National Institute for Medical Research outside of London was the building that depicted Arkham, but this could have been used in the “Backup” scene with Gordon and Flass

      • It’s legit. Jett saw this picture weeks ago.

        • B-Man

          why is there a hole in the wall excatly the same as in BB?? if it is legit then wouldnt the wall been fixed up considering the time span from BB to TDKR?

  • Karloshuddos

    Yes! More Arkham please. :)

  • Manoschaos

    Seems legit

  • Jezza

    Some interesting news bits today. It’s nice to see everything is go.

  • Thejokersmiles13

    And here we…..Go:)

  • Thejokersmiles13

    And here we…..Go:)

  • Jhmonteirojr

    Another Arkham break-out or Joker tie-in? None of the above, methinks. But let’s ser to it!!!

  • Karloshuddos

    It’s left over from Batman Begins, you can still see the hole where the inmates were blasted out of Arkham, next to the staircase.

  • Cwilliamson32

    That’s definitely a left over set from Begins (since they are all still in existence). Just look to the right of the staircase and you’ll see where the prisoners were blasted out of Arkham during the final Narrows scene. Besides, according to an interview of Michael Caine, Nolan hasn’t even finished the script so the idea that they would be that far in set construction, is absurd.

    • Anonymous

      why is it absurd? freaking alien movie had entire sets and their now making a completely different movie.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure this is from Batman Begins, though I’m under the impression the sets are still up, so we could see it being re-used…

  • Anonymous

    Chicken wings, we have a set shot!

  • guest

    It looks different from BB -

  • DVocShoeBox

    Hey guys, I know that this is a bit off topic, but with all these villians, how long do you guys think the movie will be? I’m hoping 3 hours honestly! But the photo does look legit!

  • One-eyed Willie

    It looks a lot like the Arkham from Begins, but concrete reinforced!

  • Im sure Arkham Asylum will be in the movie anyway. I hope so at least lol.

  • Jean-Paul Valley

    JGL is the joker…

  • It’s sad, mainly because it’s just a quick pic of a set and probably an old BB’s one, but I’m actually excited. lol I’d probably get excited if they revealed if they leaked a pic of the left ear of the bat suit!