Two-Face may return in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ after all? [Update]

Ok this is strange… Last fall, Aaron Eckhart stated in multiple interviews (here’s one of them) that he would not be returning in The Dark Knight Rises. CBS News caught up with Eckhart recently and asked one more time if we’d see the return of Two-Face. This time, Eckhart smiled and said “I could not possibly say”. Is Eckhart just playing games with the press, or could we see Two-Face in a flashback in The Dark Knight Rises after all? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Check out the full video interview and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Update 03/14/11: Aaron Eckhart was interviewed by The Playlist, and he’s changing his story yet again. Here’s an excerpt:

“Harvey Dent is dead,” confirms Eckhart for the umpteenth time. But when asked if he had any involvement in the next film, he replied, “How can I possibly answer that question? That would be career suicide.” When asked if he’s had conversations with Christopher Nolanabout the next film, he re-iterated, “I won’t say that, but I will say Harvey Dent is dead.”

SOURCE: CBS News, The Playlist

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  • no, hes dead.

    • Jlipford

      Harvey may be dead, but that doesn’t mean. Two Face is.

      • Drewmckay


  • RustyCage

    The look on his face when he replies makes me SO FREAKING HAPPY. :D <3

  • Anonymous

    The one problem i have always had with TDK ,is when Gordan says 5 dead 2 of them cops ,we see Two face kill Wurz in the bar , but assume Ramirez survives ” its your lucky day ” , i assume the 3 other deaths were Maroni , the driver and if you look closely just before Maroni gets in the car Two face takes out a body guard , i assume ! So if Nolan could clear this up with a Two face flashback (because he is dead ) i ll be happy , also more chance to see Eckharts Two face ” its your lucky day”

    • Simon

      I bet Nolan will clear that stuff up. While wouldn’t he?
      And if Eckhart would return as Two-Face, I’d be pleased. I don’t need to see him in a bigger role, I think he’ll have the cameo-villain role in TDKR :) Just like Scarecrow had in TDK, as all of you know. But then again, he’s dead or he’s secretly kept in Arkham. I would be fine with one or the other.

      • Anonymous

        I think its very important Nolan does clear it up ! after all Batman will be on the run for these crimes ! but i have faith in Nolan to do this ! maybe instead of a flashback a news report chroniciling the deaths Batman is taking the fall for !

        • One-eyed Willie

          Yeah, I think Dent’s crimes are in some way linked to the plot of TDKR. Two-face would fit nicely via flashbacks in the end of trilogy. I simply don’t buy that such an important character in Bruce Wayne’s journey is simply dead and gone! It’s a fricking awesome and complex character to just vanish away!

    • Junesong

      I’m pretty sure when Gordon says “5 dead 2 of them cops” he’s referring to Dent as well. Dent is already dead at this point and I think that’s what Gordon was talking about…

      But the only explanation I can think of for Eckhart’s reversal on the position of NOT being in the movie is that he’s been approached for some kind of flash back sequence (most likely involving Rachel).

      Because Eckhart seemed to be going out of his way in previous interviews to tell the story of just how he heard he was dead from Chris Nolan himself. But just because he’s dead perhaps doesn’t mean he won’t be seen in the film.

      • Anonymous

        Good point ! could be ! Dent is definetly seen as a man of law if not technicly a cop , i am starting to think all these rumours , are just great smoke screens from team Nolan , just throw every kind of rumour out there ! and confuse the hell out of us ! brilliant !

    • Bryanbreguet

      Nolan has said, in an interview, that he would explain those 5 deaths, one day. So I too really hope it’s gonna be included in TDKR. I agree with you, this is an important point.

      As for Two-Face, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him a little bit. I mean, I’m expecting the truth to come out during the 3rd movie. Maybe like a journalist will find out the truth, or Talia and the LOS will reveal it to test Gotham. I don’t see how Batman could “rise” if people still think he killed 5 persons, including 2 cops.

    • ?????

      get over it!

    • ge03

      Rachel, Wurtz, Maroni, Driver, Harvey

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to get more Face time, but I’d hope it’s as a flashback. Nolan could pull it off, I’m sure, if Dent “came back” but I think his death made sense within the context of TDK.

  • FanOfNolan

    I wonder if this was the villain Oldman was referring to? Perhaps he was giving us a hint.

  • Anonymous

    Aaron trolling us HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAA

    Well, the end of Two-Face in TDK has always been very ambiguous, I see no problems if he returns as one of the villains, either in flashback or not. And Oldman said it will be another villain of the old days, soo, this still a possibility.And the rumors re-begin!

    • Geeky Randy

      Ambiguous how? Harvey Dent even gets a memorial. The only things ambiguous is the “5 dead, two cops”.

      • Antrozous

        Duh, does the memorial service serves proves that a person is in fact dead? Please… this argument is even dumber than the one envolving Gordon´s fake dead…

        If Nolan decides to bring Harvey back I´m all for it although this third part is getting quite crowded by now….

        • Anonymous

          And, not just about the memorial (what dont proof if really dies) has all about to keeping the good image of Harvey Dent, and all the population thing Harvey dies in the hospital explosion (i think), so hiding he in Arkham and trying heal him is not a absurd idea at all. But for now its just rumors, but is still strange Aaron talk what he talk after soo long time denied his presence in TDKR. The only thing what we can do is wait, so lets do it and see.

          • Geeky Randy

            If you guys are really down for a fake memorial, then that’s the opinion you’re entitled to. But it simply won’t happen because it’s just too stupid; and a fake memorial is all you have going for Two-Face being alive, so don’t hang onto that hope too much.

  • AndersCules

    Well, the worst thing about TDK was them killing off Two-Face. So this would actually make me happy. But Nolan should beware of not getting too many villains in this. We’ve got Bane already, Catwoman (although we’re told she’s not a villain), JGL’s character (who ever he is) and Marion Cotillard might play Talia.

    That being said, I would love to see Eckhart in this one as well.

    • Geeky Randy

      Two-Face had to die in order for “The Dark Knight” to make sense. And it was epic! Also, why aren’t you taking these rumors of Talia being in it or Catwoman being Batman’s sidekick with a grain of salt like the rest of the world? You don’t have fact, but rather just rumors, to back up your logic.

      • marshall Mathers

        TWO FACE DOESNT HAVE TO DIE INORDER FOR THE DARK KNIGHT TO MAKE SENSE. Its harvey dent who needed to “die” for the movie to make sense. They portray the death of harvey because harvey dent to the people is the WHITE KNIGHT. and they cant find out about two face. The memorial at the end of the movie is for the WHITE KNIGHT because the WHITE KNIGHT died when rachel died. When harvey turned into two face is when the WHITE KNIGHT died. Two face can easily be in arkhym alive and kickin it. I believe he will be apart of TDKR

        • Geeky Randy

          Harvey needed to die but not Two-Face. Come on, how old are you? Anyway, to debunk such a ridiculous theory, never once in “The Dark Knight” did they refer to the character as Two-Face. Why would he be in Arkham kicking it? That makes no sense. If Batman is taking credit for his crime, there needs to be a reason why he’s in Arkham. You can’t just imprison a person for no reason. Do you hear yourself. I pity you because it’s obvious you can’t appreciate Nolan’s realistic Batman universe.

          • Marshal Mathers

            Harvey Pretty much called himself two face in the hospital.The mayor, the commissioner , and even Ramerez knows who two face is and they are still alive. Its very easy to think with the power of the mayor, the commissioner and batman that they can put two face away in some deep cell in arkham or where ever without people knowing. lol i mean if thats not realistic enough for you then how come Joker is the only one who survived the explosion at the jail scene. How realistic is it that Two Face had exactly half of his face burnt off. In the beginning of the movie when joker pulls out of the bank with his bus and gets right in line with other buses and no one sees it. thats pretty realistic. Theres many more but i think i may have just realisticly shat on your face. You geeky F*ck

    • Bryanbreguet

      In the realistic world of Nolan, a vilain like Two-Face couldn’t live very long anyway. Come on, the guy was under a lot of pain. We couldn’t have him playing the vigilante or bad guy for weeks or months. At first I was like you, a little bit disappointed to see such a big vilain used so little. But at the end, I think it makes sense.

  • Fuck this shit. He’s messing with the reporter. I need the whole interview to see for sure if Eckhart was pulling an “alpha male cockiness” though and through. Also , Nolan could have instructed him to bullshit people. That reminds me of something. The harder we try to extract info, the harder Nolan and co will mess/lie/deny. Escalation. And I should hit the books again. I don’t want any spoilers. See you in July for the teaser :P

    • One-eyed Willie

      Flashbacks, dude… flashbacks! Nolan is planning some kind of U turn… you know, for me some crimes of Dent are linked to the story of TDKR.

    • See you in July! Thank you for being such an active member in the community. Don’t worry though, you’ll never see any spoilers in headlines here, and if I do post something I consider to be a spoiler it will always be hidden. You’ll have to click a link in order to read it.

    • Anonymous

      LOL! Exactly what I thought of when I saw his face!

      Anyway, him returning would be awesome, but something tells me he could well be trolling.

  • Trooper

    At the same press junket…

    This time he says



    • Yeah, he probably got asked about The Dark Knight Rises 100 times. It’s possible he was just having some fun with the press. Still…the look on his face when asked was priceless.

  • Anonymous

    He’s probably screwing around, but if they’re going “back to Begins”, think of the opening scene, where Bruce dreams about falling in the Batcave for the first time, then wakes up.

    An interesting opening (or reintroduction to Bruce) might be to do something similar. He walks into a room, and there’s Harvey. He only sees his right side, and mentions that he’s dead. When Harvey turns, BOOM! Two-Face, and Bruce wakes up.

    Probably won’t happen, Eckhart probably isn’t in the film, but I think it’d be cool to see him in that manner.

  • Hmmm, it also occurred to me at the end of TDK that they mentioned the importance of protecting Harvey’s image so that his good works could be protected, with that in mind I felt they left themselves a possible loop hole (which I appreciated), where they could just come out and admit he was actually in a kind of witness protection like thing, where he was actually secreted off to Arkham for treatment. Whether or not we see Two Face in TDKR seems to be a different question though. Also it could be like a little Easter egg where a head-line or tabloid or whatever hints that he may be alive.

    • Geeky Randy

      Witness protection? He killed people? Also, Two-Face wanted credit for his crimes because he was making a point. If he was still alive, it would make no sense that he’d let Batman take the fall for him. Also, where would he be; certainly not witness protection. Arkham? How would it be a secret? Would just Batman and Gordon sneak him into a hidden undergound cell and feed him and bathe him daily? Does Batman even taking the fall for a killer still alive make the slightest bit of sense? No! Two-Face is dead, and it’s common sense since we do see his memorial.

      • Yeah, because there would be NO WAY to fake a memorial. haha

        It makes perfect sense. It was a PR move. Harvey Dent was the public face of good for Gotham City. If the public found out that their white knight hero had turned evil, succumbed to madness, it would be a crushing blow to Gotham’s hopes and dreams of rising out of the darkness of crime it finds itself in. Seeing the face of Gotham’s hopes, LITERALLY be destroyed by evil, would be a crushing blow to the psyche of the people who thought Dent was a shining example of everything right in Gotham.

        The reason Batman was willing to take the fall for Dent’s crimes is, like Gordon said, because he can. Batman is the faceless enigma, the dark knight in the shadows. He isn’t the FACE of Gotham’s hopes like Dent was. Batman can still be Batman, he can still lurk around in the shadows and fight crime despite the public hating him because it doesn’t matter, he was already a criminal anyway being a vigilante. And as he said at the end of Begins, Batman doesn’t need thanks to do what he’s doing. He’s not looking for approval or praise, he’s simply doing what he thinks is right for Gotham City whether the people like it or not or even know about it or not. In this case, doing what was right was keeping Dent’s image intact and making him die a “hero”.

        As far as how they would keep it secret….. BRUCE WAYNE IS A BILLIONAIRE! He’s got a secret undergound lair, a tank, a rocket powered motorcycle, a friggin super cell phone tapper, he has a million secrets including the secret that he IS Batman….yet I’m supposed to doubt his ability to hide Dent somewhere?? Hello, McFly?? Hiding Dent in some hospital a million miles from Gotham is right in Batman’s wheelhouse.

        There has never been a single second that I ever thought Dent was dead. When all this talk came out later saying he was dead I never bought it and was actually shocked anybody thought that. We NEVER see solid proof one way or the other. We never see Dent suffer any kind of wound he couldn’t recover from. His fall wasn’t that far. It wasn’t anything like the fall that the Joker had at the end of Batman 89. From the very first time I saw the movie I assumed Dent was in some sort of coma and they hid him and covered up his crimes. All the arguments against this and repeated viewings have never changed my mind conclusively. I’m not saying I’m 100% right, I’m not making any predictions or anything about Dent’s return, but to me it was completely open ended and could go either way. To think that Dent is 100% dead and not have any doubts about it is pretty close minded I think. The only proof we have that Dent is dead is Nolan’s word. Nolan’s word is pretty damn meaningless when it comes to keeping secrets on these movies.

        • Geeky Randy

          If only there was a dislike button. But seriously, with Two-Face alive, they have his word against Batman. Again, Two-Face wants credit for his crimes. Batman/Gordon’s plan simply wouldn’t work if Two-Face is alive.

          • BlackEpyon

            To reply to something specific you said: “But seriously, with Two-Face alive, they have his word against Batman. Again, Two-Face wants credit for his crimes.”

            Where exactly does Two-Face say that he gives even half a damn about ‘credit’ for his crimes? In his mind, he’s exacting justice. Not only does he never express concern about receiving credit for it, but he doesn’t even value his own life, or view what he’s done as wrong. You completely misunderstand this character.

            To reply in general: It would work fine so long as the people didn’t -know- he was alive. The whole plan was based around deceiving the public in the first place, so nothing would change.

            Not that it matters. The entire friggin’ point of bringing him back is for that exact tension you described, that drama, of him being capable of ruining their plan.

            It’s called storytelling. It doesn’t always work in favor of the hero. Derp.

          • Geeky Randy

            Whoa, BlackEpyon. Step back, breathe, take a sip of gin and relax. By extracting justice, it seems contradictory for Two-Face to keep silent. By basic fundamentals of storytelling, we have everything to assume Two-Face is dead. It seems you need a lesson in this subject, not me. I really don’t know why you’re arguing–and in such a sensative matter, for some strange reason–Nolan explained the character is dead, and when Eckhart was explained this by Nolan, it sounded like Nolan thought it was obvious. Thankfully, “Rises” is in the hands of Nolan and not you. If you think Two-Face is alive, you didn’t understand “The Dark Knight”; I’m not going to debate that last statement further. Also, you’re going to be very disappointed because if Eckhart is back, it’ll at most be in flashback form (ala “Begins”).

          • Mel Gibson

            batman/gordans plan will work even if two face is a live. They defiantly locked two face up. but if he gets out it would only make the story better. Batman is being chased around while two face is pissed that everything got covered up so he starts flipping out again and killing people who are involved in it. What i also believe is that Bane will injure batman very early in the movie. batman will have to take a lot of time off of being batman and thats when catwomen comes in. She “kind of” fills in for batman while hes recovery. and at the end of the movie batman will rise along with catwomen and they defeat all of the villians. The public finds out who two face is and they learn that batman was not the one who killed the people in tdk. So the public forgives batman. And batman learns about himself that he can never stepdown from being batman

          • Geeky Randy

            [sarcasm]Wow, Marshall Mathers, that’s not hella predictable.[/sarcasm] Don’t you want to see Nolan moving the story forward, not backward? Do you really want to see something so fetched like your theory occur after all the great stuff that’s already happened? Seriously.

          • Marshal mathers

            Hey Geek Face. Nolan said hes going to put together a story that links with both batman begins and TDK. So having two face in it will link it with tdk and the LOS will link it with BB. The gothem people need to know at the end of the story that Batman was not the one who commited Two face’s crimes so they will forgive him. Nolan said this was his last movie and its supposed to be the perfect ending to the triology. This last movie is supposed to put a end to the story. Not to move forward and start somethings new. Learn you facts before you come on here and bash everyone elses ideas

      • I said “witness protection like” as in “Similar to witness protection” He could also be in a coma and therefore unable to object. Alive or dead, the people knowing what he did could seriously damage all the good he’s done, in order to protect those things Batman takes the fall, they explain that reason at the end of TDK, and yes at the end of TDK we assume he’s dead. As to keeping his presence in Arkham secret, if your being paid a LOT of money to keep a secret are you really going to kill the golden goose by blabbing? For that matter there’s a thing called doctor patient privilege, and I’m also pretty sure Bruce could hire an attorney for Dent who’s sole purpose is to protect Dent’s secret and ruin the day of whatever staff member blabs, plenty of reasons can be given as to why Arkham kept their mouths shut. as to the memorial, they couldn’t fake a memorial? I like the ending because it set nothing in stone, they actually left room to change their mind’s which I respect. I don’t know why you have to be so adamant that he’s dead, any more than those who insist he’s alive, I just appreciate that they left room to go either way, I really respect Nolan doing this rather than being a dick and making damn sure the viewer knew he was dead with no chance of coming back.

  • Geeky Randy

    Two-Face is dead. Did anyone see “The Dark Knight”? But seriously, Eckhart just wants to play Two-Face and would definitely return if Nolan asked. Thing is, “Batman Begins” has many flashback sequences, so maybe Nolan might want to use Harvey Dent in a flashback sequence in “Rises”.

    • Skarface

      Did anyone see a body at the memorial…case rested, or repoend…you get my drift.

  • No. He’s just being a turd like Gary is. They know people will get excited and latch on to whatever they say.

  • Thejokersmiles13

    Seems to me that he’s just having some fun now, I mean besides Nolan, who else has had to answer the same questions time and time again about their return to the franchise. He’s probably at the point okay let’s have fun with now lol. As much as I would absolutely love love to see Two Face come back in TDKR, it has to be highly unlikely with JGL and Cotillard’s role still yet to be determined but as with everything surrounding The Dark Knight Rises we just have to wait and see….

  • Axel

    personally, i dont want him to come back. then the joker’s actions wouldn’t mean much cause because of him harvey dent was destroyed both physically and mentally. so if he survived a lot of the joker’s actions would be in vain even if harvey became a villain. a flashback or dream is not a bad idea though! i just thought that i’d be so fucking cool! if scarecrow came back and drugged batman with the gas, and in the hallucination who would be there? HARVEY DENT! harvey dent being the bad guy or telling him why didn’t he save rachel? i think thats a good idea since harvey dent’s downfall meant so much to batman cause he saw the face of gotham in him! so i just wanted to throw that out there see what people think about it.

  • Harvey Dent/Two-Face is DEAD.

    His story was told in TDK. It would be frakking STUPID for him to still be alive and in Arkham.

    You can’t sweep THAT up. ;)

  • ivory

    Two words: Lazarus pits. XD

    I DOUBT it, but tossing that out to mess with peoples minds…

    Im still seeing this forming ‘the Long Halloween’ plot, personally.

  • SuperBat

    Nolan had already said that two face is dead, so the only way I can see him coming back is in a flashback.

  • Ray Finkle

    I believe two face is alive. In the scene when two face “dies” neither batman or gordan checked his pusle and declared him dead. They had the funeral for Harvey Dent because they wanted people to know that harvey dent is “dead” and that he died doing what was right. fighting for gothem. They wanted to show this because it would be a complete failure if Harvey is known as Two-Face to the gothem public. Joker would have won. So they fake the death of Harvey Dent and they have two face locked up in arkhym.

    • Geeky Randy

      How did they fake his death when Two-Face is lying on the ground when dozen of men from the SWAT team come? And lock him up in Arkham. For what? If he didn’t do anything wrong because Batman is taking the blame, then what is he locked up for? You can’t just lock someone up if they haven’t done anything. And how would they keep it a secret? Do they have a secret underground cell that only Batman and Gordon know about and only them two will sneak into Arkham daily to feed and bathe Two-Face, not to mention get him medical treatment. Come on, Ray, this is beyond stupid. And if you think Gordon and Batman might bride the SWAT or doctors at Arkham to keep their mouth shut, then that contradicts the reason that Gordon is one of the few people Batman trusts. Seriously, your post is moronic.

      • Geeky Randy’s Mom

        Geeky Randy this is a comic book movie. you need to stop being an A”hole because your obvously not perfect either. I dont see your name anywhere making hollywood movies. So why dont you shut your trap unless you have something worth talking about. Moronic. You really are a faggot lol

  • FanOfNolan

    I think if Two-Face shows up again, it’ll be in flashbacks. Nolan has gone out of his way to make his Batman world as believable as possible. How believable is it that a man who’s had half his face burned off could be kept hidden without someone realizing it and leaking that information? It’s doubtful that Gordon and Batman could pull off such a feat on their own. It’s also doubtful that everyone who’s helping them would keep it a secret. Plus I think it would sort of tarnish the ending of The Dark Knight. Part of what made that movie so memorable was the tragedy of Harvey Dent and that Batman was forced to kill the very person he was trying to build up as Gotham’s hero. If it turns out he was alive this whole time, it takes away from the high costs the heroes paid.

    • Well, they did at one point do facial reconstruction surgery to Dent in the comics. It’s doubtful, but hey, he could be in a coma or something, thus not being able to deny skin grafts (like he did in TDK). Now, I’m not saying that’s at all what they’ll do, but it’s not completely impossible.

  • TheseScars

    whats the best way to promote his new movie? Talking about TDKR rumors. You didn’t post anything about Battle:LA (thats not this sites bag) but you posted something from his junket…Eckhart’s plan is working. Instant free promotion for any movie he’s in for the rest of his life. “Will Harvey Dent return in Batman Begins 18?” “Never say never..I saw Chris on a shuttle flight to the moon and when I asked him if I was dead he just winked” Let the speculation begin.

  • RustyCage

    Maybe ‘Harvey Dent is dead’ is figurative, and now he’s only Two-Face. Hehehe.

    • Geeky Randy

      They never refered to him as Two-Face in the film, so I wouldn’t hang on too tightly to that theory. Though I know your joking, I just thought I’d point that out. Best.

      • What about in the hospital, when Harvey asked Gordon what they called him while he was at Internal Affairs? I believe Gordon’s exact words were “Harvey Two-Face”.

  • DanWhite24

    there is a simple explanation that nobody here is actually noting. Harvey Dent is dead. no doubt about it. However, he obviously becomes ill with a multiple personality disorder. Two-Face is alive and well in my opinion

  • Markhooson

    “But I will say that Harvey Dent is dead”

    Question is: is two-face still alive?

  • DanWhite24

    i agree with the posts that say Dent is dead. if you notice there is no casket at Dent’s funeral just a picture. i always found this strange. and why would Dent die but not Bruce when they made the same fall? Two-Face is in Arkham and he will play a key role but to what extent I am unsure. I cannot wait for this movie though. For sure, it will be the best one

    • not saying I disagree with you at all (because I too think Two-face lives on, but Harvey died), but Batman was wearing a fair bit more protection in that fall than Harvey.

  • Jendo

    My prediction: It’s a Two-Face flashback Bruce gets while in a comma because of Bane. Harvey IS dead, but Two-Face may still appear.

  • Sometimes i think the reporter who do these interviews are the dumbest people in the world, if they want an answer they need to ask question that will get results. if you ask is Harvey Dent in the movie and he says Harvey Dent is dead, you as the reporter should know the one actor played two roles, your next question should have been is two face in the new film, NOW if he had said no he is not, then you need to ask then what role are you involved with in regards to ” When asked if he’s had conversations with Christopher Nolan about the next film, he re-iterated, “I won’t say that,…”
    HE KNOWS SOMETHING beat it out of him if you have to but he KNOWS something!

  • Hmmmmm, wonder if he’s playing a game here, “Harvey Dent” is dead. Two face on the other hand….

  • Tmc351982

    harvey dent is dead……but two-face lives!!! he HAS TOO! i always believed that the memorial at the end of the dark knight was just a show for the public to make them all think that their beloved district attorney is dead i think it was a diversion of the real truth… that he is now a insane maniac rotting away in arkham asylum waiting for his next chance to strike!

    both he and batman took that same fall at the end of TDK, how could it of killed two-face and not even hurt batman?? it does not make sense!!

  • TheseScars

    comment deleted? WTF?

    • TheseScars

      oops nevermind im retarded,,again.

    • What comment? I haven’t deleted anything.

  • Patc718

    I GET IT
    Harvey Dent is dead, but he doesn’t say two face is. Haney dent figuratively died when he became two face, just like in star wars when Obi wan says darth vader betrayed and murdered Anakin Skywalker. Harvey Dent isn’t Harvet Dent, he became two face

  • Patc718

    Harvey Dent is dead, but he doesn’t say two face is. Haney dent figuratively died when he became two face, just like in star wars when Obi wan says darth vader betrayed and murdered Anakin Skywalker. Harvey Dent isn’t Harvet Dent, he became two face

    • Andreaabbatista

      good point! i think Two face is live and near the end Batman take him in prison and my dream is Nolan will use a little cut scene form TDK with joker in a car (we can see a pic form this scene online everywhere), where the driver ask to joker “where do we go?” and joker say “to take Harvey dent” this scene was shot but not show in TDK.

      i hope Nolan will use this little scene to keep continuity and to have a last cameo from Heath as joker, he can biuld an escape scene from arkam with body double and use this scene from Ledger… and end his trilogy with joker free from arkam with the plan to free two face and batman agin ready to fight his eternal enemy…. i hope in some kind of open/epic end to Nolan trilogy.

    • Jacy

      I agree with you(Patc718). Harvey Dent is now Two-Face. I mean as Batman fell (you know which scene?) he also wasn’t dead so why Two Face should? I think that he will return in a little scene.

  • batmanfanatic

    Exactly! Harvey is definitely DEAD…But criminal Two-Face is all too well alive! That fall in the last scene definitely did not kill him; just like Sal Maroni did not die when Batman dropped him off the ledge at the nightclub; relatively the same distance if not an inch or two higher. :-)

  • James

    I have bad news for all of those still hoping Two-Face lived on. I wanted to check for sure to see what happened at the end of TDK, so I checked the script. Here’s what it says, word for word, during that scene:
    “Dent FLIPS the coin. High. Dent’s eyes FOLLOW the coin up – Batman HURLS himself at Dent and the boy.
    All three of them VANISH over the edge. A TERRIBLE CRASH – then silence, but for the sound of DENT’S COIN, SPINNING on the floor at the edge of the hole.
    Gordon, horrified, RUNS to the edge – peers down –
    Dent lies at the bottom of the hole, his neck broken. DEAD.
    The coin stops spinning, GOOD SIDE UP.”
    There ya have it. That’s as official as it gets. It’ll be sad to see Eckhart go, as he was such an amazing part of TDK, but he definitely won’t be returning in TDKR as a present Two-Face. Flashbacks are still an option. But sorry folks, Dent is Dead.

  • Noah

    Harvey Dent maybe dead…but Two Face has emerged he’s now a different person. Harvey was Gotham’s ‘White Knight’, Two Face is a criminal, a good one that has to good of a story line to be put away at that.

  • Harvey Dent is dead….all left is Two-Face…..

    or if Nolan wanna go nuts on the fans…burn his other half-face and makes him as Black Mask

  • Sugar_Skull

    Notice he said “Harvey Dent is dead”
    He didn’t say Two-face is dead.

  • Superluigidude12

    i wish two face was in tdkr just cause for me bane has always been like a croney kind of villain, and catwoman not rlly one to cause city wide scale trouble. Even if they had the joker in it id be happy, though i dont think anyone can replace ledger :/

  • Frybergh

    he said harvey dent was dead. He never said two face was. In a way, harvey had truly died when he was burned and scarred, halfway through the dark knight, but he was reborn by the joker as two-face. So in a way, Harvey Dent is dead, but Two-Face is still alive and out there. Maybe when he fell all those stories down at the end of the dark knight, TWO-FACE was knocked out or in a coma. We won’t know for sure I guess, until maybe comic con 2011, when a teaser trailer may be released

  • Skeptic

    Harvey Dent is dead….is two face?

  • Frybergh

    two face can also start wearing a mask to cover the scarred part of his face, but have it burned onto his flesh by batman in the beginning, making him black mask

  • Frybergh

    or maybe… just maybe… (this is only a speculation) bane will end up “breaking” batman like in the comics and break batman’s spine and kill the bat. (That will be to strengthen  nolan telling viewers: that’s it, show’s over, no more batman) and the very ending will be eckhart’s cameo, him apparently back alive and at the flying graysons circus. Alfred or Lucious fox will be watching the circus show, and two face will walk into the ring, with the audience helt hostage, and two face slowly flips his coin. When it lands on his hand, it will show the scarred part of the coin. You’ll hear two face saying “show’s over,” and the screen will black out. When it blacks out, you hear the audio of people screaming, and a couple of gunshots. (This will be two face shooting and killing the flying graysons, except of course, the man that will soon become robin.)

    Now, wouldn’t that be a great ending to the batman trilogy? dark, pretty realistic, and and it will prove the batman trilogy is over, because batman is dead. It will also tell viewers that the joker in thedark knight was right, that chaos is the one thing that controls life. nothing can stop it. It will also tell viewers a reminder about batman begins. Gotham was dead and falling from the start, that nothing could save gotham. And, just before the credits roll, you will see some videos of gotham after batman’s death, destroyed, lucius fox dead, alfred dead, commissioner gordon fighting for his life, and with two face, bane, and maybe catwoman fighting on the streets. It will show wayne manor burnt down AGAIN, and wayne tower in rubble. It will then rewind, showing key scenes from the movies, all the way through the movies, (at an extremely fast speed, of course) and end with the picture of bats flying around in the first frames of batman begins, forming a bat in the air. one final blackout, with audio of people chanting like the one on the dark knight rises website, and then have the credits roll.

    The end. (Wouldn’t that be a great ending?)

  • redXphantom

    Two-Face escapes a prison used to keep him hidden and returns to Gotham to pick up where he left off only to find that Batman and Gordon had him declaired dead to cover up his actions, goes on a war path to expose the fraud of Gordon and Batman and revieling it to the city causing all the criminal to be released, Gotham erupts in chaos. Bane arrives, Batman encouters Catwoman on one of her burgleries and The League Of Shadows show up to make sure Gotham dies this time and in a battle with Talia, Batman discovers Ra’s Al Goul is still alive.

  • Duduii

    I think it’s obvious two face is gonna return. A weak villanous cast leaves a wide void for an epic movie. Bane is a badass but not of the necessary personal, intellectural and popular stature as two face. Catwoman is too sensual and this will likely be her origin plot. The whole idea of the lie at the end of tdk wasn’t just to save face. It was to try to “save” Harvey too. But I’m sure Two Face has other ideas. There won’t be any flashbacks in this movie unless it’s to underscore how they covered up Harveys transistion into evil. My opinion. Two Faces return will threaten or expose the lie that was constructed. The very soul of Gotham was what was on the line. This movie can only be epic if it incorporated two faces’ wrath of revenge. Also if batman can survive that fall (and then RISE) so can two face. It’s an old theme in these movies. Batman creates his enemies.

  • Dizzyduz24

    Harvy dents dead meaning hes no longer two face hes all evil

  • Dizzyduz24

    My question is why are there so many pics and videos showing up online about dark knight rises when the dark knight film was so confidential answer that everythings being leaked out about this movie what bains doing what he and cat woman look like what catwoman does and how she tag teams with batman i dont get it and i live in pittsburgh pa

  • Dizzyduz24

    My question is why are there so many pics and videos showing up online about dark knight rises when the dark knight film was so confidential answer that everythings being leaked out about this movie what bains doing what he and cat woman look like what catwoman does and how she tag teams with batman i dont get it and i live in pittsburgh pa

  • ratedrkostar

    Two face had a broken freakin’ neck at the end of the dark knight. His ONLY shot at being in the next film is in a flashback sort of setting, or a dream. Two Face needed to die, I know it sucks but Batman breaking his biggest rule kinda sets the scene for everything to come.

  • Harrison

    note he said harvey dent is dead not two face