Daniel Sunjata joins ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ cast? [Update]

Left to right: Daniel Sunjata, Diego Klattenhoff, & Burn Gorman

The Tracking Board is reporting that TV actor Daniel Sunjata has joined the cast of The Dark Knight Rises. The report was light on the details — only stating that Sunjata is “rumored to play an important character to the story.” Let the speculation begin!

Update: Variety reports that Daniel Sunjata is in talks to play a special forces operative. Additionally, Diego Klattenhoff has been offered the part of a rookie cop and Burn Gorman is also being eyed for a supporting role. Looks like these guys will be hunting Batman down in The Dark Knight Rises!

SOURCE: The Tracking Board [via /Film], Variety

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  • Julian

    Looks like he could be on the GCPD.

  • guitardude006

    GCPD cop leading the manhunt against Batman or young Lucius Fox in the Ra’s flashbacks. Those are my guesses.

  • Brendangeary88

    Or Banes father in one of the flashbacks. Could tie into the League of Shadows.

    • Antrozous

      You guys make me laugh, so now everybody get´s a flashback? Hahahaha

  • I’m not familiar with The Tracking Board so that’s why this is labeled as a rumor right now. /Film is a great movie blog, so if they feel confident enough to post it, I will too. If this does turn out to be true, I think the obvious choice would be a cop. Maybe he’ll be leading the hunt for Batman!

    • Anonymous

      Chris , just read on comic book movie , the Hugo Srange rumour has kicked off again ! any info ?

      • I haven’t heard anything new. Seems like they’re just referring to old rumors.

        • I think the only reason why Hugo rumor kicked up is because if you recall the video game clip released for Batman Arkham City with Hugo and the Spec Ops hunting Batman on the roof tops is very Similar to this post..

          • Yeah it’s definitely possible, I just think the cast is getting a little too crowded at this point for someone like Hugo Strange.

  • sdlane

    I love him on Rescue Me!

    • Antrozous

      Great show!

  • Brandon

    i’m glad the joker’s not in it, ’cause heath ledger’s dead.
    how many villains are there?

    • Anonymous

      Not that much… let’s see: Bane, Talia [not confirmed], Alberto/B.Mask [not confirmed], Catwoman [not so villainous], maybe some mob bosses.
      Well, in Begins we had Ducard, Ras (Watanabe), Scarecrow, Zsasz, Falcone, Chill, Earl, Flass. In TDK we had Joker, Maroni, Chechen, Scarecrow, Two-face, Lau, some bad cops…

  • Jay


  • Fernando Busch

    He could be Hush =}

  • batbubbles

    the devil wears prada invades TDKR … who’s next? Meryl Streep

    • Robin

      God no, so overrated

  • Anonymous

    Relax everyone… he’s just playing a cop.

    I’m willing to bet most of the casting news we hear form now on will be for small roles and bit characters, I wouldn’t expect too much in the way of big character anouncements.

    • Antrozous

      Right, apart for one female role these guys will land small roles, probably cops from the unit detached to hunt Batman down so stop the villain especulation please…

  • Anonymous

    Gotham PD! Maybe Maxwell Cort is on the way too… one thing leads to another, so… Hugo anyone?

  • Excited to see what he brings to the story, and giving this new details this kinda reminds of the video for the new Batman Video game that comes out at the end of this year, where the Spec Ops Police is trying to hunt out Batman on the roof tops.
    Seeing how all these characters are gonna be mixed together, am think we will see the storyline have the Cat-woman being bad (thief), Batman being chased while doing research into Gothems secrets, which leads to finding Ra’s Daughter / maybe a love, Then One Big Evil coming into light Mobsters / “Bane” taking control of Gothem, causing batman to come out of hiding, forcing him joining forces in-order to over come the Baddies. Daniel will be a great Spec Ops Police officer hunting the bat.
    vague but a that’s what I think. well see

    SIDE NOTE: Daniel was really funny In Rescue Me.
    He also played the DNA specialist in SVU back in Season 1. He is a decent actor, i would love to see how he plays this out.
    Being a fire fighter I thought the tv was a decent drama show but nothing to do with fire fighting. lol

  • What if Bane is a part of the Gotham Police and becomes so obsessed with taking down Batman that he enhances his body to become stronger?

    • wooo, that would be a huge twist.
      i guess it all depends on what Nolan choices to use as Banes History.
      orignaly Bane was in mad child of the prison world raised in prison grew up on crime. So he wouldnt have been a cop more like a mobster, But if Nolan changed Banes history ! OH MY BRAIN STORM
      ok SO: Bane find his way in Police, He is tasked with hunting batman, he continues to fail and lose, so he bulks up and becomes bigger and stronger, sooner or later realizes the Gangs of Gothem want batman gone just as bad, and Bane secretly teams up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (if he plays Falconer or Black Mask) while all in the mean time Daniel hunts the bat AND Catwoman for being her bad self!!!

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, this fits to that “leaked” plot… League of Shadows plan to replace Batman for Bane. Epic!!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah , i had kind of just decided in my own mind that Bane would be linked to Talia and the league of shadows , but you make a great point , just add Hardys image to those 3 other actors there all kind of the same, physique wise , An elite squad trained to take down the Batman , but one member takes it to far ,enter BANE !

    • Anonymous

      This is the COOLEST rumour I’ve heard yet! I think that would be an AMAZING change to Bane’s back story!

  • Anonymous

    I still think Hugo Strange will appear… still room for him! Remember, Crane is locked down. Bane could work infiltrated in GCPD, doing the job of Max Cort in the comics and being used by HS [that works for League of Sadows / Talia, course] like a guinea pig [with the venom drug!]. Maybe JGL is MARIO Falcone and not Alberto.

    • Anonymous

      I agree , i think it is all starting to fall in to place in my mind ( thanks to chris s Bane prediction ) It was rumoured for a long time TDKR would be based on PREY , that went away , but now if you think about it, Hugo Strange is heading an elite task force to bring down The Batman , The brilliantly clever Strange sees one member of the task force shows great rage and strength and instability wich , he could use to his advantage if he gave him a helping hand ( VENOM ) basicly replace Max Cort / Night Scourge with the member of the task forces name / Bane .

      • Anonymous

        Totally agree! Would be perfect.

  • Anonymous

    I was checking up on movie news on Collider, and in THEIR article about this same casting info, they said that “Marion Cotillard was previously ‘in discussions’ for a role in the film, but the report claims she’s now officially part of the cast.”
    Any truth to that?? Collider is a legit site that I use for virtually ALL of my movie info. But you never posted anything about Cotillard in this press release here.
    Here’s the link to the article:

    • Variety mentioned her as being part of the cast in their article today (but they mistakenly left Tom Hardy off the list, originally). No single report from any publication has ever confirmed that she has the role. The last we heard she was “in talks”. That said, I think it’s very likely she’ll be in it, hopefully as Talia.

      I expect Warner Bros. to release another press release soon before they start filming in May. When set photos start to show up online we’ll know exactly who is in TDKR and get a good idea of who they’re playing.

  • Anonymous

    he’s probably GCPD’s Detective Crispus Allen.

  • Anonymous

    Hi guys, first message here even if I’ve been reading for a while now. The idea of Bane originally being a cop may be fun to contemplate, but I really doubt Nolan would twist the character in such a way. In my opinion, there is great cinematographic value in the prison history of Bane.

    One of the possible opening scenes could be Bane’s prison break. Showing how cunning and strong he is would raise the stakes for Batman at the very beginning of the movie.

    • Anonymous

      Welcome aboard , I think the reason , i excpect to see a new Bane origion , is based on the original press release from Nolan confirming Hardy as Bane , were it mentions a new interpritation of the character , but you are right showing Bane growing up in a prision , learnig skills and training his body for a prision break would be cool .

      • Anonymous

        I understand what you mean EBostocl. I tought that this new interpretation stuff was mainly there to reassure fans traumatized by the Schumacher’s version of Bane, but I can be wrong for sure. Whatever, a character in a new movie is always a kind of reinterpretation of a concept. I’m eager to see how far they will go.

        To come back to the new Daniel Sunjata could actually be Bane’s father too as already said! There’s a good chance that we will get at least a glimpse of this father, even if brief. This being said, a cop part is more likely.

        • Anonymous

          TRAUMATIZED ! I am still in theropy because of Schumacher ! lol !

          • agreed, ruined a perfect thing with those horrid films

  • A Lot of good speculation on the topic, i like how this is going, I hope one of us is right, and if we are all wrong I hope Nolan BLOWS us away with his ideas!

  • He looks like he could be ‘FRANK BOLES’

  • Duke

    burn gorman for hugo strange

  • Sammy Doja

    Christopher Nolan is a genius but he’s only as good as the people around him remember that.That’s why he is a genius he knows and love’s his craft. Peace to all