Josh Stewart joins ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Production on The Dark Knight Rises is already well underway, but Nolan is still adding a few more people to the cast. Variety just broke the news that Josh Stewart (The Collector) is the newest addition to The Dark Knight Rises. Unfortunately his role is unknown at this point.

SOURCE: Variety

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  • Raphael

    he could make an awesome riddler, too bad the villain is not in the movies

  • TheRiddler

    Well…Beggars can’t be choosers … i will take what news we can get. ps thank you guys for not posting that crap about Anne Hataway on set with the stunt man and then her wardrobe malfunction … stupid tabloids … just making stuff up for hype lol

  • RustyCage

    He DEFINITELY looks like he’d make a good Riddler. Wow, wow. I’m pretty blue now thinking about that, cause we know he won’t be.

    Maybe Black Mask?

  • Anonymous

    Misread the title as “John Stewart”…

    • Anonymous

      I SAW JOHN STEWART TOO!!! haha.
      Won’t lie, I got kinda excited…  ;)

  • Antrozous

    He reminds me of Linus Roach somehow. Not saying he will be Thomas Wayne let it be clear…

    • Julian

      Oh, but that could be a good connection with Bane. Young Ras, young Thomas Wayne, young Bane, young Bruce. Maybe Thomas and Ras took Bruce and Bane out for a play date…

      • Good guess!! Very perspicaz

        • [perspicacious] And this reminds me the Ras lines in Begins, about Bruce’s father, etc, etc… well, with Nolan, suprises could be endless!

  • Anonymous

    This guy is gonna be “random cop #2 ” or something like that, not that people will stop speculating…

  • This dude’s face features some lunacy or madness in his eyes… I bet he’s ALBERTO FALCONE!

  • He’s Hugo Strange.  Duh.  We all know there will be at least 15 Hugo Stranges in this movie, he’s #9.

  • This guy is kinda creepy…

  • Hansfan

    He looks like he could be Victor Zsaz or something like that.

    • Juliobunbury

      He will be Mr. Jean paul Valley… I hope

  • Richierich15

    Better not be ROBIN!!

  • Markevans

    Something you do’nt hear any talk about at this point is the revealing of the batcave in this upcoming film. I intrested in seeing how they they make it look. and you know they’ have to show some of the darkknights wonderful toys. As jacks (joker) would refer to them.