Are you a football player? Want to be in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’? [Update]

A massive casting call in Pittsburgh for The Dark Knight Rises wrapped up a few weeks ago. If you didn’t make it out to the audition and happen to play football, you may still be able to participate in Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman finale. Sports Studio is looking for football players, ages 22 to 35, with extensive football experience. Filming will take place in Pittsburgh on Saturday, August 7th from 7am-7pm. For more information, hit up the source link.

Update 06/30/11: Don’t play football? No problem! Extras are needed to cheer on the Gotham Rogues as they take the field against the Rapid City Monuments. Find out more at Be In a Movie.

SOURCE: Sports Studio, Be In a Movie

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  • Anonymous

    Very intresting , we know Nolan is planning to shoot Hienz field and apparently blow it up , at least one good thing could come out of , the lock out , So it definetly seems like were going to have a GOTHAM based football team , competition time , who can come up with the best Gotham based team name ? i ll start    GOTHAM GARGOYLES = )

    • Mason Drumm

      The Gotham Thunder (I’m from okc)

      • Batman Inc

        Gotham Knights

        • Anonymous

          Good one !

        • Antrozous

          Gotham Knights: Definitely a winner!

          • Anonymous

            Yeah ! i am calling it , Batman Inc wins !

          • Batman Inc

            Why thank you gentlemen :] Imagine owning an actual jersey. That would be some awesome Batman memorabilia.

      • Fribledib

        I like Gotham Thunder, but then I’m also from OKC.

    • Looks like they’ll be the “Gotham Rogues”

      • Anonymous

        Gotham Rogues , i like it , i think it would of been cool , if they were playing the Mertropolis Mayhem !

      • Sean

        Nice!  so does that mean come august 6 we will know all about this huge scene?  Sounds like some stuff gonna go down in this scene…and a packed stadium full of extras…spoilers will be revealed, right?  and are you guaranteed to be in the movie if you sign up??

  • Blackrook

    Bane is gonna be playing football! ;D


  • Anonymous

    Off Topic , i am loving the cover art for Batman Arckham Asylum

    • Antrozous

      Can´t wait for this game to come out, Asylum was awesome but this one will blow the charts!

      • Anonymous

        I know ,the next 12 months are pretty good for Batman fans Arkham city ,Year One animated , then the main Event TDKR,also, Blood on the knuckles , nice touch !

        • Batman Inc

          It’s the year of the bat. Don’t forget that The Dark Knight Returns animated is being made as well. It’s such a great time to be a bat fan.

  • Guanoman

    Demographic of Batman fans: 
    Geeks/Fanboys/Fangirls/Too skinny: 99.9%
    Casual movie goers who picked up a comic after seeing TDK: 0.1%
    Football players… No. They wouldn’t. 

  • Amartblue99

    bane and batman are going to decide the battle for gotham’s soul! in a foot ball game! YES!!!

  • Tebay71

    Could you change the banner picture to somebody who’s not a rapist?

    • Jchatw1

      Drew Brees! This punk shouldn’t be anywhere near a Batman site; Bruce is a philanthropist not a sexual deviant.

  • Dustin Morley

    I’m a hockey fan and know nothing about football, but cool. I’m wondering if this might be a professional team owned by Wayne Enterprises. Given that they’re the biggest corporation in a big city in America it would make sense. And then Bruce Wayne can attend a game and be attacked by somebody who knows his identity as Batman. 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they should hire the guys who played the Batman impersonators in The Dark Knight. Those guys like to dress up and make fools of themselves.

  • Ex-KGB

    Gotham Rogues. That’s awesome. Rogues Gallery reference means Nolan does his homework.

    • TDKR2012

      Anyone think this has something to do with the Plane Crash scene in the movie? i can just imagine the fans looking up and seeing the plane heading for the ground, flames, panic, mayhem, the Dark Knight!

      • Anonymous

        I think , it will turn out , that Alfred has become a gambling addict , and Wayne Manor is riding on this game = )

  • Americanthrift

    They should just get all the Steelers? There’s a lock out ya know…They’re not busy and could use the work!!!!

    • That’s actually not a bad idea. I guess they don’t want anyone famous/recognizable. 

      • Anonymous

        Chris bit of a boring one , but is it just on my pages of , the picture of Batman that is usaly on the left hand of the screen is gone , has this happened for anyone else , Tell me if i am reading far to much into this , but it seemed to go , when BOF S new page design popped up , have you seen it , imitation is the most sincere form of flattery !

        • Batman is usually on the right side. Just make sure your browser window is set to the biggest size. I still see him on my page.

  • Meh… soccer would be much better!! Then, some brazilian player could appear in the movie… hehe

    • Anonymous

      Yeah ! youre right my friend i am a big football ( soccer fan ) i support L.F.C , that reminds me the COPA AMERICA starts today , Best of luck to BRAZIL ,but i will be supporting Uraguy because Luis Suarez plays for the Mighty L.F.C , I know Lucas Levia plays for us to , but he is not as good as Suarez = )

      • Fuck yeah, go BRASIL! Even I don’t liked that much the new brazilian squad, we always be at the top-ranking for the win… Yeah, I sympathize to the Uruguay team too… at least you’ll don’t cheered to fucking ARGENTINA! mwahahah

        *off topic, guys!*

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, BRAZIL are not as good as they once were , but you have a NEW HOPE in NEYMAR ! I am English it is the law to HATE , Dieago Maradonna = )

          • Mark my words: the name of this COPA AMERICA will be: Paulo Henrique “GANSO”, our new number 10!

  • The Fat Batman

    Wasn’t there plans for a football stadium to get demolished and rumors had it that Warners were trying to get rights to film it for the movie. This casting may be telling us that something big is about to happen.

  • Maxwell Action

    I’m not wearing hockey pads. They’re football pads!

  • Tmantd900

    is the website serious??

  • Garmanbozia

    My guess is that Bane will be a football player