‘The Dark Knight Rises’ prop to be revealed at 2011 Licensing International Expo?

According to Wikipedia, the Licensing International Expo is a trade show for leveraging properties and brand equity to develop merchandise. The reason I’m mentioning this on Batman-News.com is because Warner Bros. will be attending this year’s show, which takes place June 14th-16th in Las Vegas. The Licensing International Expo’s official website lists The Dark Knight Rises on Warner Bros.’ profile page for the event.

Back in June 2007, Warner Bros. debuted the Batpod at the Licensing International Expo. Could they be ready to reveal Batman’s newest ride in just a couple weeks, or will we get a first look at the new Batsuit instead? We’ll have to wait and see, but it’s likely that some new official press shots will be released to coincide with the Licensing International Expo reveal. Let me know what you hope to see at the trade show, and stay tuned to Batman-News.com for all the latest The Dark Knight Rises news!

SOURCE: Licensing International Expo

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  • Secretfawful

    Possibly the new Catwoman and/or Bane outfits even.

  • Shinmaster_ryu

    Batwing maybe? Dunno if i’d be down with that..

    • No man, I think that a dude dressed as a bat in a plane or chopper isn’t very “stealthy”, don’t ya think? For what the hell Nolan’s Batman will need a airplane to traffic in Gotham??? Better not!

      • Shinmaster_ryu

        That’s why i’m hesitating… It just doesn’t “fit” with the context Nolan has given us so far, tumbler batmobile and batpod work great though. Then again, how unstealthy was the batmobile in batman begins lol.. Batwing doesn’t seem like a such a bad idea anymore!

  • guitardude006

    I’d like to see the Catsuit or, if the rumors are true, the Batplane.

  • Antrozous

    My personal wish would be the Catsuit or Batman´s new ride.

  • Anonymous

    I anticipate a NEW streamlined Batmobile and as for the other veichle , I just carnt imagine what Nathan Crowley has up his  sleeve !

    • He told a long time ago, in the TDK post-production, he would like to see a BOAT! Or a speeder or some sort of submarine.

  • Lowend922

    New costumes definitely. Maybe that would give us some more information about the other villains. 

  • Anonymous

    I think they should bring out the cat suit. Hathaway and Selena Kyle have been pushed away from the spot light on this film over the last few months, and it’ll be good to see some of the “stunning” wardrobe Oldman mentioned a couple months back.

  • plum plum

    Although I doubt any new bat mobile can replace the Tumbler in my heart, I’m hoping we can see it ASAP.
    Other than that, I’d really like to take a closer look at Bane’s mask!!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah ! i know what your saying about BANES mask , i have been thinking about how are we going to hear BANE speak in the movie , is there a space in the mouth area or will it be kind of an automated voice from behind the mask !

      • Maybe like Vader vocals or something! :D

        • plum plum

          Either way I’ll be missing his lovely British accent, as I’m pretty sure that he is going to speak American in Gotham…:(

          • Batarang

            Bane’s father in the comics is English. Plus Bane grew up in a prison somewhere in a south American country. So i would rule out the American accent. Probably a mix of some Spanish and british English ;)

        • Anonymous

          That would be cool ” BRUCE , I AM YOUR FARTHER ” LOL

        • Anonymous

          That would be cool ” BRUCE , I AM YOUR FARTHER ” LOL

        • Anonymous

          That would be cool ” BRUCE , I AM YOUR FARTHER ” LOL

          • Anonymous

            No, it would be more like………. “Bruce, I am your cousin”  *breaks Batman’s back*  “Bruce, come with me it is the only way”.

          • “Bruce, dead or alive, you’re coming with me” :D

  • Bazman05

    I like the Batpod. Good to see it back but I wonder will there be a new Batmobile. I think this film will continue directly after the events of TDK so he won’t have time to make a new one, or any other vehicle for that matter, unless Fox was working on something behind the scenes. I think a Batwing would be a little far fetched.

    • Bazman05

      Just tried something with a picture, went disastrously wrong. Sorry guys.

    • Good point! Maybe Batman will go underground.

      • Bazman05

        Not a bad idea. Would be relatively simple to put together and was pretty effective in Returns, but I feel Nolan would want to be more ambitious than that.

  • Simon

    I don’t care what they show, it will be amazing that’s for sure!!!!!!!!!
    And if that list that is seen on CBM (certainly not the best site to believe) is correct then We’ll get to see some of the other DC movies as well: Superman, Green Lantern and even the Flash!? Well………. Perhaps Cavill’s suit? That’d be cool to :D. But I’m looking forward to what WB will show of TDKR.

    (sorry for my English if it’s bad)

  • Anonymous

    I’m also hearing that DC are showing Green Lantern and even The Flash… exciting times!

  • Sweeeeeet!!! About time…
    Well, well… I want to see:

    1- much more fighting scenes. And more elaborated ones!
    2- Batman more dectetivesque
    3- new suit, less “GIJoe” style
    4- new batmobile, more “elegant”
    5- Gotham sewer
    6- Arkhan! With all “patients” as possible…
    7- Joker mentioned
    8- killing spree
    9- bad-assery [Bane destroying the Bat, fucked up Bruce Wayne – bearded and psycho]
    10- the hot, foxy, yummy, delicious, sexy, sluty CATWOMAN!

    Now, would be interesting put things that we DON’T wanna see! ;)

    • Anonymous

      I Dont want to see

      1.Bales TDK voice
      2.A City that just looks like any City in the world ( Gotham should be unique )
      3.Old vechiles , Old suits , everything NEW
      4.BATMAN DIE ( Nolan will not do this )
      5.2 Many story threads , TDK , with the emloyee knowing Bruces secret , did not need to be there , keep the story consise and to the point !

      • Agreed! Would be great to see a snowy Gotham this time… or rainy or any terrible weather! I think there’s still room for some batpod action in TDKR! And maybe the Bat will not die but getting very close to this! Crippled or something…
        Interesting thing is, that I can’t figure Catwoman in this mess… she must be more than a simple thief.

  • Thomas_Wayne

    I would like to see the new suits for all the main characters and a 100% authentic teaser rather than those fan made videos!!