Michael Caine talks ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show

Michael Caine appeared on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show this morning, and talked briefly about The Dark Knight Rises. Caine revealed that he begins working on Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie next week. He also told a great story about how he interpreted the back-story of his character, Alfred, in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Check out the brief bat-talk in the audio player below.

SOURCE: The Chris Evans Breakfast Show

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  • JimmyFraska

    Hahaha, that’s a great story, wonderfully told on Michael’s part.

  • Bryanbreguet

    This back-story is soon gonna be canon within the Batman universe lol

    Seriously, I never read too many comics, but is this backstory even close to the actual one? Is there an actual back story for Alfred in the comics?

    • cwilliamson32

      Well it was mentioned frequently in Batman: TAS that Alfred was a former member of MI:6.  During the pre-crisis stage of the comics he was an intel agent during WWII.  Some storylines have him as a RAF medic or British Secret Service before working for the Wayne’s.  One of the more common though was that he was a retired stage actor.  

  • wahuahuau! Brilliant! This backstory should be turned into a movie!

  • Anonymous

    He just SPOILED the entire movie BANE breaks the BATMAN , using his milatry training ALFRED takes over the CAPE and COWL and saves the day = )

  • Anonymous

    Batman Origins: ALFRED.

    I would see that!

     But yeah, gotta love ol’ Michael, actually his backstory isn’t too far off the modern comic book one…

  • Guanoman

    So basically, Michael Caine thinks back to filming Austin Powers: Gold Member to understand Alfred as a character.

  • Dmatthes7604

    The next batman nolanverse movie:

    “Alfred Begins”