Iconic Batman scene to take place in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

The Dark Knight Rises filmed at Wollaton Hall this past week, and Guy Jenkins of “Allergic Films” sent in some really cool set photos. First, we see Wollaton Hall, which will be used as the rebuilt Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight Rises. The next batch of photos from Jenkins show the set of what could be an iconic Batman scene from the comics, and animated TV series. I’d consider this a minor spoiler, so continue reading if you choose.

It appears that a graveyard set has been built just outside of Wollaton Hall. A graveyard was used in background shots in the beginning of Batman Begins, but Bruce Wayne never returned to his parents grave later on in the film. Could we finally be getting that iconic scene of Bruce Wayne visiting his parents grave in The Dark Knight Rises? Check out the photos and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • NoMo

    Are any names visible on the gravestones in the originally sized pics?

    • Unfortunately, no. You can see something is written, but it’s too blurry to make out.


    (Even though this is all speculation right now.)

    :D :D :D

  • Anonymous

    This is a scene , i realy wanted to see happen = )

    • Man, that’s great! I didn’t recognize this image… is from where?

  • Bullex

    I’m so exited i just can’t wait to the true final masterpiece of movie….

  • I’m so happy it’s all starting to come together slowly :D And whatever the scene is, I’m sure it will be deep.

  • Ingrid

    There are a lot of headstone there. Wouldn’t it be horrible if they put in a few more and one of them belonged to Bruce Wayne? Like at the end of the movie we see Alfred visiting Martha and Thomas’s graves with the addition of Bruce (but with some ominous voice over) because people had been speculating Bruce might die in this film? It’s only okay if they hint him coming back with the use of the Lazarus pits.

  • Shahbaz W

    Hopefully here we’ll see Batman as never before (its a graveyard ..so hopefully emotionally charged)..SO excited :D..I wanna cry in the movie..If they end the movie killing off Batman/Bruce Wayne..This movie will end up becoming a cult epic!..In Nolan I trust . .

  • Anonymous

    One of my all time favourite Batman movie scenes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjAFbEP0wK4

    • Perfect emotional approach here… and shows how mentally broken Bruce Wayne is! Beautiful.

      • Sammy Doja

        I agree. I still have that on VHS LMAO

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  • Yanni Spiridakis

    can’t wait for it
    Once again we have to show that Batman is much more than just a comic character :[

  • Ryan b

    This was the only thing I was disappointed in the dark knight there was no mention

  • Pizzataco8

    Were any of the actors on set?

  • Pizzataco8

    Were any of the actors on set?

  • Iconic imagery indeed… I think not only this passage, but everything else in this movie need too be more gothic, more atmospheric, Batman, Gotham, everything… Yeah, this passage was missing since Begins. This one, the Batcave’s scenes, some in Arkhan too… this flick will be amazing!

  • Steven Peckuk

    I live across the road and went to see the set just before the park closed , the gravestone up against the tree reads Elizebeth Wayne. Hope this helps. Wicked set i must say.

  • Anonymous

    Its suprising to know we havm’t really had the iconic image of Batman visiting the graveyard in live action before (unless I’m forgetting something) so this will be epic (if this is indeed what this is)…

    • Antrozous

      Not the graveyard itself but in Batman 89 Bruce can be seen placing some flowers in the alley where his parent´s were shot..

      I don´t believe we will see Batman visiting the Wayne´s cemetery, it should end up being Bruce…

  • abw2

    Looks like the mansion’s going back up and running again. So, that’s a good thing I think. P :)

  • Antrozous

    At last some gothic tone! Can´t wait…

    This final chapter will obliterate TDK, mark my words!

  • Bane in the ass

    Would be good if some scaffolding still remained, looks like a bit of a big quick Grand Designs project to get it finished looking as that by film 3.

    Also re that Bane pic… I’m sure its fake, as I remember seeing that same pic on (IGN?) before Dark Knight came out. But it wasn’t labelled as Bane. Not sure exactly what it was of, but it goes back a long time. Unless its an early design concept that was ommitted?


  • Ron Torque

    This will be one of the greatest scenes in the movie.

  • DickenCider

    i still wanna see Batman v/s Predator. i thought all of comic series by DarkHorse comics was awesome!!

  • Sammy Doja

    I wanna see this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Damn it….. we need a flux capacitor I got the DeLorean, Anyboby???

  • Sammy Doja

    I wanna see this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Damn it….. we need a flux capacitor I got the DeLorean, Anyboby???