Major action scene in Pittsburgh for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’? [Update]

Update 4/16/11: The Pittsburgh Film Office says there is no truth to this rumor.

A recent report from hints at a major action scene that may take place in Pittsburgh. Continue reading to find out more, if you choose…



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  • Julian Davila

    Now that’s more like Nolan’s final Batman movie! :D
    He aint kidding. We got ourselves one hell of a movie!

  • Bradleyevrsley

    It would be hilarious if they blew it up and the camereas stopped working. lol

  • Great! Can’t wait for the film!

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Great!!! Terrorist acts some more?? Joker would like it!
    Is this pic from TDK?

    • Your comment was automatically marked as spam for some reason, sorry about that! Yes this pic is from TDK when the hospital got blown up.

      • Anonymous

        For some reason, my comment was duplicated! Than I tried to delete… not sucessfuly.

  • Anonymous

    Who doesn’t love a good explosion. Especially when its REAL. =)

  • Anonymous

    It makes me wonder why it would be blown up in the first place.

  • OMG, The gaul of a man, Nolan is amazing!

  • just a random guy

    A bit off topic, but I’m curious as to what people think: yesterday I saw TDK (yet) again and the Resse situation wasn’t fully resolved. Ie, bad guys (los, bane, etc), GCPD, public opinion, are all hunting batman. And, just few days/weeks ago a prestigious lawyer was on national TV claiming he knew who batman was… doesn’t take a genius to figure out this guy has to be your first lead in terms of catching bats… do u guys think he’ll come back, even if briefly?

    • FanOfNolan

      That was one thing that kinda bothered me about the film. Sure, this guy may feel indebted to Bruce since he saved his life. But the bottom line is that he knows and he made the public thinks he knows. So either he admits he never knew, in which case everyone would hate him for lying. Or he does know and would have to be really good at keeping it a secret. Given that he was willing to extort Wayne Enterprises, it’s a little hard to believe that he would never tell anyone, even a wife or girlfriend. And if Bane or someone else goes to him to try to get the information, that would be a bit disappointing. I would rather Bane figure it out on his own. That would go a long way to establishing him as an intelligent adversary and not the dumb brute we saw in B&R.

  • Anonymous

    Not going to read this story , gets a bit to close to SPOILER territry , thanks for the WARNING Chris, my policy is going to be only view official pics and trailers released by WB ,

  • FanOfNolan

    I just hope Wayne Manor stays intact this time.

  • Crystal Brain Strawberry Smash

    Possible Batman Synopsis: (I have just been wondering what they are going to do with Bane and Talia)

    If Marion is indeed the “great love” (although it would almost definitely seem that she’s Talia or just Ra’s wife in backflashes) who is killed, perhaps it was Bane’s father who committed the crime. Ra’s has him killed (he gets his revenge/vengeance), and then, because he feels that the punishment was not enough, he has a young Bane imprisoned to serve the rest of his father’s crimes. Thus, Bane’s life in prison is due to Ra’s at such a young age (opposite of Bruce in a way, but nonetheless…he had a tramatic event take place at a young age). Just to see this man’s family suffer for his crime. Now, years later, Bane comes to learn that Ra’s and the League been taken out. Perhaps Bane was biding his time and waiting for the precise moment to try and escape and get revenge, but Bats has beaten him to the punch. He then starts obsessing over Bats like a madman, and tries to learn everything about the man that beat his foes, what makes him who he is, etc. etc. Departure, but kind of fits Bane’s origins from the comics (in a way).

    I have no idea how they are going to bring up VENOM…
    Just wanted to bring up how they might use Bane’s connection to the LOS in some sort of way.

  • I doubt that is true since the Mellon Arena has not even been set for demolition and it could take years for anything to actually happen with it.

  • The local news tonight in Pittsburgh has confirmed that these are rumors and that they are not true. There has been no talk of exploding the Civic Arena.

  • cwilliamson32

    • I’m sure there will still be many explosions in The Dark Knight Rises! ;)

  • Nomorecoal

    Imagine the building blown up in a spectacular fashion, and then Nolan realizing that they forgot to load film in the cameras.