Michael Keaton pays his respects to Michael Gough

After the sad news of Michael Gough’s passing, Tim Burton’s Batman — Michael Keaton, payed his respects to Gough in a statement to THR.

To Mick-my butler, my confidant, my friend, my Alfred, I love you. God bless.

He signed the message, “Michael (Mr. Wayne) Keaton”. As I’m sure you know, Michael Gough played Alfred to Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney. Keaton had the pleasure of working with Gough twice — in 1989’s Batman and again in 1992’s Batman Returns.


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  • That’s really lovely and sad. =(

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes you just forget what a GREAT Batman / Bruce Wayne , Keaton was ! I put him equal with Bale , they both have different qualties but both personifi The Dark Knight and Wayne . Class Act !

  • Keaton WAS and still is one of the best Batman’s of all time. But Bale brings the darker side of batman the ORIGINAL Batman. I love it!

  • Antrozous

    Nice gesture Mr. Wayne…

    The thing I most apreciate on Keaton´s dual identity role as Wayne/Batman is that how much he seems alienated as Bruce Wayne, as if his soul purpose was waiting for the night to come and put on the suit and become Batman. Although Wayne´s character suffer from lack of depth and development in the Burton films I always like that aspect of him, even all those years later he still has that look on his face, the “child who became orphan” look…

    And hands down, Keaton´s Batman was visually the best for me. Bale´s Batman may look way more realistic but he looks like a SWAT guy with a cape. Keaton´s Batman looked like a creature, way more misterious and scary.

    But hey, I grew up with Michael Keaton and Michael Gough so naturally I have fond memories of them and their roles…

    • anonymous

      I know just what you mean. The original batman had that special, erie feel. Exactly what Burton’s great for doing. At the same time I appreciate Nolan’s Batman and the incredible versatility he brings to the screen. I’m not taking anything away from it but if the film making technology and useable technology were available back in Keaton’s time, that batman could have been much more wicked.

  • anonymous

    I enjoy the Nolan’s Alfred and his increased role, but Keaton’s character had much more reservation, true to the historical Alfred. Gough really knew how to bring that caretaker aspect to the screen

  • Frank

    This was nice from Keaton, who made a great Batman but was miscast as Bruce Wayne.

    ON a somewhat related note…I remember reading a magazine interview with Michael Gough where he said his favourite Batman (of those with whom he worked) was Val Kilmer.

  • i have always stated this… but Keaton was the best of the ORIGINAL Batman, because he did play both Bruce Wayne and Batman equally, Val Kilmer wasnt a bad batman but his lisp killed Bruce Wayne, and Clooney who i love other roles… i still have nightmares from Batman and Robin… and Christian Bale is def in Keatons neighborhood but i agree with what i read below they are different types of Batman/Bruce Wayne Combos, but ive always been a fan of Michael Gough… loved him in Sleepy Hollow… but he was a class act… and may he rest in peace


    how cool is that.Keaton is such a class guy.he and Michael Gough will forever be linked for their work on Batman and Batman returns.Eddie Armstrong