‘The Dark Knight Rises’ heads to London on May 16th [Update]

The Dark Knight Rises just wrapped up in India, and now it’s moving to the next location. I’ve received word from multiple sources that The Dark Knight Rises will be filming next week on St. John Street in London. The shoot will last about four days, from May 16th until the 20th. Local businesses in the area have been told that they’ll hear gunshots during this time. It’s likely that they’ll film at The Farmiloe Building on St. John Street — this was used as the Gotham City Police Station in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Stay tuned to Batman-News.com for all the latest on The Dark Knight Rises.

Update 05/11/11: Bat-fan Bilal has a few more details regarding the shoot in London next week:

I work in Gresham Street, a banking area in Central London. St Johns street is 10 minutes walk from my office so i walked over to the Farmiloe building after work. Good news….

2 huge Panamax lorries with cables running into the building, all lighting crew outside on guard, black tinted people carrier with Filming Unit written on it.. I can confirm the shots are ALL internal. I saw the inside of the room that they were FRESHLY painting – it is very close to the street.

I asked many questions…the lighting guy was very kind and told me a lot. I said ” will there be any filming on the weekend” he said no. I said ” will there be any late night filming?” he said NO. I also asked when was best time to get pictures. He said if i come at lunchtime next week. I will see several important cast (he hinted repeatedly it was Bale). He said they would have to come out of the building to get lunch and i should come to get pictures. He also said paparazzi was likely as the location had been leaked. He also said as cover they were telling everyone they were filming a Heinz Baked Bean commercial.

Update 05/12/11: Hollywood Chicago has even more details about the shoot. Check out their report here.

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  • Jamie

    I’ll head down there and see if I can see anything next week.

    • Jotaj2

      @0b99a733c1613c72259c95768e847c14:disqus i’m in love with you

  • cwilliamson32

    Gunshots? I’m liking the sound of that.

  • Bradleyeversley

    Gordon’s drop for an infiltration? Maybe a catwoman infiltration?

    • Julian

      Oh yeah, I forgot catwoman was in this movie…

      • Anonymous

        I know right , all this Lazrus pit talk , we have all forgoten about Catwoman !

        • The Catchick! Damn, it’s time to some costume pics already!

          • Bradley Eversley

            Just Saying, if catwoman is allying with batman as the rumors say, then the cops will also be after her too. Just guessing here, but maybe valuable info or people are in the GPD and either bane, batman, or catwoman are infiltrating…Just guessing

  • Wonder how long has passed time wise, since the Joker blew the place up! Has Batman been on the run for weeks or years?

  • SequentialCircuits

    Damn it’s good just knowing the movie’s being filmed. 2012 can’t get here soon enough!

  • Anonymous

    Lock, Stock and two smoking Batmen.

  • Anonymous

    Do people agree , Warner Bros should have realy taken notice of what happened in India , with SPY shots , I realy think it would be wise of them to get an official look of Catwoman ,Bane and Batman out on thier terms , because i realy think we will be seeing SPY shots anyday now !

    • Dream on, man! :)

      • Anonymous

        I ll Bet you 10 Reais , we get an official pic by the end of the month = )

        • I bet a six pack heineken! For me, only by passing june…

    • cwilliamson32

      I’m not really too worried about that. Just looking back at TDK, any spy shots of the Joker really weren’t that clear and didn’t give us a good idea of what he looked like. This time around, I wouldn’t be surprised if set security will be tighter. Plus, the pics from India really didn’t tell us anything.

  • Sweet! Is the same station that the Joker blew up in TDK?

  • Anonymous

    Not many people realise just how much of TDK was filmed in the UK, so I expected something similar this time around. Just sucks I’m doing exams and can’t go home to London to see it all.

  • Paulharvey

    I’m going down to watch Arsenal play on the 15th May, its not far from Arsenal – so i’ll have to look at see if anything is going on!!!

    • Anonymous

      The shoot will be more intresting than watching Arsenal at the minute ! Enjoy watching Fabregas for the last time , he is gone in the summer !

    • Great! Let us know. I think the best thing to do would be to ask around local restaurants or pubs to see if they got a letter about “Magnus Rex” filming there.

    • Just a random guy

      Go Gunners!

  • Bazman05

    It’s good to hear of some familiar settings after the time in India. I now weirdly feel like it’s staring to come together even though they’ve barely stated anything .

  • Simon

    That shoot in India…… It’s a bit weird for me, and probably for others as well. I mean, the Lazarus Pit? Or some venomlike pit for Bane? But I guess we wont get any certainty any time soon… Pity.

    Question: do we get to know where they shoot everytime? I’m pretty sure that they can keep some places secret… How was that with TDK actually?

    • Anonymous

      Its pretty hard to keep a film of this scale secret these days , espesialy on location , but its never easy to guess whats happening on these location shoots , as you will find a full sequence in a movie , is probaly shot months apart ,One part on location, One part on a soundstage , and then probaly an element of CGI on top of that ! So while were all trying to guess what went on in India , rest assured there is a set at Cardington of the inside of that Fort ( my guess BANES prison ) and alot of CGI to be added , it wont even be India in the movie , this goes for all the other locations to Pittsburgh , London , New York !

    • Guanoman

      I am more than positive Chris Nolan won’t throw anything supernatural in at this point in the story. My guess is that they want something else there, be it a cave or a whole or just flat ground and needed to cover it for an aerial shot.

      Also, I don’t think that the lazarus pit would be in one scene only if it was in the story.

    • Lazarus Pitt

      not lazarus pitt its kryptonite

  • Just a random guy

    Dear local business: During the course of the week you might expect one or more of the following: (1) Extremely sexy cat burglars running in and out of your place (2) Gunshots. Lots and lots of gunshots (3) A nut that sounds like he smoked too many cigars and has had more than enough whiskey shots dressed up as a giat bat tossing around the cat burglar mentioned in (1) above. But please, dont loose your mind. It all just… part of the pln ;)

  • Lazarus Pitt

    this will be part of metropolis

    • Lazarus Pitt

      i mean london will be metropolis

  • FPE

    First leaked footage from over the weekend – Batman VS Bane!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cuI47wn26k&feature=player_embedded

    • Anonymous

      LOL , Fight choreography has come along way !

  • JimmyFraska

    Batman must now eat Heinz Beans in this film.

  • Anonymous

    Intresting ! I wonder , if Bale will be in the Bat suit , by the sounds of it , Batman might try to make contact with Gordan , but because he is wanted , Shots are fired , i wonder if JGL will be on set , people cameras at the ready !

  • cwilliamson32

    That’s going to be one kick ass bean commercial.

    • Anonymous

      “Hi, I’m Bruce Wayne, and when I’m not wining and dining the most beautiful women in the world, attending the swankiest parties and running my business empire, I like to unwind in front of a hot fire with a can of Heinz Baked Beans. Heinz Baked Beans, Bruce Wayne’s secret passion…”

      • Bazman05

        secret passion or secret weapon?

        • JimmyFraska

          Lazarus Beans

  • Bradley Eversley

    Personally, and don’t laugh…When I heard that the Dark Knight Rises doesn’t have a written ending, I thought 3 things Chris Nolan would surprise viewers with: 1. Robin comes in at the end to a conclusion to the trilogy; 2. Batman finally takes off his mask to show someone (Maybe Gordon); 3. Superman comes in from Metropolis as basically a beginning for Nolan’s next film…THE MAN OF STEEL… I don’t know, maybe, or PROBABLY I’m wrong.

    • Just a random guy

      Your second idea could have some truth to it. about the other two, i doubt that *robin* and *superman* appear, but mentions to a *dick grayson* and/or a *clark kent* would not be too far fetched (at least in my opinion)

    • Dude, I think Wayne will share his id with someone else too, but the other 2 ideas are lame… what’s that obssession with Robin anyway?!! Nolan’s trilogy don’t have Robin nor super-powered heroes!

  • I work near there, may peep

  • That Lighting dude just got fired! Leaked the secret right out like it was his to tell. hahahah good stuff!

  • Kara

     Another new batman movie will hit the big screen. I’m so excited.  I hope more Batman movies will be made in the future.