Anne Hathaway confirms Catwoman will be in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Since the day Anne Hathaway was announced as Selina Kyle, fans have been speculating as to whether we’d see Catwoman as well. The obvious answer was “yes”, but there were people who had their doubts. Anne Hathaway’s recent post-Oscar interview on Oprah should make the answer crystal clear. Oprah asked Hathaway what it was like being asked to host the Oscars. Hathaway explained that she was “waiting to hear if she had been cast as Catwoman”. She was completely shocked when her agent didn’t give her Catwoman news, but instead asked if she’d like to host the Oscars. So there you have it. I think we can say with 100% certainty now that Selina Kyle and Catwoman will be in The Dark Knight Rises. Check out the clip from the interview and leave your thoughts in the comments.


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  • why the hell wasn’t oprah asked to play catwoman?

  • Well, folks, unless you were watching Oprah, YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! FTW!

    • Ok…ready for something a little embarassing? The only reason I even bothered to DVR Oprah today was because I “Like” Katy Perry on Facebook and saw this:

      While I was fast forwarding to see Perry, I saw Hathaway had an interview so I stopped and watched it. Then BAM! Catwoman got mentioned.

      Thank you Katy Perry, for being hot.

      • Ha, ha! No need to explain! It ultimately worked out for all of our benefit! :D

      • Fribledib

        I wake up every morning and thank Katy Perry for being hot

  • Manoschaos

    My girlfriend is going to dress up as catwoman next halloween and Anne Hathaway is to blame. Please stop me from saying one more time that Anne is gorgeous.Go get ’em girl

    • Haha that’s awesome!

      BTW, I’ve noticed you’re a regular commenter. I would suggest signing up for a Disqus profile instead of commenting as a guest every time. This way you’ll always be signed in, and you can keep track of all your comments and even get notified when people reply if you want.

  • James

    It’s good to know that she is this excited for her role in TDKR.

  • CJ

    I really wouldn’t call that 100% certainty but … sure

  • I still don’t know how I feel about Hathaway as playing suck a role, but faith in Nolan I have (darn my Yoda came out)
    But her enthusiasm and excitement about the role is reassuring~!

    • I don’t even think of it as “she has to live up to what Pfeiffer did”…really, in my mind, all she has to do is better than Halle Berry. And I think a toy poodle could do that.

      Really, I’m quite excited to see what Anne does in the role.

    • Anonymous


  • Ryan Rockefeller

    Im a dude but I cant stop thinking that the comment was tremendously cute (when she screamed ”CATWOMAN”) and now I have even more empathy for Anne, speciall:y when It comes for this role, It looks like she’s being breaking her head off for this opportunity and she’ll do the best she can. Also, Mr. Nolan also said that in 2012 we’ll see why she’s the perfect choice for Catwoman. Hope so, aside from the hype that has being going on, Mr. Nolan is the most powerful filmmaker of the last decade (and possibly the next). I don’t have to say what every BN-reader already knows right? IN NOLAN WE TRUST.

  • Gottg

    Anne is sooooo cute!!!!!

  • FanOfNolan

    I can’t help but wonder if this was another slip on her part. First there was that interview where she hinted that she was in the running for a role in The Dark Knight Rises. Now she actually used the word ‘Catwoman’ to describe her role. Chris Nolan is known to be pretty secretive about his films and I would think he’d want his actors to be the same. I don’t recall ever seeing Aaron Eckhardt admit that his character was going to turn into Two-Face during The Dark Knight. I believe he was always referring to his character as Harvey Dent, even though he knew from the script that he was going to become Two-Face. But obviously, him and Nolan wanted to save that surprise. In this case, has the surprise just been spoiled?

    • Simon

      Well… I guess she spoiled it but hey, doesn’t de half of all the fans of this know this already. The other half (or quater) of the ‘not zo much into batman’ probably don’t even know Selena Kyle is Catwoman :P I think it was a nice move from Nolan to bring just Kyle out and not Catwoman. For the purpose of the entire public as of the story. Look at Two-Face.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think in the credits of TDK, Christian Bale is only credited as “Bruce Wayne”, even though he plays Batman. And everyone refers to him as Batman. I think we all know that Hathaway’s going to end up in a catsuit, but they may just be crediting her as “Selina Kyle”, regardless. But everyone’s going to call her Catwoman.

      • FanOfNolan

        Obviously the fans know she’s going to play Catwoman and not just Selina Kyle. When it was announced that Harvey Dent was going to be in The Dark Knight, it was never a question of IF we would see Two-Face, but rather WHEN. Would he turn into Two-Face in The Dark Knight or would Nolan save that for a later film. With this movie, we already know it’s the last. So for Nolan to have Selina Kyle appear, but not as Catwoman would be kind of a waste.

        As for Batman not appearing in the credits, I noticed that too. It’s one thing I really like about Nolan’s approach to the characters. It underscores the idea that Batman isn’t really a separate character, but rather a persona that Bruce Wayne adopts. Likewise, Harvey Dent can go mad after having his face burned off and people might refer to him as Two-Face, but he’s still Harvey Dent. So you’re probably right about the script referring to Hathaway’s character as just Selina Kyle instead of Selina Kyle/Catwoman. It’s a safe bet that we’ll see her as Catwoman. The issue here is whether Hathaway was actually permitted to confirm that or did she just slip up. Imagine you’re Chris Nolan. Prior to the Oprah interview, you would be constantly asked “Is Catwoman going to appear?” to which he could’ve just said “you’ll have to wait and see.” But by confirming that Catwoman is going to appear, Hathaway has opened things up. Now people will be asking Nolan “what will her costume look like?”, “why does she become Catwoman?”, and “at what point in the story will she turn into Catwoman?” For a filmmaker as notoriously secretive as Nolan, that can get tiresome. So in that respect, Hathaway just made things harder for Nolan and everyone else who’s read the script. I think she needs to be more like Bale who has no trouble keeping his mouth shut and pretending like he doesn’t know anything.

        • One-eyed Willie

          Of course she said “Catwoman”, ´cause if she said “Selina”, the oscar´s joke stuff wouldn´t make no sense.
          To me, that means NOTHING at all… I still thinking that she´ll be Selina in Nolanverse. Or just The Cat.

          • FanOfNolan

            She didn’t have to say Catwoman. She could’ve just said “I was waiting to hear if I was cast in the next Batman movie.” She needs more practice at knowing how to conceal information.

  • Anne did a great job hosting the Oscars.

  • Loved all her eight dresses…. So glamorous and it truly showed her style.

  • Remember that scene in “Love and Other Drugs”, when Jake lied to his mom about his sales, because his mom wouldn’t understand the technicalities? It’s the same thing here. You’re in Oprah, trying to say to all the non-fans and simple everyday people, the background story of hosting the oscars and being cast in “Batman”.
    YOU ARE BOUND TO USE THE WORD “CATWOMAN”, not Selina Kyle. Nolan won’t be mad at her, no one can,no one will. If you find yourself hating her just watch her smile and relax.

  • Anne is ridiculous! Horrible mouth and horse smile.
    She is not that beautiful and she is not sexy enough to play Catwoman.
    Bad choice.

    • “I wanna be the minority, I don’t need your authority!”

    • One-eyed Willie

      I suppose you´re not a lesbian, ´cause you´ve terrible taste in women! Anne is pretty,her lips are hot as hell and she is such a good actress as much as Heath was at the time of TDK. That’s enough to me.
      You should be the kind of people who wants Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox for the role, just to be vulgarly sexy and say “meow” all the time…
      Maybe Nolan don´t wanna be so cliche, ´cause EVERYBODY wants the pornstar vulgar appeal for Catwoman. For f*ck sakes, girl! The guy will bring us some fresh and new stuff and maybe Talia is in the movie, so chill out!

    • You need to relax , girl. Everyone’s hating on a certain actor/actress once in a while. I think you’ll love her in TDKR.

    • Anonymous

      Eartha Kitt is unavailable so this is the next best choice.

    • Gott

      Anne is gorgeous!!!
      Cuteness Overload!!!
      I wanna hold her in my arms, i do her anytime,anywhere..

      BTW, Catwoman >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Talia

  • Bazman05

    That’s disappointing. I had my fingers crossed that it was only Selina Kyle in this and the idea of her becoming Catwoman is hinted at.

    Damn, I hate that character, so “camp”.

    We’ve already heard Tom Hardy saying he doesn’t know about Bane’s mask or not (what the hell, no mask no Bane) and no we’ll have good old Catwoman to drag this movie down.

    I’ve always looked forward to Nolan’s Batman movies but I’m not feeling the excitement for this one. Maybe if Joseph Gordon-Levitt is cast (this guy’s an interesting actor) it might ignite my interest.

    • It shocks me to no end that people already decry the characters of a film no one has seen a second of.

      • This is what happens when we have so much time available and start theorizing about a movie that’s due in 2 YEARS! I don’t remember anyone bitching about Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man or 89’s Batman because we didn’t know shit. We loved those movies and we didn’t bitch about the “Prince” songs or “spider-jizz from the wrists” instead of web-shooters.
        Some people are panicked by the freedom of internet and lose their shit soooo easily.

        • It’s true. Did everyone complaining about Anne/Catwoman or Bane collectively put up blinders to the whole Heath Ledger thing?

          Is a woman dressing up as a cat any more ridiculous than a man wearing burlap sack over his head, a man wearing clown make-up, or a man dressing up as a bat for that fact?

          It’s like people are seeing nipples on the Batsuit or seeing Arnold shoot off ice pun after ice pun all over again, without seeing any film at all.

  • Anonymous

    This make the movie more interesting. Will she do this before or after the Garland bio?

    • I’d assume The Dark Knight Rises will come first. She’s currently hitting the gym in preparation for the role, and they start shooting in just 2 months!

      • Anonymous

        I keed. The Garland bio is in Development Hell, and based on her SNL performances it seems more likely that a remake of Mary Poppins will occur first. Seriously, I think she will bring an energy and a spirit to the role like Adrienne Barbeau. It will be fun. An inspired bit of casting.

      • She’s hitting the gym? When did we learn that? I know we can assume it ,but it’s not guaranteed. If you have the source link, send it please.

  • Anonymous

    People who are saying catwoman is going to be to campy ! i believe Nolan could take Elton John and turn him into a realistic , edgy , seriuos , cool character ,ITS CALLED TALENT ! and at this point Nolans can not be questioned !

  • Anonymous

    you will be catwoman meow no mercy

  • abw2

    Anne Hathaway’s pretty enough. I actually think that she’ll make a good Selina Kyle/Catwoman. So, just wait and see and give her a chance people. At least wait until they whip out a few trailers and maybe even a clip or two before ya’ all go into judge, jury, and executioner mode. I mean that’s reasonably fair enough isn’t it? P :)

  • You can put Anne in a burlap sac,and she would make it look good!

  • You can put Anne in a burlap sac,and she would make it look good!