Tom Hardy on set of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Looks like we have our first photo from the set of The Dark Knight Rises! Unfortunately Tom Hardy isn’t in his Bane attire, but he’s sporting a shaved head and looks like he’s bulked up quite a bit. The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to go into production in early May.

Thanks @batmannocinema for the heads up!

SOURCE: @asharp82 (Twitter)

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  • His height isn’t really an issue. If Nolan wants Hardy to be taller than Bale, he’ll have him wear boots with big heels, or use various camera tricks.

    • Anonymous

      Chris whats your opinion , on adding CGI to Bane , i think Nolan will present a new vision of Bane , but will retain a few classic reminders , eg The mask and the Venom tube with a cool CGI element .

      • I agree. I don’t think Bane will just be a strong guy. Nolan will bring in some classic elements, just like he did with The Joker.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah ! I completeley agree , that is what is so great about Nolans, Batman , Yeah , he has great story , direction , dialogue , visual design and effect skills , but he understands that what realy matters is the source matieral , everything can be traced back to the comics , but he takes that and elevates it to a new level .

          • Anonymous

            It will be more about attitude than size… Hardy will be berseker!

    • Zubeida_ct

      U said it there :)

      • Anonymous

        I mean, I don’t think we’ll see some tubes and catheter spiked here and there… you know, would be such a weak point in the costume. the venom drug would be fantastic, but we had something alike with Crane’s fear toxin… Let’s wait to see what Nolan will bring us this time… that bastard! :D

  • omar

    i dont think this is the set for the dark knight rises…i believe this is a picture taken from the set “The Warrior”

    • Anonymous

      Disagree ! in WARRIOR he had longer hair , i think this is legit , THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM !

    • No this is definitely a recent picture. It was taken yesterday.

  • Nancepantsbotwin

    Someone has been hitting the gym lol. I can not wait for this film!

  • Gott

    He looks good!
    Now i can’t wait to see how Hathaway is looking..

    • batitony

      me neither… : /

    • Here’s a video of Hathaway from last week, on Lopez Tonight. She’s looking good!

      • Gott

        Thanks Batman-News :)
        She looks great, so yummy!! beautiful legs, smile and stuff LOL
        I can’t understand how some people says she’s ugly, the girl is gorgeous!!!
        And seems to be a very nice person too…

        • Antrozous

          Well the problem to me is not with her looks but with her childish behaviour,she´s not classy at all, maybe it´s something that will come with age but right now she´s just a plain air-head to me. From all the cast this is my main concern, specially by having a lclass act like Marion Cotillard around. This girl better bring her A+ game to TDKR…

          Driving down the hill with a dead engine huh? Wow, I´m surprised she found the handbrake in the first place…

          • Anonymous

            Hey man, the chick is an actress… you know, she can ACT! hehe
            Ledger was a pretty boy until Joker, maybe the time to show some fine acting has come for her! And yeah, she’s a hot foxy as well!

  • Kittydreamz

    Dunno if you got the update, but I read that the guy on Twitter who posted this picture had to take some things back.

    “The Twitter user who posted the aforementioned photo just wrote:

    Ok people Big Big Miss understanding! The picture of me and Tom hardy was not on the set of batman! Some corporate event!”

  • Bazman05

    I think the guy on the left would of been a better casting for Bane. Why? Cus he’s bigger and be able to put on more muscle and would look better in a mask.

    As much as I like Tom Hardy and trust Nolan’s judgement (past two films anyway), he can get as ripped as he wants and he still wouldn’t be a faithful size to portray Bane

    • th

      Bazman.. you’re a bellend

      • Bazman05

        And you’re a moron!

        I like this game.

    • Anonymous

      The guy on the left can’t act. If you want a repeat of Schumacher’s Bane, go ahead and cast random tall guys in roles and see what happens.

      • Bazman05

        Agreed. I am very interested on the casting of Tom Hardy and how Nolan is going to handle it, but my point was that the guy on the left (in the picture) would have a better physical presence and more true to the Bane character.

        I hope he’s not changed too much until he becomes only recognisable in name only.

    • FanOfNolan

      I’d rather have someone who can act, but might not look quite like the character than someone who has the look, but isn’t a good actor. Heath Ledger didn’t look like The Joker of the comics. Not tall enough, not skinny enough, and didn’t have the facial structure or hair. But his performance more than made up for it. I suspect the same thing will happen with Tom Hardy and Bane. Plus, Hardy has one big advantage that Ledger didn’t have. Most people don’t have a preconceived notion of what Bane should and shouldn’t look like. The Joker is such a well-known character that even people who are only vaguely familiar with Batman would be able to tell you what he looks like. Plus, there have been several actors who’ve played the role before which just makes it harder to find someone people will accept in the role. But Bane isn’t well known and the only live-action portrayal we’ve seen was in B&R, an introduction that did such an injustice to the character that there are still some people who think that’s how Bane is in the comics. I think the casting of Hardy should be a clear sign that this isn’t just some dumb brute. He only needs to be big enough to be credible. Anything beyond that and he starts to look silly. How do you expect your audience to you seriously when you say this character is intelligent when he looks like a wrestler? That’s the hurdle they have to cross.

      • Anonymous

        Apart from the fact that a guy with a wrestler’s look can actually be clever, I agree! ;)

        The bigger the muscles, the better for this role, but the actor’s charisma and talent are the most important elements.

        • FanOfNolan

          As long as he looks big enough to believable, that’s all that really matters. That was the problem I always had with Keaton as Batman. It’s not that he’s a bad actor who can’t do darker characters. It’s that his physique doesn’t even suggest that he could take on several people in a fight. Bale was a lot bigger in Batman Begins, but he still looked credible in The Dark Knight. Some people were complaining that he should’ve bulked up again. Maybe, but the more muscle you have, the less agile you appear. And Batman has to seem like a skilled fighter, not a brute who relies on raw muscle strength. Hardy can bulk up. We know that from seeing his performance in Bronson. But I suspect it’ll be his skills as an actor that will ultimately make or break this role.

    • nolo manolo

      if u dont mind me asking, but what makes u think he’ll look better in a mask????

      • Bazman05

        I was going for an amusing little comment, where Hardy is an established actor and is more likely to spend more time in the movie without the mask, where as it would be better for everyone if the other guy did ware it all the time.

        Now that I’ve explained it, it’s kind of butchered the hell out of it.

  • Freddy-pics

    there is some real better on his official website :

    are u sure he’s not a monster ? wouaw !!! can’t wait to see !!!

  • Anonymous

    Despite the unnecessary so called “concerns” about the height, even when out of character Hardy looks like someone you don’t want to piss off. Oh man, he’s likely gonna rock that role, finally Bane done justice and given the respect he deserves as a character.

  • Simon

    Just a small question to if the theme color for TDKR is different from blue, will you change it?

    • I might, we’ll have to see. I went with the blue not because of The Dark Knight, but because I usually associate Batman with black & blue.

  • I’m from India and I can’t describe happiness I’m feeling right now! This must happen! I’m going Batshit CRAZY!! I will definitely be there, if it does!!! Keeping fingers crossed. xD

  • Sam

    This gotta b true .. im too thrilled !!!
    i rd abt it in another site too ..

  • FanOfNolan

    Has anyone checked out the set photos posted Are they legit? There’s one of Bale looking really beat up. But I thought he was still in China filming his other movie?

    • That’s an old picture of Bale from when he was filming Rescue Dawn.

      He’s actually done filming the movie in China, and just arrived in the UK yesterday! :)

      • FanOfNolan

        I kind of figured it wasn’t recent. After all, why would Batman be sporting a goatee. As for the other pictures of Hardy standing next to the car, are those recent? Is that even him?

        • Those are recent, they were taken the same day as the photo post here in this thread.

          • FanOfNolan

            I think you should’ve posted those pictures along with the one you did post. Since so many people can’t get past the height issue, I think if they saw just how much muscle Hardy has put on, that would shut them up for a while. Oh well. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more pics once they start filming. It’s so annoying to hear fans whine about casting so far in advance. People whined about Ledger and look how great he turned out.

  • Jsduncan1988


  • bAn3

    wrong!!!!!!! you better be ready to eat those words when you see the dark knight rises