‘The Dark Knight Rises’ set photo reveals a pit?

A Batman-News.com reader (who wishes to remain anonymous) sent in the first set photo from The Dark Knight Rises’ set in India. The photo appears to be of a giant well covered with a green screen in the middle of the desert just outside the Mehrangarh Fort. Speculation is already soaring around the internet about what this may be used for… I’ll let you guys talk about what you think it could be in the comments. The two day shoot in India is scheduled to wrap up tomorrow.

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  • Gcgowildcats05

    Lazarus Pit!!!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe its a tunel or even the Lazarus Pit itselft, what would be a interesting adtion to the film if this is true. I can see Nolan workirng with a Lazarus Pit, not necessary the same from comic books, and this maybe starts a connection between other DC heroes, not with cameos and other stuff, but in the sense of all can be in the same place.

  • Lazarus Pit for one Mr. Ra Zal Ghul

  • Sbhodgson

    Every fiber of my being would love that to be a Lazarus pit.

    It won’t be.

  • Bazman05

    Lazarus Pit, ha. You nerds crack me up.

    • Please share your opinion about the giant green screen covered hole in the ground. We’re all having fun just speculating at this point, no one knows anything for sure.

      • Bazman05

        I get that people want to have fun speculating, but you lot are aware that you stay with in the confines of Nolan’s universe.

        Maybe in this proposed “re-boot” were going to get after TDKR would it make sense to speculate something like this, but saying it’s the “Lazaurs Pit” now is only pure “nerdish” rambling.

        • Do you consider The Prestige as a realistic movie? Do you remember the Tumbler racing on rooftops in Begins? And the Pod turning on the wall, in TDK? And Batman “flying” with his cape? It’s Nolan fantastic realism, buddy! If you don’t like to speculate, you’re in the wrong place!

          • Bazman05

            I don’t know where the hell your coming from seeing as I never mentioned “The Prestige” (maybe I should of stated “Nolan’s Batman Universe” just to simplify) , and you’re moronic argument where you actually state that actual current and future technological advances (whether pointless are not) are as illogical as a fountain of youth. Stick to your comic books buddy, you’re probably more comfortable there.

        • Don’t need to insults here, ok? “You nerds crack me up”, that kind of shit turns you into a arrogant bastard. What is more “moronic” than answer an argument with a shallow offense? You’re the moron, posting here with this superior attitude. Be more civilized, please.

          • Bazman05

            Why would you be insulted by what I said unless you believe it to be true (the nerd thing). As soon as everybody starts speculating that this pit in the desert can possibly be the “Lazarus Pit” knowing full well that Nolan sticks to as realistic a story as possible can only be described as wishful “nerdish” babbling. Your argument was weak and I called you on it (probably the wrong way), so ignore the insult(s), but I stand by my argument.

        • Raz

          in other words u have no real speculation of what it actually is, but just wanted to call ppl nerds to make u feel better? .. okay xD

          • Bazman05

            I didn’t expect the backlash that I got but realize you nerds are quite a sensitive bunch.

            And why would I need to make myself feel better? I was clearly stating the obvious and that it was amusing to see such “out there” comments as the “Lazarus Pit” in Nolan’s Batman Universe and seem to be showing genuine excitement.

            I do know that it’s not everybody on this site are serious and that many are just saying it as a joke so I guess for starters, everyone who replies to me are nerds, taking offense.

            I have no problem with you nerds but when you try to suggest pure fantasy in a largely realistic Batman universe, is when it gets annoying.

            But again, I don’t care. Your an amusing bunch and you can have your fun.

    • Slimjimdzog

      if you know what a lazarus pit is, i think thats like an automatic “you’re a nerd” certification.

      • Bazman05

        Oh, good come back. It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that I watched the cartoon or anything or knowing a lot about the Batman universe and it’s villains without ever picking up a comic book, no. Your a smart fella there SLIMJIMDZOG, well done.

        • Let’s just be friends.

        • Slimjimdzog

          I wasn’t trying to insult you, I was merely making an observation you arrogant prick.

          • Bazman05

            Wow. Take it easy buddy. No need for cursing (I didn’t know they were aloud on this site).

            And your “observation” was way off, and I bet you felt really great that you put me in my place, but you didn’t think it through, did ya?

            If anything, I made an observation and I was attacked for it so why shouldn’t any of you get the same treatment. Your a “smart” fella, so maybe start a decent argument before you shoot your mouth off.

        • Slimjimdzog

          I’m not your buddy guy

          • Bazman05

            Awwwww, that time of the month. It’s alright, I forgive you.

        • Slimjimdzog

          haha. ok so the period joke was pretty funny, i’ll give you that. Really tho, you should stop taking out all of your pent up sexual frustration on this website, there are places where it would be accepted and everyone who reads your obnoxios self righteous posts wouldn’t hate you nearly as much

          • Bazman05

            You think before you type, right?

            You really are a proper little Nerd aren’t you. There’s no possible way you would continue replying unless I’ve offended you in some way and it’s a Nerd who I would expect to keep coming back.

            And where are you getting this “sexual frustration” business from is beyond me, and you think nobody would have an opinion similar to mine. There are quite a few on this section who have made similar statements at how ridiculous the idea of a “Lazarus Pit” is in the next Batman film (minus the Nerd comments) so do some research buddy, before you shoot your mouth off.

            And please enlighten me on how I’m “obnoxious” and “self righteous”. It’s the only way I’ll learn.

            P.S. Let me know when those five days are up. I thought it would be over by now but I don’t actually know when your monthly cycles start.

  • RustyCage

    Possibly where Bane is being kept? In a lonely pit..

  • It may be a cave entrance. Could be a generic cave that Bruce goes into during one of his meditating excursions in India. Also, it may be Bateman’s “stash your victims” hideout.

  • Also, glad to be back to the forum

    • Welcome back! I didn’t think I’d see you here again until the teaser trailer came out.

      • I tried to steal 10 minutes from my schedule and I figured today is a great day for us fans of Batman. Hope I can pay frequent visits from now on. Thnx for your reply.

        • Anonymous

          Dude , Long time no see ! Welcome back , Have you just emerged from that LAZARUS PIT ! = )

  • Caped_Crusader

    A private swimming pool for Bruce and the Russian ballet.

  • TheRiddler

    I really dont want this to be the lazarus pit..only because i dont think that there is anyway that the pit could be made realistic….its a magical pool that brings people back to life…but have faith in nolan guess

  • Boondocksofboston

    Looks like a spot of green on some floorboard.

  • just a random guy

    Lazarus pit! And let it be known I called it first in the april 28th post when BN informed that they’d film in india :)
    Actually, I was kidding when I mentioned it then and I am still kidding… I just can’t imagine chris nolan including a magical pool that revives pple into his world… but time will tell

    • Anon

      For those saying the Lazarus Pit is “Magic”, it is chemical, not magical. It could be used for accelerated healing and maybe even as a basis for Bane’s venom ala the blue flower in BB.

      • Just a random guy

        Yup, it’s true the LP is a chemial thing, but I believe that for the average movie-goes (not the comic book fans) it’ll still ring ‘magical/supernatural’

        • Anonymous

          I am a comic book guy , but if Nolan did the Lazarus Pit as it is in the comic in the movie , I would call him for B.S , but this is Nolan were dealing with , when has he ever not presented anything that is not highly intelligent , fantasticly designed and just rings true , My point is i think Nolan can pull off The LAZARUS PIT realisticaly !

      • Anonymous

        Great Point ! Yeah we know Magic does not excist in Nolans world , but a Chemical based , spring , lake, pit , with healing qualities is plausible in Nolans Batman world , If Haluciageric blue flowers are !

  • Sequentialcircuits

    More “theatricality and deception” to keep our favorite detective guessing???

  • Maxwell Action

    Now we know where Joker got his scars. The Scarlacc Pit.

  • in Nolan we trust!!

  • Anonymous

    Chris , its looks like that guy from India , realy did ditch his Exams and climbed up that telephone pole , I hope he is not in a Gulag somewhere ! LOL , have you seen what JETT has written on BOF , seriusly is this guy a GROWN UP OR WHAT ” WINK ” WHATEVER !

    • Anonymous

      Its fun to think, if Jett complain about the leaked photo, and as a well informated person what he is and talk what is talking, this really mean that green screen is lazarus pit after all?

      • Anonymous

        Well informed ! JETT still thinks JGL is Alberto Falcone or was it Black Mask , it was definetly one of them right , JETT ???? ,JETT does not know anymore than the rest of us , he just needs to pretend he does !

  • The guy took the picture sitting in a train. Kudos to the photographer for some quick thinking. Boarding my train to the site now. :P

  • lazarus pit

    or bane magic juice!

  • Anonymous

    Does a magic pit of goo really fit into Nolan’s world? I don’t think so.

    • Fantastic realism! Make total sense for me that Nolan include fantastic stuff here and there, just like he did on The Prestige.

      • Anonymous

        The Prestige is a standalone move about magic. TDKR is part of a franchise in which the most fantastical thing they’ve used is a special plant that makes people afraid and a funny sonar device thing. Also man in cape beating up criminals.

        • That’s the point: the movie talks the limits and boundaries between real magic and simple tricks. The flick wasn’t “magical” at all until the Tesla project works. Even Tesla device was scientific and not magical. Laz pit could be “scientific” as well. This limit could be easily found in TDKR, don’t you think? After all, theatrical and illusion are Bat’s techniques!

          •  exactly my point. If Bane, who’s skinny man to buff monster just off of green fluid is in the next flick and ppl think thats “realistic” then you’re insane to think a lazarus pit is impossible

  • @BatmanNewsCom:disqus thats probably a algae rich pond :) ….

  • Wonder what Nolan has up his sleeve this time.


    seems like I am the only one who thinks its more believable to have a cave entrance/exit with a green screen than a Lazarus Pit. Why would Nolan go supernatural on us now? That would be pointless. I am against the Batwing, but its probably just the place where he flys it out of

  • The Chicago Bat

    With Nolan’s bat film’s suspending disbelief with what’s scientifically
    possible, what if young Ra’s isn’t shown in flashbacks, but as a clone?

    Far fetched speculation, but does the Lazarus Pit concept have to rely
    on a body going in like the comics? Couldn’t the League of Shadows have
    the financial resources to explore cloning os regeneration with modern stem cell technology in the event of Ra’s demise?

    I have no idea how it would relate to the Lazarus Pit, but.as everyone is trying to come
    up with ideas regarding what the casting means in every direction,
    while it would be an easy explanation Josh Pence’s young Ra’s is being
    shown in flashbacks, while the nature of Ra’s character rebirth… and
    trying to root these in some footing of what’s possible in our reality
    without “magical” or “supernatural” elements left to other superhero
    movies… cloning is possible, and the League could have the resources
    to have accelerated the process to perfection where they could have bred
    a new Ra’s.

    Possible that pit is behind the fortress walls and that’s why they shot in India to utilize the incredible fortress background?

    Otherwise why else shoot there when you could shoot a hole in the ground anywhere and composite a background?

    • I Am Batman

      Like the idea.. but from what i heard Christian Bale is the only main actor over in India right now. And on top of that Batman wouldnt be in a flashback scene of Ra

  • Anonymous

    Just , going to throw this out there , what if this is a FAILED atempt to recreate , an urban legend of a LAZARUS PIT , let me explain , RAZ S wife is killed , he is so grife stricken , he attemps to Ressurect her , using a supposed aincent ritual , As we know in Nolans world the SUPERNATURAL does not exist so it fails , What does this achive for us the viewer , well it is a pretty cool nod to the fans , and it is also a a great DRAMATIC introduction to RAZ S family and all that goes with it ! Just a wild guess !

  • Emmet2009

    maybe its the lazurus pit , but i think its not for ras but for bane !?

  • Zubeida_ct


  • JimmyFraska

    Has anyone considered that they’re actually covering up a gaping pit for the sake of an aerial shot?

    • Bazman05

      Now that’s what I want to hear, more logical ideas.

      • Anonymous

        I second this notion.

  • Anonymous

    This could be anything, it looks shopped tbh, but interesting anyway…

  • Anonymous

    I actually really like the idea of this having something to do with BANE as opposed to RA’S. BUT. Here’s the thing. We gotta keep in mind that only Christian Bale is shooting in India. No Pence. No Hardy. So, as JimmyFraska said, it could very well be for something as simple as an aerial shot.
    Alright, now back to my No-Batman-Spoilers Cave so that I can survive to see July 20, 2012.

    • Just a random guy

      Actually, I heard (read rather!) in the Hindu times that Bale was NOT going to India.

  • Jsduncan1988

    Def. looks lazarus Pit-like.Wonder how they would fit that in.

  • Fellas, remember the Tesla duplicate project on The Prestige? That’s Nolan fantastic realism! Hell yeah, the pitt is welcome! Maybe after being broke by Bane, Bruce goes to the pit to heal… my question is: young Ras is a flashback or a reborn Ras?

    Hey, look at this gray-haired and bearded Bale:

    What the hell is going on????

    • Anonymous

      I agree , If people anyalize Nolans films he takes things that at there core do excist ,and he uses that as a starting point in the viewers mind , but then he takes it and embelishes it to the next level to tell a great story , but we as the viewer go along on this journey 100 % because the starting point was something real we know and can believe in , examples of this are MEMENTO ,loss of memory , it does happen ,start off point , tell a great story about Avengeing a murded wife , THE PRESTIGE ,we have all seen a magic trick and been impressed , Nolan takes that to the next level , INCEPTION , we all dream , we know that feeling , Nolan invents a device to tell an EPIC story about dreams , did anyone watch INCEPTION and think this is B.S that device is implausible ! BATMAN BEGINS we all have internal fears start point , Nolan invents a blue flower , to tell a story about overcoming fear , Now on to TDKR , MORTALITY we all have to deal with it at some point in our lives , It seems to me this could be the theme to end NOLANS TRILOGY , LIFE AND DEATH , jeeeez that is the longest post , i have ever written ! Or that green screen could just be covering something for an aireal shot ! LOL !

      • Yeah, dude!! Your post looks like a communist manifesto!! Old Fidel would be proud… but hell yes, man… I couldn’t agree more! You’ve got my point here!

        • Anonymous

          Haha ! The Funny thing is i was actuly smoking a Cigar as i wrote it ! VIVA LA REVOLUTION !

      • Anonymous

        ” It seems to me this could be the theme to end NOLANS TRILOGY , LIFE AND DEATH”

        Thumbs up for that.

  • Lowend922

    Blakes personal masturbation chamber.

    • Just a random guy

      That’s just gross mate! Though, if you’d have said catwoman’s…. that would be a different sotry ;)

  • Antrozous

    So no Bale in India huh? So why are they filming inside the fort and with whom? Weird…

  • i think that since pence has been credited as “young” ra’s, it can only mean that he will be in a flashback. if he was to appear in the present time, i think that they would just credit him as ra’s instead of young ra’s.

    no lazarus pit.

  • resudes

    No way is that a Lazarus pit. It’s doesn’t fit with the aesthetic of Nolan’s realistic interpretation of Batman. It looks more like something that should be in a Green Lantern or Incredible Hulk movie to me. Maybe the hulk took a leak in the desert?

  • Anonymous

    I seriously doubt this is the Lazarus Pit of the comics. After going out of his way to establish realism, there’s no way Chris Nolan would now introduce a supernatural element to the series. Besides, would he really need to go all the way to India to create such a pit?

  • Deeray

    id say its a cave- something insignificant just for effect. but who is to say that this is the chapter where supernatural things begin? i mean- nolan has always said his batman would be grounded in realism, i know- but maybe the door has opened in nolans mind to take a turn toward that direction. maybe thats the thing that all the actors who said the script is “fantastic” have been hinting at. again, probably just a cave, but thats my 2 cents. keep up the good work batman-news

    • Deeray

      *i meant to say “who is to say this ISNT the chapter..”

  • Guanoman

    I love us Batman fans. At the end of the day this could a whole that they didn’t want to show on the landscape from an aerial view, but it is just too much fun to conspire. That is why we are the most awesome fans.
    I am thinking it is going to stay grounded in realism, but what the hell? He did make the prestige.

  • Slapnutz

    Look like a green screen substituting for a legit cave entrance. If it is indeed the pit, that pic is kinda spoilerish…

  • M Ordonez2185

    I agree with everyone else its the lazarus pit! Awesome!

  • Anonymous

    It’s clearly a crossover with Ghostbuster and Batman will manhandle a slime pool.

    • Anonymous

      LOL , Who you gonna call ! Batman Busters !

  • Junesong

    If it is the Lazarus Pit, I hope it’s used to heal Batman after he’s broken by Bane. It would be a lot better than just a device to resurrect Ras. But it’ll probably be both.

    Also – Batman fans – I have a question: How much time passed between Batman Begins and TDK in the movie world? There are some indications that TDK follows directly after – like maybe a year or so later. But when you look at Gordon’s kids, they’ve aged like 6 or 7 years between movies. So does it matter? And if so, how long approx as Batman been Batman?

    • Guanoman

      I thought Gordon’s son was about the same age in each, wasn’t he? But in any case, it is a bit mysterious. There are inconsistencies in between both films (i.e. Gotham’s railway vanishing and Wayne tower getting a serious makeover) but it seems that they know about Joker at the end of BB and that he is still fresh at the beginning of TDK. I guess it can’t be too far apart. Throw gotham knight in there and everything gets lost.
      My bet is that the whole thing will have been Bruce Wayne on a train who was put to sleep by Cobb and that his projections are some crazy people. It’s obviously the only way.

      • cwilliamson32

        Well I would argue against your “inconsistencies”. If you look at the scene where they are coming up to the “new” Wayne Tower, you can see the train system near the base, its just not predominated like in BB. In terms of the building, I wouldn’t think that a company like Wayne Enterprises would only have one building. Plus it would be highly likely (following the events of BB) they would high-tail it out of the original Wayne Tower. And just because it is a building for Wayne Ent. doesn’t mean its Wayne Tower.

      • Anonymous

        I disagree on the Joker part. For all we know the crime mentioned at the end of Batman Begins is his first crime. In TDK after the bank robbery Batman says: “Him again” and Gordon references multiple sightings with: “He cant help showing us his face” or something to that effect.

  • just a random guy

    Maybe that’s the crater left by superman’s rocket… OMG, they are setting up a justice league movie! Aaaahhhhh!

  • A Better Look At The “Lazarus Pit” In


  • Stranglehold8

    to everyone claiming this to be the lazerus pit you are way wrong.yes things happened before in the batman series that couldnt happen today, today being the keyword because its all stuff we could very well see in the near future because nolans batman universe is as realistic as a batman movie could be and i dont think any time in the future will we see a fountain of youth

    • Bazman05

      Agreed. Why most of the people on this site are even bothering to speculate (fun or not) on this green pit in the dessert as the “Lazarus pit”, knowing full well that Nolan wouldn’t touch that idea with a 10 foot “Bat-Pole” is just “nerdish” babbling.

  • Lazarus Pitt

    its no lazarus pit its kryptonite

  • Enzowee