Stan Lee wants cameo in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

News has been slow, so here’s a fun video for a Sunday afternoon. Marvel’s Stan Lee is the man who created Spider-Man, Iron Man, the X-Men, and the Hulk… to name a few. Lee has had small cameo roles in all of his superhero’s films, and it seems like he wants to cross-over to the DC universe next. While speaking to The LA Times this weekend at the Kids’ Choice Awards, Lee joked “I wonder why DC Comics doesn’t have me do a cameo in Batman? Just think how people would come to see that. They wouldn’t believe it”. Stan Lee has cameos in the upcoming Thor and Captain America movies, can’t blame him for wanting to be a part of The Dark Knight Rises too!

SOURCE: Hero Complex

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  • Brendangeary88

    This guy actually thinks people give a crap about his appearances in marvel movies… How clueless and self absorbed is this guy? Keep this dude out of The Dark Knight Rises! He can stick with the trash that is Marvel.

    • Brulinskirafl

      You don’t get it, do you? He is a LEGEND. And he deserve some respect. I would love to see him in the movie.

    • Disrespectful Jackass.

  • This man is fucking legend. Respect.

  • Eddy

    I wouldn’t doubt he would want a cameo in TDKR, “The Dark Knight” is single handedly better than every Marvel movie ever released. Oh and this will NEVER happen.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta love Stan Lee. I personally don’t blame him for wanting to be in TDKR. I do too!

  • I don’t blame him for wanting to be a part of it, but he got to be joking. I mean, if he’s serious.. Wow, what an ego.

  • Mchops

    Nolan isn’t the type to just put someone in a movie because they want to but I like Stan.

  • batman fan

    Wow, call off the dogs guys, Lee was joking around.

  • Anonymous

    DUDE! IT’S STAN LEE! Everyone’s gotta stop hating. Wanting to be in TDKR doesn’t make him self-absorbed, it makes him just like eeeeeeeevery other comic book fan out there. And he was joking! Seriously people. Take a chill pill. The man is the creator of half of the most epic comic heroes out there. As Rogerio Martins so bluntly put it, “This man is fucking legend. Respect.”

  • Anonymous

    Go easy on Stan, guys. He’s well aware of the irony of the Marvel creator appearing in DC’s flagship.

  • jacobJherald

    yup me too since bob cane is dead lets put him in a role

  • jacobJherald

    How about frank miller in a role

  • Julian

    Maybe he will play Hugo Strange!

  • No matter how much of a legend people he is, the reason why Nolan’s Batman movies don’t suck is because Christopher wants quality. Having some guy in your movie as a cameo for their own pleasure without any point is absurt. Stan is a creator, not an actor.
    And yes, I know he was joking.

  • Anonymous

    Stan Lee = Comic book Legend , and always spoke highly of the GREAT Bob Kane , maybe Alfred after Caine lol , EXCELSIOR .

  • Anonymous

    Apparantly Jett , ” is past , the think part ” on Lee s cameo role , OH WAIT !

  • Bazman05

    It’s understandable. Batman is better than anything Marvel have come up with but I would have no problem with him doing a cameo in TDKR.

  • Anonymous

    “Stan Lee’s still here?”
    “Stan Lee never left.”

  • Stan is insane!

  • Natraylock

    Perhaps his toupee could make a cameo as a hairball Catwoman coughs up.

  • Holy shit… He already ruined Batman in ‘Stan lee’s JUST IMAGINE’…

  • Antrozous

    Why so serious?

    The man was obviously joking around. Although I have a strong feeling that he would have liked to come up with Batman back in the days…

  • Anonymous

    This just goes to show you that nolan is an efin genius