‘The Dark Knight Rises’ at the Licensing International Expo

The Licensing International Expo kicks off today in Las Vegas, but promo material for The Dark Knight Rises was put up yesterday afternoon. ESQ. was able to snap a photo from inside the convention center and Collider posted some promo art from the expo. Be sure to check back later for more news from the Licensing International Expo. Warner Bros. may have a few more things from The Dark Knight Rises to show off.

Update 06/14/11: ComingSoon.net has hit the show floor and posted another look at the (official?) The Dark Knight Rises logo. No other information has been released at the expo yet. Stay tuned…

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  • Anonymous

    1. a suit with the yellow logo ?!  tht would be kinda nice …. 

    2. the old suit looks gray-er …. i hope they fix tht ugly neck .. sure it was useful .. but cmon. it was ugly 

    • C’mon, no yellow stuff, dude… the guy is a stealthy bastard, a damn giant bat… don’t need nothing yellow!
      About the Batman’s neck… it’s one of the most intriging riddles in cinema is how to make the damn thing work! So, I think TDK suit did well.

      • Antrozous

        Sure, I love that amazing and pertinent argument about stealthiness if it wasn´t for a yellow gold utility belt! Theres goes the argument down the drain and why is that? Simple because Warner Bros didn´t allow for the belt to be mate black as the rest of the suit. I mean Bruce sprayed everything black and left the belt in it´s original colour so if his bat logo had yellow gold too I could live with it…

        • Yeah, I always thought ’bout that… a painted black belt would be much better indeed! Why the hell didn’t they do that?? But, an yellow belt is far better than a huge yellow target on the chest, don’t you think? Don’t tell me that you prefer blue and gray suit as well?!?!

          • Antrozous

            Nope, I hate that blue and gray look to be honest, that would never work great on film.I´m all for “does it come in black?” kind of style…

            Regarding the yellow logo some would say it had a practical purpose; in the dark it would draw criminal´s attention to Batman´s bullet proof chest making them aiming to the armor instead of his head. Others might argument that they brought yellow to Batman´s costume simply to turn him into a more colourful superhero since in the early years he was considered too dark imagine that!

          • Anonymous

            I think, though, with the design of the Nolan Batsuit, the belt is more easily concealed by the cape. It would be much harder to conceal a yellowed chest symbol without completely redesigning how the cape fits on the rest of the suit for stealth purposes.

      • Anonymous

        Another one = ) THE STEALTHY BASTARD , you sir are a GENIUS !

  • Shahbaz W

    New suit..New pics..New machines..Teaser logo..When will it be covered on B-N?? :D

  • Was this written yesterday – and if so, would that mean that the Expo is today. Or, was this written today, and will the Expo be tomorrow?

    • Sorry, updated the wording in the post. The expo is today, June 14th. Check back later for some more news (hopefully)! :)

    • Shahbaz W

      was written today..and the expo is tommorow! 

      • The expo is today, June 14th. Keep checking Batman-News.com, I’ll have all the latest news from the show.

  • Simon

    Please, no yellow logo on the new suit! 
    I suppose there is a new suit for TDKR ;). 
    And…… The logo for the film ain’t shattered or broken anymore? And I’m also excited to see the official logo for the Man of Steel if that’ll be shown. 

  • wbpromo

    For UK readers, the Expo opens at 6pm UK time Tues 14th June.  So you’ll be able to check back this evening for news unless something sneaks out before then.  For US (LA) the Expo opens at 10am Tues 14th June.

    • Almost two and a half hours later and still nothing :( I don’t wanna be a buzz-kill, but could it be that we’re not gonna be getting anything from the Expo…

  • wbpromo

    For UK readers, the Expo opens at 6pm UK time Tues 14th June.  So you’ll be able to check back this evening for news unless something sneaks out before then.  For US (LA) the Expo opens at 10am Tues 14th June.

  • bradley

    Can’t really put my finger on it, but there’s something different and nicer looking about the suit (not the gray)

    • Anonymous

      Possibly because its drawn in computer animation like they use on the children’s books and merchandise which makes it look more fluid than in real life?

  • Anonymous

    I not lie, im a litlle dissapointed with the logo.But something in the shape of the light there remind me the Superman logo… And i dont see the possibility of a gray-er suit as a problem.

  • I liked! More clean, and grayish…

    • Just a random guy

      i like it being ‘cleaner’  but i would have kept the black… easier to hide in the dar and stuff.

  • Bbuckley87

    I’m pretty sure that’s the suit from TDK

    • Hey, I was about to saying that! If we look closely, this suit is old stuff! And the article title “Return of the DK” is very generic…

  • Guanoman

    I am pretty sure the gray is just lighting and the fact that it’s a model. not the actual thing. Logo is what I expected, a Bat insignia that is clear and epic and unhampered with unless the past two movies.
    It’s a perfect emergence.

  • Xto0o

    I think tomorrow (or later tonight) they will show a new suit this picture is just as writing ,,promotional,, and Chris Nolan will not leave us this suit

  • I hope we get something today! I’ve been dying to get home from work to see something :P

  • Havingagreenday

    I just wanted to point out that the light around the logo is darn similar to the “Knightfall” bat symbol that essentially “set” like a sun. I think this is the biggest clue no one is talking about.

  • pinhead

    absolutely that is a different variation of the bat suit.

  • Adriantriangle

    As much as I enjoy the subtly of the logo, i hope it isn’t the official one because to use (almost if not the) exact same color palette as TheDarkKnight would be such a wasted opportunity to do something different and not in line with what Nolan is all about. 

    • It looks blue in all the pictures, but people on the show floor have described it as a “heavy purple”.

      • adriantriangle

        Yeah looking at it on a different computer I noticed the deep purple of it…I can fox with that. I was expecting them to use a red but purple is nice too

  • Anonymous

    It would have been cool to see a different colour but eh, its just a logo I guess.

    Thats said, it totally screams “Batman”!

  • JimmyFraska

    I still want a gray logo.

  • JimmyFraska

    I still want a gray logo.

  • gazlad

    I’m dying for a reveal of some kind! Aghhhh…

    Having said that, I wonder if the purple color palate is a clue as to what we can expect in terms of Catwoman’s look….

  • Let’s see… Begins had sepia palette, TDK a blue one, TDKR is… blueish purple? A almost desaturated palette – “Children of Men” style – would be great for TDKR!

    • Guanoman

      I actually think a deep purple would be fantastic. I have paid a lot of attention to the colors used in these movies as I am sure all of us have. I don’t think these photos give it away correctly. But a deep purple could really be an interesting thematic color. 
      More importantly, this is just for licensing and it may not be the logo that will be used to market the film.
      Personally, I always thought a glow of dark red would have been fantastic.

      • Gott

        Deep Purple is fantastic! Pink Floyd too…

        • Antrozous

          Let us not forget Led Zeppelin as well!

          • Gott

            Hell Yeah!!!!!

          • In fact, I thought in my favourite: Black Sabbath!! :D

          • Antro, just to finish that “yellow chat” above, the concept you mentioned about the yellow target logo in the chest, comes from TDK comicbook and is really cool! But I just can not see this fit in Nolan’s batmovies…

      • Yeah, thats a thing that I like to do a lot as well! You know, I like the blue palette, but to make differential efficiently in the final chapter, we need something strong… I thought something dramatically noirish, but I love the dark red idea!!

  • Barrycoyne139

    I think that picture of batman is actually a figurine!!!

    • Antrozous

      Actually it does seem three-dimensional…

  • Chriszani24

    Needs to see something epic

  • Anonymous

    UH OH.
    I just saw on Collider that there was a MAJOY spoiler spilled some time today. I DIDN’T READ IT. Don’t want to ruin anything. I just wanna know where this spoiler cam from. Chris, do you know??

    • I know it’s out there, haven’t read it yet. Not sure if I will. Batman-News.com will NOT be posting major spoilers.

      I want to keep these comments on topic, so that spoilers aren’t talked about here.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not going to read it either. Just want to know if it’s legit.

    • I am sooooo tempted to read it, but my heart is telling me I would regret it….UGH!!!!

  • Hope we get some interesting news today, is the expo still going on??

    • Was wondering the very same thing…

      IS THE EXPO STILL HAPPENING anybody? Cause almost NOTHING great came out of it!

    • Today was the last day, I guess we didn’t get anything except for that big banner =

  • Simon

    Are they going to release those two teaser-posters of TDKR and Man of Steel in high-res on the internet? And what is the point of the Licensing International Expo actually?

  • Anonymous