Bruce Wayne’s new ride in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

As I’m sure you all saw in The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne crashed his Lamborghini to save Mr. Reese. What’s a billionaire to do without a car? Buy another one. Thanks to the folks at Luxury4Play, we have three photos from the set at Wollaton Hall of Bruce Wayne’s new ride in The Dark Knight Rises. This time the Gotham Playboy will be cruising around in a 2012 Lamborghini Aventador. Does it come in black? A source says that Nolan wanted the Lamborghini in a different color, but all he could get was silver.

SOURCE: Luxury4Play

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  • Anonymous

    “Nice car!”

    “You should see my other one.”

  • Cee

    Nice! I can already imagine Bruce thinking of how he will wreck this one. 

  • It has a nice bat-ish flair to it too.

  • Anonymous

    ” i gotta get me one of those “

  • Anonymous

    Batman Trivia time ! in TDK Batman drove a Lamborghini Murcielago ,what does Murcielago mean in Spanish ?

    • Juliomata-

      Means a BAT

      • Anonymous

        You win !

    • Damn! If it was a portuguese name, would be MORCEGO! So, I could win my six pack heineken! :D

  • Yesterday I was thinking how a Lamborghini Ankonian would be a nice fit for a Batmobile.

    • Antrozous

      Agreed, I thought just that when I saw it a couple of years ago, that concept was wild!

  • Cat-Who?

    Batman-News you’re the best, bar none. How do you do it?!

  • Looks mean enough to be a morphable Batmobile … you know, one of the classic limousines. 

  • plum plum

    will it NOT blend?
    that is the question.

  • Anonymous

    So i gotta go for the day , 5 UPDATES in 1 day

    ” Know your limits , ”   ” , has no limits ”  = )

  • Chicks dig the car.

  • That is a sexy car….

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how much lamborghini paid to have their new car in the film, either way it will be one hell of an advertisement…

  • Meh… I prefer my yellow BRASILIA ride:

    A little inside joke for the brazilian folks here! :)

  • Anonymous

    Just went and bought mine! Lamborghini’s investment paid off!

  • Anonymous

    if i was on set , i would so , try and steal a GOTHAM number plate !

  • Prano07

    u kno, unlike the murcielago, aventador doesn’t appeal to the wheeny playboy image of bruce,it appeals more to the rage of batman. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad Nolan’s Batman films don’t have such blatant product placement the way the Bond movies do.

    • Anonymous

      I know right i hate product placement ( This comment was brought to you by Hienz Beans ,officialy Batmans favourite beans = )

  • Antrozous

    The moment the Aventador came out last March I said to myself – Bruce Wayne already bought one! Here it is…

    The Dark Knight franchise – Promoting Lamborghini supercars since 2005

  • The Killing Joke

    “Does it come in black?”

  • abw2

    I was kind of hoping it would be a new version of the Batmobile, but I guess I’m just going to have to count my blessings and take whatever I can get. Sweet ride. P :)

  • Ljusy94

    the car is as cool as his owner*)