Gary Oldman on Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ secrecy, Tom Hardy

Gary Oldman was interviewed at the 2011 Empire Awards. Absolute Radio asked Oldman how Christopher Nolan is so good at keeping The Dark Knight Rises details secret. Oldman responded that there are many keys and locked doors in the production office. Actors are required to read the script in the office, and Nolan verbally tells them the ending. It’s not written down to avoid any leaks. Oldman also revealed that he has “quite a bit to do” with Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises. Check out the video interview and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    So maybe it’s safe to assume that “leak” a few weeks back was fan-made?

    • Thejokersmiles13

      I believe so and come on…how many story rumors or casting rumors that really looked and seemed legit turned out to be nothing more than gossip or hearsay? You know though The Dark Knight Rises has reached a level where every rumor carries some weight behind it even went it turns out not true.

  • Karl Hudson

    On Bane “I have a lot to do with…. um…. you know… the character” Sounds like he nearly said something he shouldn’t!

    • Are you thinking what I’am thinking…:( ??

      By the way…i’m new here :)

  • Anonymous

    Hey does anyone else feel like me , i am thinking about doing a complete media blackout on TDKR , just hear me out ! When i went into TDK i had consumed so much of that movie going in it definetly impacted on the experince ! This is Nolans last film , and i realy want to try and not know anything , or see anything going in , imagine sitting in the theater and seeing everything for the first time , Just seeing that smirk on Oldmans face is telling me the script is something speacial , shooting starts soon and i am realy thinking i dont want to know or see a thing !

    • I AGREE WITH SOME OF THAT, when you read and look too much into the film it ruins the first time experience, but i am gonna choice to not look at the info when it gets real close!

    • Anonymous

      Will you be doing something like a “SPOILER ALERT” at the beginning of a post, so that we CAN refrain from ruining the movie for ourselves before we watch it??

      • Anonymous

        Chris has already done that.

        • Anonymous

          Good to know. It’ll be good to choose what we want and don’t want to see.

      • I’ll never put a spoiler in a headline, and major spoilers will be excluded from completely. For an example of how I’ll treat “minor spoilers” check out this post:

        • Anonymous

          Thanks. It’s awesome that you do that. I know a lot of sites that just post everything they can find.

        • Anonymous

          When official images are released will you be using them on headlines and as imagery on the home page , thanks.

          • Yes, especially if it’s an official image from Warner Bros.

    • Antrozous

      Good luck on your hibernation!

      The amazing thing is I saw every every tidbit of information about Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and it didn´r ruined it by an inch for me. I agree that seeing a movie for the first time without knowing the plot is the best possible scenario, the problem is part of the fun with the internet is to keep up with the production., I mean, who will wait for the trailer to see the batcave or the new Batmobile? I know I won´t, I know I can´t… ;)

      • Anonymous

        LOL , I literaly would have to hibernate to avoid everything ! i am weak and will break when the first still then the teaser then the trailer comes out , but there is apart of me that would love to not know anything going in , thinking about it though my favourite Bat moment of all time was seeing the bootleg trailer for TDK , we will see how strong i am, LOL , Dam you Nolan and your EPIC movies !

  • Ricks_r6

    damn that Nolan and his secrecy. Cant wait for the trailer though!

  • Julian Davila

    Gary Oldman having “quite a bit to do” with Tom Hardy in TDKR can only mean one thing.
    Bane will be used by the Gotham Police to hunt down the Batman.
    It’s gonna be amazing! :D

    • Antrozous

      That would be unexpected but everything is possible with Nolan on the wheel!

    • One-eyed Willie


  • “he has “quite a bit to do” with Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises”

    I WONDER???

  • I know this is kinda off-topic, but Bane is going to use facepaint, not a mask. I’m sure of it.

    • Anonymous

      What makes you say that? Scarecrow used a mask in this continuity. Why wouldn’t Bane?

  • Thejokersmiles13

    The anticipation of this film is killing me, do Nolan and Co. know how to keep us guessing with these little teasers or what? Exciting!!:-)

  • Mustar

    i really hope nolan makes a epic 3rd batman movie! it is possiable look how the 3rd lord of the rings was the best out of the 3 and 1 and 2 were awesome as well.. hope the movie makers go back to watch batman begins the dark knight and how them movies were made, and follow them up

  • Simon

    I can’t wait for the next official announcement!!!
    Really great to that the ending of the film ain’t in the script :D
    That’s how you do it.

  • Anonymous

    Lol, Oldman is gonna get assasinated by WB if he carries on like this. He almost slipped up. Anyway, glad to hear the script is good, of course they always say that but it sounds genuine…

  • JokersGirlLucy

    They haven’t started filming it yet and it’s already getting exciting. I CAN’T WAIT!! Nolan’s movies are amazing!

  • DanWhite24

    hey batman news faithfuls. please give my Inception spoof a look

  • storm

    i think the most important quote from this interview is not actually “quite a bit to do” but that Nolan “sort of brings back…around.” That raises quite a few questions in my mind.