Morgan Freeman briefly talks ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Morgan Freeman lends his famous narrative voice to the new 3D IMAX film, Born to Be Wild. caught up with Freeman for an interview, and naturally The Dark Knight Rises came up. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

CS: What are you most excited about for “The Dark Knight Rises,” for you and the film?

Freeman: The most exciting thing about it is watching the openings, I’m telling you. Doing it, it’s fun to work with Chris Nolan. He’s really a terrific writer, a terrific director. One of those highlights of your career.

CS: Is there interesting stuff planned for you as Lucius Fox in the film?

Freeman: Oh, yeah – really good stuff!

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about The Dark Knight Rises’ opening scene. Back in January, cinematographer Wally Pfister was raving over the opening sequence, calling it “very impressive”. What could Christopher Nolan have planned to top The Dark Knight’s awesome bank heist? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Update: A commenter points out that “openings” is an industry term for the first weekend at the box office. Freeman was probably not commenting on the opening scene of The Dark Knight Rises like Wally Pfister did. Sorry for the confusion.


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  • guitardude006

    So will Lucius be a part of the opening scene? Or is MF talking about just seeing that part of the script come to life?

    I don’t even want to speculate what the opening could bebecause whatever I come up with won’t even begin to touch what Nolan has cooked up for us. The excitement is building…

  • Rikucoldheart

    I hope the Black Mask tries to KILL Morgan Freeman’s character. As part of a vendetta against Wanye’s company.

  • Wally Pfister has said that the script for this movie surpasses The Dark Knight’s. Can’t wait to see the beginning of this trilogy

    • F9

      The beginning of the trilogy was Batman Begins.

      • Antrozous

        Maybe Sean hasn´t seen it yet hahaaha

  • Anonymous

    Yeah ! Lucius Fox ,could be in real danger in TDKR , someones gotta go and it wont be Bruce or Alfred or Gordan , Hope it doesnt happen , before he has built the new suit , veichle and pimped out the new Bat cave .

  • Anonymous

    New batsuit, new batmobile, new techs???? Oh, man… I can not wait! Goddamn all those secrets…

  • jojomama

    the opening scene is gonna probably include catman!!!!

  • Slapnutz

    ‘Openings’ is an industry term for first weekend at the box office. He’s saying the most exciting part is seeing how successful it is.

    • You’re probably right! I’ll update the post.

    • Ahegele

      i came in here to say the same thing. it seems like the kind of thing Freeman would say, haha. i’m sure the opening scene will be as good as Wally’s claims though.

  • I am sitting here watching Batman Begins and I Strongly think that the reference the next will will go back to the beginning and come full circle might have something to do with the completion of the Bat Cave

  • bman


  • smartsean

    openings is plural therefore it is referring to the box office.  The end.