‘The Dark Knight Rises’ casting call for extras in Pittsburgh

Smith & Webster-Davis Casting just published information for those who live in Pittsburgh and wish to be an extra in The Dark Knight Rises Magnus Rex.

A Warner Bros. Film requires extras to play as Victims and Perpetrators within a city besieged by crime and corruption. Take part in the urban action adventure ripping through the streets of Pittsburgh from July 28th through August 21st

Sat. June 11th: 9am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm
Sun. June 12th: 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 6pm
Sat. June 18th: 9am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm
Sun. June 19th: 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 6pm

The Omni Hotel
530 William Penn Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
In the William Penn Ballroom (ground floor/downstairs) – Use the Oliver St. Entrance

For more information about the open casting call, head on over to the Smith & Webster-Davis Casting website. Good luck!

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  • Anonymous

    SPORTS FANS Welcome ?  Batman Bruins Vs The BANE Buccaniers !

  • Haha, sorry bout that.

    Seriously though, I wish I still lived near pittsburg, because I would love to be apart of a movie as huge as this, even as an extra.

  • Batman Fan

    I highly recommend people in the Pittsburgh area try-out for this.  I was an extra on Batman Begins when they filmed some of their Chicago area stuff.  It was some of the most fun I’ve had and everyone in the cast and crew was so nice.  I would have done it for free so the paycheck was like a nice bonus!

  • It’s great to live in Pittsburgh right now – Can’t wait til they start filming here!

  • Anonymous

    DAM ! @Jordy Roelofs , that picture of BANE with the BAT LOGO , Enblazed on his back , is EPIC , Great job !

  • Johnnyawesome93

    The sports fans part reminds me of the rumor around blowing up a stadium that was a making the rounds not too long ago. Maybe there will be something to that rumor after all (without the blowing up part of course). Just a random thought anyway.

  • Guanoman


  • No idea about this city… is it a big cosmopolitan city?

  • wHysOseRious

    Anyone who lives in Pittsburg… you have NO idea how lucky you are this movie is being filmed there. I would give my left nut, arm, leg, eye, ear, ANYTHING to be apart of this movie, no matter how small.

  • Thejokersmiles13

    I’m up for a road trip to Pittsburgh its only a 4-6 hour drive from where I live in Jersey and even though they may film in Newark in the fall, I still be more than willing.  

  • Antrozous

    You lucky pittsburghers… go on and take part of movie history! I know I would…

  • I saw in the brazilian entertainment website OMELETE, this curious article about Pittsburgh shooting:

    O pedido de extras e a descrição sugerem que serão cenas de exteriores em um cenário caótico: “Um filme da Warner Bros. requer figurantes para interpretar vítimas e agressores em uma cidade sitiada pelo crime e pela corrupção”.

    Poorly translated, it means the extras are been recruited for some chaotic riots on the streets sugesting that Gotham is surrounded by crime and corruption.


  • Zach21yamaha21drummer

    How old do you to be for this?

  • i really wish they would have made this for all ages. 
    it upsets me that for younger teens such as myself i cant do it because im not 18 yet. 

  • Ella_jones91

    Lol love the pic :) n its good to live here :) zombie capital meets Batman XD awsome!

  • Szophialeighx

    I got to be an extra :) I’m super happy. You guys have no idea how awesome it is to drive into the city and see the batman logo in the sky. I feel like I’m legit living in a batman movie.

  • Szophialeighx

    I got to be an extra :) I’m super happy. You guys have no idea how awesome it is to drive into the city and see the batman logo in the sky. I feel like I’m legit living in a batman movie.