If not Falcone, is Joseph Gordon-Levitt Black Mask in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

It’s been a crazy few days for The Dark Knight Rises news hasn’t it? First Variety confirmed that Joseph Gordon-Levitt joined the cast, then they reported that he was playing Alberto Falcone, and now Entertainment Weekly says he’s playing a completely different role. So who exactly is Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing? Batman on Film thinks they have the answer…

When news broke that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was playing Alberto Falcone, BOF posted the following:

I had heard JGL was definitely playing ONE of the following characters: Black Mask or Alberto Falcone. Honestly, I REALLY thought he was going to be Black Mask and I wasn’t too thrilled about it. I did figured [sic] one of these was a red herring and I’m glad the decoy was [Black Mask] and not Alberto. Really, I thought he was going to be Black Mask and I’m glad I was wrong!

Now this is where things get even crazier. Earlier today after Entertainment Weekly published their article, BOF edited their original post  — replacing all references of Black Mask with “Xxxxx Xxxx”. Did BOF make the change to protect their relationship with Warner Bros. in an attempt to not give away Gordon-Levitt’s character? Perhaps. But now the BOF article has been edited again…this time back to it’s original form with “Black Mask” intact. [Update 03/22/11: BOF has once again removed all mentions of Black Mask from their original article]

One things for sure… Variety and Entertainment Weekly, two reputable publications, received conflicting reports on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s role. With filming just about a month away, we’re likely to get some official information soon to clear up all these casting rumors. So which side are you on? Alberto Falcone, Black Mask, someone else? Let your opinion be heard in the comments.

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  • Charlie the Red

    I think Jett’s just an idiot.

  • He will play Deadshot or Sionis.
    One of both.

    • One-eyed Willie

      Deadshot was caught in one episode of Gotham Knight [prelude for TDK].

      • Yeah, but Gotham Knight doesn’t really count. As far as I know, it didn’t have any official input from Nolan, Goyer was involved in one segment. It’s loosely related, but not canon.

        • One-eyed Willie

          Of course it counts! And hell yeah, it’s official canon!! It was released on the promotional stuff!
          Well, always been crystal clear that those stories were part of Bruce Wayne’s strength development, trying stuff, etc, etc, between BB and TDK, which in Nolan’s cronology, starts 9 months after Begins.

          • Anonymous

            It’s kinda-sorta, though. Wikipedia says that “[t]he producers have acknowledged that it is not necessarily meant to be canon to the ‘Nolanverse,’ and indeed any of the six segments could easily fall into almost any Batman continuity”, although that statement is sourceless. However, a related story from Anime News Network states “[a]lthough the Gotham Knight shorts are compatible with storyline of the Batman Begins and The Dark Knight films that Christopher Nolan has been directing for Warner Brothers, they are also standalone stories.”

            To me that says “they might be canon, but they might not be.” Its ambiguous.

  • Alberto Falcone please. Throw in Black Mask with Bane, Catwoman and (possibly) Talia and there’s just going to be too many big characters in this one.

    • Bryanbreguet

      I agree. On top of that, having Facolne makes much more sense than another “big” vilain. We need a mobster. So I’ll stick with the rumour of Talia/Bane (in the LOS) versus Batman/Catwoman, and Falcone playing the usual third vailin/mobster.

      • One-eyed Willie

        I totally agree!

  • Morgan

    I don’t take too much stock in Entertainment Weekly’s reports lately. They swore that Michael Rosenbaum would not return to Smallville because he turned down the their requests & yet he has confirmed that he will be seen in the finale. I think the best thing to do is just wait & see what develops.

  • Alberto Falcone aka The Holiday Killer would be a far better way to go. I love Black Mask but story wise Falcone makes much more sense.

  • Americanthrift

    I think JGL will be an original character or such an amalgam of different traits from different characters in the comics that Nolan has conceived in order to fit his specific story. I also don’t think he’ll have any more screen time than Eric Roberts had in TDK, and is certainly not playing some over arching grand villain “tying it all together,” like some fanboys seem to be craving on the Internet. Bane is the main villain and threat to Batman with Selina/Catwoman as a femme fatale (potential foe but also potential ally at times) and Gotham PD out for Batman’s blood. That’ll be the movie in a very basic nutshell. Where JGL fits in I don’t know, but my guess is that it is a minor role as a mobster or a lawman of some kind.

  • TB

    Your welcome for the heads up.

    • What do you mean?

      • Anonymous

        Chris the telling point about this whole thing is on the day JGL was confirmed , Jett and i quote said as far as the character was , he was “past the think part ” that implys he knew a 100 % who the character was ! when in fact he DID NOT ,he was just a fan like the rest of us guessing ! and now he is claiming he knew it was between 2 characters ,is he ” past the think part ” on that info to ! The moral of the story is , if your a fan of Batman and dont want to be part of an egomainiacs B.S , visit Batman-news.com !

      • TB

        Just giving you a hard time. I said something about Jett changing the article on the FB page.

  • Guitardude006

    Batgirl, no question.

  • Ollyhayden23

    Alberto falcone would make more sense. Let’s not forget though that too many bad guys can spoil a film/franchise. Just ask sam riami and the spiderman 3 crew. Anyway black mask deserves to be brought to the big screen as a stand alone character. Not overshadowed by other villains like bane and catwoman.

    • RustyCage

      Well, it wasn’t the number of villains that messed things up there, it was bad writing and a lack of care for certain characters and elements.

      • Thejokersmiles13

        Don’t forget studio interferance as well, sam raimi never wanted venom in spiderman 3. On another note, Spiderman 3 in my opinion was bound to dissapoint I mean from 2002 to 2007, the spiderman franchise were the only movies sam did in that time span, he never took a break to do some personal projects or other movies. Granted 1 & 2 were outstanding but you have to wonder by the time spiderman 3 went into production that maybe he just was burnt out.

        • Agreed. I think that, when it’s come to Batman, WB’s learned to let Nolan do his thing. And after making them something like $2B with his last two movies, he’s probably got it written into his contract that they can only minimally interfere.

          • Thejokersmiles13

            I bet it’s not even written in his contract, I think they just know not to interfere at all. Forget about how much money he’s made think about the quality of movies he made with WB and not just Batman. I think he just has that great of relationship with them that they trust him.

  • Samuel

    alberto. they even look similar

  • Thejokersmiles13

    Black Mask would be the perfect heir to the Mob with Maroni dead and Falconi still in arkham (we assume so) I mean Alberto could very well fill that role but i think Black Mask would be such a force but we still don’t know marion collitard’s role nor has it been confirmed so there’s still questions regarding the characters but personally I want Black Mask, it would be just so gnarly to see JGL play a character like Black Mask.

  • Ramonrodruguez20

    Dick grason

    • BatmanFilm2012

      Last film in the trilogy were both main actor and director have said they wont do anymore films, course it will be… set it up to have batman and robin as a crime fighting duo… thou nolan and bale said they dont want Robin in it… too many villains, not one sidekick… have to wait and see… :D

  • anons

    more than likely itll be black mask since catwoman is in this one..in the comic she kills him so he might have a short appearance jus like 2 face..

  • doubleedge

    In unrelated news, Bill Ramey of Batman on Film has been hospitalized with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the foot.

  • Anonymous

    I vote for Black Mask. He can replace Maroni as the head of the Mob just as much as Alberto could. He could be a secondary villain, almost like Two Face in TDK. We don’t know Cotillard will be Talia, or even if she will for sure be in the movie. Plus, Black Mask is a much deeper character than Falcone for JGL and Nolan to delve into.

    • Anonymous

      Cool avatar pic !

      • Anonymous

        Thanks. Yours is actually the background of my computer right now. But that entire set of photos (of which yours is a part of) is so crazy awesome. The style to them are just amazing.

  • Collin V.

    Damn it I’m sick of this confusion. JUST SPILL IT NOLAN!

    • One-eyed Willie

      Nolan must clear this shit off ASAP!!! Speculation is driving people crazy!! Only him can bring the hammer down to this madness!

  • Anonymous

    Did BOF edit their original post to protect thier relationship with team Nolan ! WOOOSH ! There goes Jetts cameo ! LOL

  • Jsduncan1988

    he should be alberto. And hire bane. maybe put talia in it too….

  • One-eyed Willie

    Falcone would make so much more sense than another masked villain. Well, althou I like Sionis, I think the best choice for the mob heritage in TDKR is Alberto. Total full circle! Black Mask deserves to be a stand alone villain choice in another movie.

  • Jacy

    He should play Alberto. I mean why should the Black Mask appear? Makes no sense, I think.

  • Morley

    Oh!… c’mon… He will be The Joker!

  • dickert

    Want to know why Joseph Gordon as Black Mask works so well?

    He doesn’t resemble the villain at all. Nobody would ever think some some skinny business punk was a savage villain. It’s amazing how hiding your face can change who you are.

    If he’s Black Mask, I think he’ll really blow us away like Heath did.

  • FanOfNolan

    These people who keep saying he’ll be The Joker because he looks like Heath Ledger need to have their heads examined. Do you really think Nolan would do something so completely disrespectful to Ledger? And I think it’s a safe bet he won’t be playing Robin. Remember the speculation when Anthony Michael Hall was cast? People said he would be The Riddler. Others said he would be some rival billionaire who was jealous of Bruce. Turns out everyone got it wrong and he was a TV reporter. So it wouldn’t surprise me if JGL has a role other than Alberto Falcone or Black Mask.

  • Flo25

    What if he plays A.Falcone & Black Mask?

  • Jett

    “I think Jett’s just an idiot.”

    Guys, I do not have a problem if you say, “BOF sucks! I’ll get my Batman on film news somewhere else and I’ll post on such-and-such boards!”

    If that’s the case, just GO. My feelings will not be hurt, I promise. I’m #1 and will continue to be #1 — no matter what this site “looks” like, who I have as FOBOF, and who writes for this site.


    • Anonymous

      Is this *really* Jett? Because if it isn’t, it’s pretty ridiculous of someone to come on here and impersonate him.

  • Anonymous

    FYI – The BOF quote you posted has been redacted by Jett entirely. No reference to Black Mask in any way now.

    • Frank the Tank

      Why is this site so obsessed with what BOF says if THIS site is #1. I like coming here but jeez give it a rest on the bashing of other batman fans no matter who they are. Sites are allowed to change what they publish. I just don’t get the constant bashing. Who gives a rats ass. It’s like certain people on this site have to get their ‘Jett boner’ off everyday. Report the Bat news that you have and move along.

      • Anonymous

        The reason I even mentioned it was because Batman-News was linking to the post made over at BOF. It’s Jett’s right to edit what he publishes. The point was, the post HERE linking to THERE became errant; posting that the Black Mask references were gone was to let Chris know so that he could amend his post in case readers clicked over to BOF and found something completely different than what he referenced posted on the site.

        I don’t know how that constitutes bashing…

  • guest

    The Joker.

    • Deadshot0220

      I wish! Not gonna happen tho

  • Yodippiddy

    if they bring in black mask, they might change janus cosmetics to janus pharmaceuticals. maybe it’s sionis’ company that supplies bane with the venom drug. or possibly they will combine the alberto falcone character and black mask character together, like they did ducard and ras al ghul. just my 2 cents.

  • Bloodgun06

    I dunno,alberto seems to make more sense yet id love to see black mask in the movie, its a tough one

  • Simon

    As much of I’d like to see him as Alberto/Holiday Killer I think Black Mask isn’t a bad choice either. I mean, Sionis has some sort of relationship with Bruce and Batman. And at this point of the story, that could be very dangerous.
    So, I would love it if he’s Alberto, a real serial killer in the last Nolan/Batman film is just awesome and I’d rather see this connection with BB instead of Talia. But I think they can make something really cool/interesting of Roman Sionis also.

    By the way, wasn’t Black Mask supposed to be (one of) the villains in TDK before that was scrapped? I think both characters are serious contenders :).

  • Anonymous

    Where the fuck does everyone keep getting Deadshot from? Seriously Deadshot will NOT be in the movie…

    Anyway, both Alberto and Black Mask are fave characters of mine so either (or both) is cool with me…

  • Solidus

    We shall find out soon I’m sure, with so much conflicting points WB will want some of it straightened out.

  • I think he is playing Alberto Falcone aka Black Mask (not Holiday or the Holiday Killer), mashing both of them like what the did with Ra’s in BB.

  • Bat-tony

    I think it’d be really cool if JGL played Black Mask. After all, having three masked characters isn’t that bad considering this is the third and final movie… well just my two cents there…
    great site by the way :D

  • Kitkat_kitcat_kitkat

    Alberto falcone suits him best

  • Lostlonelylethal14

    Alright I’m probably off my a long shot, but I don’t care. Jgl will be the joker in a cameo. Just a cameo like the scarecrow did in tdk. And that chick Juno something will be the jokers lady. Quinn. Hugo will be robin Williams. Catwomen and bane obviously Anne and Hardy. And talia will be in it.
    That sounds outrageous but Nolan is very sly. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he chooses to go all out I’m this film.
    I mean think about it. Nolan is known for not letting out information. He wants a surprise. And as for two face he’ll probably be in a flash back.
    Some think with all those characters it wont work because of sm3. Screw sm. This is Nolan we’re talking about. He can do it. Even If he has to make the film a bit long. They are very talented actors. It wont get boring and Anne Hathaway and jgl were food friends with Heath So you know they are going to bring it, in his memory.

    • FanOfNolan

      Where’s the icon for slapping your head and rolling your eyes at the same time? Why do so many people keep bringing up the idea of the Joker returning? Do you really think Nolan would do something so disrespectful to Ledger? Do you really think he’d go to the trouble of recasting the role just for a cameo? Do you think he’d waste an actor like JGL on a cameo? Good grief.

      • Lostlonelylethal14

        Its not a waste. And its not disrespectful towards ledger. Heath did his thing and it was fucking epic. I’m just saying don’t rule out a joker cameo. Jgl would probably love to do it for Heath.

        • FanOfNolan

          Yes, it is disrespectful. The man died before he could see his work in the finished movie. He died before he could receive his Oscar for it. It’s impossible to watch TDK without thinking about the fact that the man who gave such a great performance isn’t alive anymore. Now you want Nolan to not only have another actor play that same role, but do it just for a cameo. What a waste. Seriously, if you’re going to recast a role, make the role important, not just something that pops up on the screen for 5 minutes.

  • Mhirst84

    The only reason your ruling out the joker is because Gary oldman said so , ever thought he was told to say that , as a joke Gordon wore full joker make-up on set of inception, want proof google it, also he was best friends with Heath , batman wasn’t even confirmed until he was on set of inception Mmmmmm joker and Harley Quinn me thinks

    • FanOfNolan

      Me thinks you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. There will be no recasting of Joker. Get over it.

      • Anonymous

        Youre right the Joker will not be in The Dark Knight Rises , but i think were all this cameo desire comes from is alot of fans felt after such an ICONIC performance the Jokers exit in The Dark Knight was a bit weak , so a cameo in The Dark Knight Rises maybe not even a cameo just a mention or reference to say he ended up in Arkham ,would be welcome .

        • Lostlonelylethal14

          Read my comment below. I too believe the joker will play a cameo. Like scarecrow in tdk. Jgl will do it.

        • FanOfNolan

          I had no problem with his exit. They didn’t kill him off the way Tim Burton did. So it lets the fans believe that what The Joker said in the end is true, that he and Batman are destined to be in each other’s lives forever. What’s the point in bringing him back for a cameo? With the Scarecrow it made perfect sense since we was still on the loose? Frankly, this desire to see a Joker cameo sounds like typical fanboy nonsense and I think it would be a complete waste to have JGL in your movie just to do a cameo appearance for a character that’s already been caught. What do you want? For him to escape Arkham only to be caught again? Even just a mention of him would have the effect of taking you out of the movie. As soon as you hear Joker, you think about Ledger and remember that he’s dead. Then your mind starts thinking about the third movie might’ve been had he lived. Nolan is smart enough not to let his audience get distracted like that.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not just Oldman that’s said so. Nolan has said so:


      There’s your authority on the subject.

      • Anonymous

        I ve stated for along time now , i know Nolan will not recast the Joker out of respect ( completely understandable ) but as a fan of the character can you tell me you were completley satisfied with his exit , and would you not want some kind of closuer in The Dark Knight Rises ?

        • Anonymous

          As far as I was concerned, he was taken into custody. I don’t need to see him in his cell. I know that’s where he is. His exit, in my mind, was perfect: yes, he was captured, but he didn’t lose. He turned Harvey. Batman and Gordon minimized the damage, but Dent was gone. Whether Gotham knows what he did or not, Batman and Gordon know.

          As for if I’d like to see the Joker in TDKR…I would have — if Ledger were in the role. But he’s not. Of course there will be another Joker another day; I know that, I’m 100% fine with that, and I look forward to that. But it’ll be different than Ledger’s Joker. It’s fun to watch the fan videos and tributes (like The Joker Blogs), but on film, I think Ledger’s Joker should stay Ledger’s.

          Admittedly, if anyone could pull it off, it would be Nolan. But I don’t think he will.

          In the end, we got a phenomenal, defining performance of the Joker that awed us, wowed us, and literally left us wanting more. If we only get the Joker in TDK and nothing (aside from a verbal mention, or something of that sort) in TDKR, I’m completely satisfied.

          • Anonymous

            Good point , well made , I can definetly see both sides of the case , i think you hit the nail on the head when you said ” Joker that awed us, wowed us and literally left us wanting more ” I can not shake that feeling of wanting just a bit more !

          • One-eyed Willie

            Dude, I feel the tears falling down my face… perfect! Brilliant! Agreed 200%

  • Joker’sGirl (Lucy)

    I hope JGL playes Alberto Falcone/Holiday Killer, that’s my first choice. 2nd maybe Richard Grayson, most likely doubtful. I know I’m pushing a bit but my 3rd choice is The Joker but for only one reason, because I want more info about The Joker’s past. Just wish Nolan would let us know who’s definetely playing who but, I trust in Nolan. <3 Joseph Gordon-Levitt <3

  • Mike

    Even if he is Black Mask, I still don’t think Nolan is over-doing it with villains because Black Mask could be a tiny tiny role, just like Zsasz from BB.

    People seem to forget that BB had Wayne, Rachel, Alfred, Fox, Gordon, Scarecrow, Ra’s, “Ducard,” Batman (obv), Earle, Flass and Falcone as major characters.

    TDK had Wayne, Rachel, Alfred, Fox, Gordon, Scarecrow (kinda), Batman, Harvey, Two-Face, Joker, and Maroni.

    I’m sure I’m missing a few characters too, but it just goes to show that just because Black Mask (or Alberto Falcone or Hugo Strange or whoever else) is in the movie along with Catwoman and Bane, doesn’t mean he’s overcrowding the movie. He’s done it before and it always works out. IN NOLAN WE TRUST!

  • Mhirst84


  • A long time ago there was talk that BM was considered to be a character in TDK. If that’s true then BM has been on Nolan’s team’s mind for their story. Whatever Nolan does I think it’ll be good. He’s earned every bit of my trust and respect. And I’m very excited that JGL will be in this movie whatever the role.

  • Mhirst84

    Does it matter who plays joker , I loved Heath but he followed a script, the things we loved most about him was nolans vision more than the acting , levitt could play joker or flashbacks of joker setting up the story unfolding in the third batman

    • Anonymous

      Not true.

      Obviously he had lines, and obviously they were Nolan’s words and not his own scriptwriting. But go and look at the script itself … then watch his performance again. Heath brought that role to life in a way that barely reflects the written character. A character is much more than his lines. Voice, mannerisms, walk, costume; these are all what make up a character, and Nolan was not behind all of these.

      Nolan actually met up with Heath before he even BEGAN writing the role. So Nolan went into the script already having heard Heath’s ideas for it. Heath designed the Joker’s make up himself out of white clown make-up and beauty products, and when they had approved it, they put it on a silicone and basically pressed it to his face everyday. The mannerisms and voice and laugh were developed during the six weeks he spent alone in a hotel room. And moments like the Joker sarcastically applauding Gordon from the cell when he’s appointed Commissioner … improv. Even more, the Joker’s home-made video scenes were directed by Heath himself. Nolan was present for the first one with the fake Batman, but loved what Heath was doing so much, and had so much faith in him, that he wasn’t even there when Heath filmed the one with the reporter reading the Joker’s statement upside down.

      NOW. You still think that, after all of this, the vision was mostly Nolan’s? If anything, it was mostly Heath’s. But it was a combination of the two, along with costume & makeup designers, as well as the actors around him.

      So no, as fantastic an actor as JGL is, and as brilliant a film maker as Nolan is, they would never come close to the same Joker Heath created. Not that they couldn’t create a NEW one, but it would be far from a re-creation of Heath’s work.

  • Mhirst84

    He will play superman

  • Anonymous

    btw, I think the new picture of JGL is awesome. The other one was great too, but a new post deserves a new epic picture.

  • Bazman05

    With just a month left before filming starts, there is still this secrecy going on. I don’t need to know the plot but just bleedin tell us which character is which as we already have Bane and JGL is almost definitely playing a villain, and then there’s Marian Cotillard playing ?????

    I hope there’s no more main villains being cast.

    • Zonecaseylevitt

      Haha with all these villains popping out how will our crusader battle them all?ah yes Gordon…probably he might get special pow pow…extra special

    • One-eyed Willie

      Good point! Maybe he’ll play a good guy… a policeman, detective, etc.

  • you can always make him appear just like Scarecrow in TDK :)

  • Anonymous

    And there is the otherwise lost post…

  • C138

    God, I can’t stand that Jett guy. He comes off as such a pretentious asshole.

    Anyways, that’s too bad if that Alberto Falcone rumor isn’t true. I can picture Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Albert Falcone more than Black Mask.

  • 1st time poster

    That is a good pic of him….now I can totally see him as Black Mask. All the other pics made him look perfect for Falcone. Where did you find this image?

  • Tanderson698

    He is so playing black mask it does tie into the first flim batman begins but really the only thing hard for that to be explained how it will work? Black mask is like batman
    but black mask went the other way around,with cat women and her side kick in tact should bane be black mask helper to kill batman? this is gunna be the best batman flim ever!!

  • Man Bat

    1st pick: Black Mask / Mobster amalgamation- Fearing for his life, the new leader of the remnants of the Mob acquires a simple black mask to hide his identity.

    2nd Pick: Crooked Cop/Black Mask amalgamation- A dirty cop bent on revenge/greed and convinced Batman killed fellow cops and Harvey Dent, he takes on a Black Mask and leads a small gang of crooked cops and/or mobsters who also wears masks. Alludes to Black Masks original comic appearance.

    3rd Pick: Gordon’s new partner.

    • Guest

      It’s obvious that it’s Black Mask guys. BATMAN-ON-FILM routinely gets information directly from WB and they messed up big time because they released the fact that it was BLACK MASK.

      Go search their site now – ZERO MENTION OF JGL ANYWHERE ON THE UPDATES PAGE!!

      They leaked it. It’s confirmed, and I think it’s incredible that Black Mask will make an appearance. Why Jett or whatever his nombre is on that site hates the idea of black mask is beyond my comprehension.

  • Frybergh

    he could be falcone, but be really bent on killing batman. So, he dons a black mask, and it ends up burning into his face. HAPPY GUYS?

  • Smiley

    This is a crazy idea but if the previous rumor regarding Bane actually breaking Batman’s back, maybe he will come in and play the role if just a bit while Wayne recovers.