‘The Dark Knight Rises’ stunt goes terribly wrong in Scotland

There was another accident on set of The Dark Knight Rises last night, though this one wasn’t as minor as the previous one. A parachutist crashed through the roof of someone’s home in Cairngorm Gliding Club, Feshiebridge in Scotland. Press and Journal has the full report.

Pavel Satny, a professional photographer who has a home there, was in his garden around 8.30pm when the surprise visitor dropped in. The stuntman went through the roof of the chalet next door and got wedged there.

Mr Satny said: “It was incredible. I’m amazed he survived. There were five parach-utists overhead. I was busy watching one of the other men, as it looked as if he was going to land in the forest next door. All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I saw another man fall straight down into the roof next door. He dropped just like a stone. I didn’t know what to do – whether to get my ladder or my wife! I got my ladder and made my way to help him. A paramedic from the crew arrived and helped him. He seemed OK. He told me that it was so windy and he just couldn’t control his parachute. It was all over in about 15 minutes. He was so, so lucky. He could have easily died.”

Thankfully, the stuntman was OK! Another big stunt is planned to take place in Scotland, later this month. Hit up the source link to read the full article, but be careful, there are some minor spoilers.

SOURCE: Press and Journal

Thanks Sean for the heads up!

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  • Good thing he’s ok, wow.

  • Yeah… lucky guy! Imagine if he hits in a high tension cable? Ouch

    • Shahbaz W

      Nothing would’ve happened..unless he touches 2 wires at once..he isn’t grounded ;)

      • So, imagine if he hits in TWO high tension cables at once? Ouch

        • Shahbaz W

          Now THAT would hurt

  • Guanoman

    Poor guy!
    Holy smokes. 
    And then Nolan said “Okay we need to shoot it again, that take wasn’t good enough.”

  • Antrozous

    I think that title is a bit over-the-top imho, “terribly wrong” would be an acident with severe injuries or even death to the stuntman. It was just a bad landing…

    On a lighter note, I bet that guy thought the town was being invaded by the Brits or something… lol

  • Pumped Up Bro


    5 brahs dressed in black, parachuting over the verdant countryside = The League of Shadows Assaulting Wane Manor, ready to iron out Bruce as he lies broken and bruised from Bane’s mighty girth.

    • Big Dumb Sex

      Kinda along the lines of what jumped in my mind. I suspect LOS will be a bigger part of this than earlier thought. I still worry though that Bane, (Hardy) won’t be convincingly huge enough, and that the fights will be lame for yet a third time. Ninjas don’t use the Keysi Fighting Method, and Bruce Wayne trained in the ways of the Ninja.

    • Adrian193

      Yeah that’s almost exactly what came to my mind too, but there’s one thing that makes me sad about Nolan’s films… I don’t want Batman to be fighting just the LOS, just Joker and his thugs etc… I would love to see some average criminals getting theirs asses kicked. You know what I mean? I want him to fight crime, not just the guys that are pissed at him. :)

      • Yeah, make sense… LOS maybe will have over exposure this time… but, don’t you guys forget that the plot/sinopsis don’t even was released yet, so every analisys made by us is merely speculation! Besides, this is a full trilogy, full circle… I mean, we can expect everything from Nolan.

  • abw2

    Okay, is it just me, or are Nolan’s Batman films (however good they’ve been) just basically a bunch of health hazards waiting to happen? I mean God, these people really need to be more freakin’ careful for Christ’s sake!!!!!! P :)

  • Avi_knight

    those guys would do anything to make The Dark Knight Rises the best movie of Nolan’s trilogy..way to go guys!! :)

  • Ramonestthebatman

    Definetley the LoS will huge in this in my opinion

  • resudes

    Maybe Adam West is parachuting in as Robin

  • Guest

    ouch, i live really close to that area of the cairngorms, hadnt even heard that this was all happening til literally just now

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  • The Dark Knight Rises


    • Chazzy

      And the award for one of the worst Batman fan videos of all time goes to……

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    After the poster for the ‘Dark Knight Raising’ launching, there was gigantic discussions and gossip under Batman fans bee