Michael Caine calls ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ plot extraordinary

Michael Caine is doing press for his upcoming movie, Cars 2, and thanks to Steve Weintraub of Collider, he was asked about The Dark Knight Rises. Caine talked about how much he loves working with Christopher Nolan, and the secrecy around his projects. Caine said that The Dark Knight Rises’ plot is “extraordinary” and he can see why Nolan wants to keep it a secret. Check out the audio embedded below, and head on over to Collider for a full transcript which contains a potential spoiler from Sir Michael Caine’s interview.

SOURCE: Collider (audio via Fox All Access)

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  • Yummy :)

  • JonDoe297

    Gotta love Sir Caine!

  • Anonymous

    An Adventure , thats one way to say , gets his ass kicked !

  • jen

    “they all come home shot to pieces…and i patch them together when they all get back…”   ???  !!!  

    who are all the people getting their asses kicked?

    • Antrozous

      Well, Bruce and Batman must count as two heheheh…

  • Anonymous

    Sound extraordinary…

  • Guanoman

    At this point in time we know one thing about  this film: It is so good that it will, indeed, end the world in 2012. Damn it. That means the Mayans know the plot!

  • Anonymous

    First pic of Caine on set

  • thefirerises

    the REAL Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer has leaked! Go to

  • plum plum

    We all know how much Alfred likes to say: “I told you so.”

  • Antrozous

    So now we now that Bats gets beaten up somewhere around the beginning of the film and seeing that they were filming a hospital scene with Alfred back in London I wouldn´t be surprised if it was Bruce Wayne lying there on a bed, I mean, this one will take more than a patch to put Batman on his feet again…

    Oh and about that major spoiler out there, i´m quite happy to see it happen although in a perfect world I would rather be surprised by it in the opening night. Damn you XXI century!

    • Anonymous

      If you’re referring to the story originally posted by Comic Book Movie, keep in mind that website has almost no credibility. They have a history of posting fake stories and then yanking them as soon as the truth comes out.

  • Simon

    They always show to much in trailers. Which I think is a pity. Thank god I hadn’t seen anything, except the posters, from Batman Begins once I saw the movie. I loved it, but I did see the trailers from TDK before I saw it. It showed a lot but it were great trailers. (first the Joker caught, after that the truck scene, is in the movie the other way around^^) and I was blown away when I saw it.
     And… what was the point of the Licensing International Expo??? Just two teaser posters for TDKR and Man of Steel hanging there. And there not in high-res on the internet.. Because they are really temporary or because they don’t want to begin with it yet?

    Caine is the perfect Alfred by the way :D.

  • Dammit! I can’t wait…

  • Anonymous

    ” You realy need not to know ” the next 12 months are going to be tourture = )

  • Yllscin

    I dont want to know.. i want to be surprised.. really, the movie should just be seen the way its supposed to be.. :) cant wait!

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