Marion Cotillard confirms ‘summer project’, is it ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Marion Cotillard. Back in February, Cotillard’s rep confirmed that the actress was “in talks” for a part in The Dark Knight Rises. Cotillard is due to give birth to her first child within the next few weeks, and she was trying to see if The Dark Knight Rises would fit her schedule. The Independent interviewed Cotillard recently and got her to confirm that she does have an upcoming project this summer. Cotillard wouldn’t say specifically what it was, but did say “I have a project for the summer. Different thing that I don’t wanna talk about…”. Seems like Christopher Nolan’s secrecy at its finest. Do you think Marion Cotillard’s “summer project” is The Dark Knight Rises? Let me know in the comments!

SOURCE: The Independent

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  • Thejokersmiles13

    O I truly hope so and please now let a confirmation come soon…like this week lol.

  • Bat-tony

    I like the idea of her being part of TDKR though I’m not sure if I want to see too many villains… But I have to admit that having Cotillard play Tali al Ghul is a perfect choice since Henry Ducard is a frechman, and she is frech too… mm that seems kinda suspicious…

  • Anonymous

    I think it would be great if she joined the already stellar cast of TDKR. But something about the way that statement is worded … “I have a project for the summer. Different thing that I don’t wanna talk about…” To me, that sounds like a statement against TDKR. I mean, if she was already in talks for a role, what’s so “different” about her upcoming project?? Again, I’d be super excited if she does re-team with Nolan, but I’m not expecting anything for the moment.

    • FanOfNolan

      Actors generally have no trouble dispelling rumors. If people think they’re working on a project and they’re not, they’ll be the first to say so. It’s when they are working on something, but not allowed to talk about it that they become coy. Just look at how Anne Hathaway tried to dodge the question of whether she’s playing Catwoman. If she had not been in the running, I’m sure she would’ve just said so. The fact that she couldn’t was a dead giveaway. I think the same is true here. If Cotillard weren’t going to be in Batman, I think she would say “I’m not in Batman.” Actors love publicity, but not the kind that will lead to disappointment. It doesn’t help them to by hyped for a project, only to have that turn out false.

  • Goatmilkxxx


  • I hope she is in TDKR!

  • pocky~stixs

    She is so pretty(yea I know I am a little off subject but she is)I hope she is in it though I would be happy:)

  • Louise

    I am pretty sure that she is talking of her baby…

  • FanOfNolan

    I think if it were something other than Batman, she would say “it’s not Batman.” But this is good news. I really hope she’s playing Talia and not just a love interest for Bruce. She’s a terrific actress and did a wonderful job in Inception. After seeing that movie, my first thought was that she would make a great villain in a Bond movie. But a Batman villain would be even better. I’ve lost count of how many Oscar winners are in this cast. Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and now Marion Cotillard. I wonder if Batman will carry his Oscar on his utility belt.

    • Antrozous

      On his ultility belt? Hell no, that oscar statue will be the batmobile´s hood ornament! :D

  • Anonymous

    Fully excpect it to happen , she just can not say until she has officialy signed , I hope she is Talia .

  • JimmyFraska

    I really hope this is true, but if not I won’t be dissapointed.

    Hey, I’ve been a fan of your site since its inception, coming from NF(I’m sure you’ve seen me there). How do I

    • JimmyFraska

      officially join this place, or whatever? Where I can have an avatar and not have to enter my email every time I want to leave a comment under my name?

    • Hey Jimmy!

      When you type your comment and click “Post as…” select Disqus on the left side and then click the link at the bottom to create a new account. Or, you can login with your Facebook, Twitter or Gmail account and it’ll pull in your picture from any of those services.

      Best of all, uses the Disqus commenting system too. So you’ll automatically be logged in if you want to comment on one of their posts.

  • One-eyed Willie

    I bet she’ll play the “love interest” role… don’t buy the shit that says she’ll be Banes lover! Talia would be perfect…I think the cast “design” is coming clear for TDKR.

  • Antrozous

    Come on Miss Talia, we´re waiting for you…

  • Ingrid

    I still dream that she would have been Catwoman. ;_; If she’s in the movie, then that’s awesome. But frankly, I remain adamantly against Talia. Let Ra’s story end with Batman Begins, I can’t think of any female character off the top of my head, but I hope she plays someone awesome. (LOL Red Claw).

  • Dlh_92

    the “summer project” its being a mom!

    • I don’t think she’d be so secretive about that though. It’d be hard to hide the fact that she’s pregnant (plus she already officially announced it to the press).

    • Anonymous

      She’ll be huge for the film… you know… big milky boobs… sexiest than ever! Yeah I know, thats me, I’m a bastard…

      • I’d guess Nolan has finished writing the draft, and that it includes a much bigger role for Cotillard than either of them originally identified. In some news reports, she has been referred to as “the star of BATMAN.” But she doesn’t accept roles which don’t move her “heart and blood,” so whatever it is, she’ll knock our lights out playing it.

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  • sissi