Juno Temple joins ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ cast

Last week Variety reported that independent film star Juno Temple was up for a role in The Dark Knight Rises and today we have confirmation. According to Variety, Temple has landed the supporting role — which is being described as “a street-smart Gotham girl”. The Dark Knight Rises begins filming in about a month, and Juno Temple will join the rest of the cast later this summer.

SOURCE: Variety

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  • Guitardude006

    Gotta be Holly Robinson. Or maybe Sarah Essen. Fuck, I don’t know…

    • Hermione Ranger

      Guitardude006, nice to see you on here. lol

      • Guitardude006

        Nice to be on something, man…

        …That totally just came out wrong,..

        …God damn it! I did it again!

    • Glad to have more people joining in on the conversation :)

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      Just sign up and then choose “Disqus” on the left menu when clicking “post” on your comment.

      • Anonymous

        Speaking of the profile picture, I uploaded one and it worked for a little while, but it’s reverted back to the site standard. Do you know why that is?

        • Hmmm not really sure. I’d try uploading it again and see if that fixes it.

        • If you “linked” your account here, say from, twitter or facebook, the image is directly related to THAT father account. if you made a separate account, the image may have not taken or saved, it happened to me a couple of times, which is why i just linked up with my twitter, it was easier!

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    • One-eyed Willie

      Too young for Sarah Essen! Might be Holly.

  • Bilbo

    Definitely Holly.

  • Jphunter26

    It had better not be Barbara Gordon / Batgirl!!!

    • One-eyed Willie

      Dude, Barbara is just a child at the period of TDKR!

  • Brendangeary88

    Its obviously Holly… there is no other person.

  • Caped.Crusader

    One thing is sure.. This is EPIC cast!!!

  • TLBorlando

    lol street-smart? Vicki Vale or Holly Robinson anyone?

    • One-eyed Willie

      Too young to be Vicki, man! Vicki made out with Wayne, this girl have about a 20 years old, c’mon!

  • Anonymous

    I hope its Holly.

  • Drew


  • Anonymous

    I agree with the other posts, it has to be Holly Robinson.

  • Who’s Juno Temple?

  • Batmanfan

    i still cant belive in a little over a month Dark knight rises will be filming!

  • It has to be Holly Robinson… after reading the character role, that is exactly what it has to be! “a street-smart Gotham girl”

  • Thejokersmiles13

    How awesome and gnarly this cast is going to be and they still haven’t even announced marion cotillard’s confirmation yet.

  • Anonymous

    Has to be Holly Robinson, would be very suprised if it wasn’t…

    Just as an aside, Juno Temple is hot! I’ve had a crush on her for a while actually, not gonna lie…

    • One-eyed Willie

      Agreed! The same about JGL not being Alberto… I’ll be surprised if not!

  • lee

    finally… Nolan gets a REAL hottie in his cast! now if we can just get marion cotillard confirmed…

    • Caustic

      So are you saying Katie Holmes, Maggie G, Anne Hathaway and the rest are not up to your standards?

      Unless you’re some kinda supermodel, sorry if I don’t take your comment seriously…

      • Antrozous

        Well, we all have different tastes in this life, women included right?

        I personally find Maggie Gyllenhaal unatractive and Katie Holmes though prettier than Maggie was far from being sexy. I honestly have the same fear about Anne Hathaway, she´s pretty but I cannot find her hot enough for the role of Catwoman, I´m expecting to be truly surprised by her this time around.

        • Anonymous

          You know, I think all of those girls are attractive in their own right.
          Sure, everyone has different tastes, but what I despise is the arrogance of some people over the saftey of the internet who make quite stupid remarks about women who are most likely way out of their league.
          There is a way to voice your opinion without sounding like a douche is what I’m saying.

          • Anonymous

            A-freakin’-greed. Katie Holmes never really “did it” for me, but I’d not say she’s unattractive; I can completely understand that others would find her attractive.

            But it’s not just tastes in women than brings out arrogance online, unfortunately. Some of the “discussion” regarding JGL and Marion’s (potential) characters have been ridiculous, as well.

        • Markevans

           I disagree that Ann Hathaway wont make A good catwoman. Have you cheked out here body? She smokin hot. I look foward to seeing her in tight black leather.

  • One-eyed Willie

    Bet my balls on a damn auction if she’s not HOLLY ROBINSON!

  • Lawrencej6389

    it better be Vicki Vale, and not Holly Robinson. Adding Holly Robinson would be completely pointless. Who cares about Catwoman’s sidekick? This movie is supposed to be about Batman rising, not Catwoman. It would take more of the focus off of Batman, and put it on Catwoman which is completely unneeded. anyone else agree with me?

    • Chris Au

      As you have no idea what the story is about you can’t logically claim that Holly Robinson would be pointless.

      Temple is way to young to play the lame Lois Lane rip-off Vicky Vale.

      Since when is Holly a ‘sidekick’? She is a girl that Selina knows and protects. She doesn’t put on a costume and hang out with Catwoman.

      Do you think Selina is just going to suddenly appear in costume without seeing anything of her life and situation. We will see something of Selina’s life and in that life there will be people that she talks to. One of those people could very well be Holly, or a Holly equivalent.


        Uh buddy she does wear a costume she becomes catwoman for a little while :P

    • One-eyed Willie

      Think again, man: she’s too young to be Vicki… VV made out with Wayne and this girl have about a 20 years old or less.

  • Unless I missed something, Holly Robinson was never Selina’s sidekick. She “worked” with Selina on the streets and Selina wanted to keep her safe. Once Selina actually became Catwoman I don’t remember seeing much about Holly.

    I wonder if Holly might get killed, causing Selina to take vengeance and thus be a foil to Bruce Wayne/Batman.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, she was a big player in the most recent Catwoman series that run for nearly 80 or so issues. She actually took over the role of Catwoman when Selina got pregnant. I think she also appeared in Countdown to Infinite Crisis.

      Originaly though, she had been killed in Action Comics Weekly back in the 80’s but that was ignored in later comics.

  • Gott
  • FanOfNolan

    Pretty funny how a movie about an American icon made primarily for American audiences is dominated by non-Americans. Not that I have a problem with that. Personally, I don’t have a high opinion of American actors. I think most are too hung up on being famous and don’t give a damn about the craft of acting. This Batman series is obviously made by people who not only care about the source material, but actually care about telling a good story. So if they have to round up English and Australian actors to play Americans, that’s fine by me. I get annoyed with these people who take issue with Batman and now Superman being played by Brits. I know nothing about Juno Temple, but if the goal was to find a young actress who could give a good performance, I have more confidence in an English actress than what we have here. Seriously, I don’t want Megan Fox or someone from Gossip Girl and that’s all we seem to have in America in that age group. Now they just need to hurry up and sign Marion Cotillard.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah ! It does seem like we Brits are the toast of comicbook movies at the minute ! Bale and team Nolan, Superman a Brit also Spiderman and Kick ass a British production , and Branagh directing Thor ! Dont worry you still have the American Chris Nolan – Michael Bay ,LOL ,

      • Anonymous

        That last bit is just low… ;)

      • FanOfNolan

        Oh yeah. We also have directors like Brett Ratner and actors like Tom Cruise. Ugh.

  • Simon

    Holly Robinson would be logical. And a great supporting role!

  • FanOfNolan

    For a good laugh, check out Comic Book Movie, the site that has a tendency to get almost everything it posts wrong and then has to pull articles. They’re now claiming that Juno Temple is playing Robin. Seriously, why post something you know will be proven false? Do you expect people to continue believing your BS when you’ve shown a track record of getting it wrong?

  • JokersGirlLucy

    Most likely Holly Robinson, but I wonder who JGL is playing as well?? <3 Joseph Gordon-Levitt <3

  • Waa_shh

    anyone thinking ivy?

  • Lawrencej6389

    i see your point, i think Holly Robinson is a good character, just in a movie about Catwoman. This movie is supposed to revolve around Batman rising up. In my opinion, Catwoman should have a minor role in this movie. We dont need a whole background of how Selina Kyle became Catwoman in this movie, which is why i think there isnt much of a point to adding Holly Robinson. In Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, there wasnt really anything on the past of Scarecrow or the Joker, so why would there need to be a whole background on Selina Kyle?

  • Matthew Wayne Dickens

    Juno will be Carrie Kelly from The Dark Knight Returns. Count on it. Nolan is pulling elements from several major storylines in the Batman library. Frank Miller’s TDKR was always one of his inspirations to do the movies in the first place.

  • Tebo

    “Street smart Gotham girl” seems more like the character Holly Robinson, the close friend of Selina Kyle/Catwoman in the comicbook who was a fomer prostitute turned ally who, for a time, had her moment as Catwoman when Selina was pregnant after Infinite Crisis.

    She’s character that actually simplifies the story structure rather than complicating it. Holly is nothing more than “a street smart Gotham girl”, and exists mainly to allow Selina the opportunity for unguarded dialogue about her exploits, ambitions and intentions, much like Alfred’s role with Bruce.
    I will be quite surprised if it’s not the role.


  • super-guest

    I think this will be the introduction of Robin into the Nolan batman films.

  • Ronymccabe

    anyone think juno temple could be playing carrie kelley maybe from frank millers dark knight returns?? dont call me crazy no one suggested just thought i’d put it out there?

  • Guest

    I actually think that maybe Juno will play Talia Al Ghul because on the The Dark Knight Rises IMDB page, Joey King, who plays the young Talia Al Ghul, and Juno Temple look exactly alike (They both have blone hair and blue eyes.) Where as Marion Coltillard whp play Miranda Tate and is rumored to play Talia Al Ghul looks nothing like Joey King. (Not unless when she gets older she dye’s her hair got contacts, and a tan.) Also that it’s planing obvious that Talia Al Ghul is going to be Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter by the age difference of Joey King and Josh Pence who is playing young Ra’s Al Ghul. So that’s just my two cents.

  • Xpress560

    i have heard she shows up at the end or after credits and breaks the joker out. So that could make her Harley

  • Red-Robin in Review – http://www.comicbookandmoviereviews.com/2011/07/red-robin-24.html

  • Drummer160

    I think it is Vicky Vale

  • Lilchicaaleya

    I thought she was possibly gonna be Harley Quinn for a sec…. o_o
    I heard she (Harley) was in this movie but not actually AS “Harley Quinn”, but just as “the Joker’s gf”
    is that true? any1 know?… >_>