Follow Batman, aka Kevin Conroy, on Twitter!

This isn’t The Dark Knight Rises news, but it’s pretty cool! Kevin Conroy, best known as the voice of Batman in the animated TV shows and movies, is now on Twitter. Conroy is right up there with Christian Bale as my personal favorite Batman, and it’s his voice I hear every time I read a comic book. He’s an extremely cool guy, and he’s even a fan of Be sure to follow Conroy on Twitter, tell him sent you!

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  • Sibs44

    Lol, Jett must be butthurt because he didn’t mention BOF

    • Antrozous

      I guess he´s no “personal friend” of Mr. Conroy…

    • mwahahaha!! Right…

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Is it true that Conroy dissed Christian Bale’s Batman voice?

    • Anonymous

      Kind of. He’s just not a fan of how he does it, but if I remember correctly, he liked other aspects of his performance.

      • Anonymous

        I realize a lot of people don’t like Bale’s Bat-voice and there are scenes where even I don’t like it, but I think it’s rather unprofessional for Conroy to criticize another actor’s creative choices. You don’t see Bale criticizing Clooney.

        • Anonymous

          I agree. I mean, I appreciate what Conroy did for Batman, but I don’t (personally) think of him as the end-all be-all Batman. For me, that’s Bale; I think he’s nailed both roles of Batman and Bruce Wayne. And personally, I like his “Batman voice,” it’s very guttural, and I think is very representative of what Batman is.

          That said, about criticizing Clooney. 1) Yes, it could be unprofessional, but 2) where would you begin?

          • Anonymous

            Badmouthing Clooney would be incredibly easy, but still unprofessional. Who knows what these actors really think of one another? Look at Sean Connery. He owns the role of Bond, but has never said anything negative of the actors who came after him. But in private, he’d probably have a lot of negative things to say. Bale gets a lot of heat for his Bat-voice, but at least he tried to disguise it. Clooney didn’t even bother. As for Conroy, he should be glad that he was given such a great voice to begin with.

  • Batman-News represent! Nice job!

    Must check out these other websites too.

  • Julian

    Best batman ever!

  • Bazman05

    Good old Kevin Conroy. Been enjoying his voice for years now and I’m really looking forward to it when Batman: Arkham City is released.

  • Only the Best Cartoon Voice Ever!


  • Since we are talking about old batman’s, is there any truth to the Adam West in the next movie?  It’s now been reported by 


    • Anonymous

      Dude way to SPOIL a possible awsome cameo , i know we just want to talk all things TDKR s , but if your going to link something , just post the link , and say possible SPOILERS read at own risk = (

      • Don’t worry, that rumor is NOT true. @5eb25acdbab68941c3438388d653aaf5:disqus in the future please don’t give away the spoiler in your description, say “is there any truth to this cameo rumor?”.

  • space cadet

    2:24  norman osborn is still alive spiderman failed.

  • Anonymous

    Cool new Batman Year One trailer , EPIC

    • Antrozous

      This movie will be amazing, they practicaly made the graphic novel came alive! A blueray must have for all bat-fans!

  • We must mention the excellent work Mark Hamill did as the Joker too.