‘The Dark Knight Rises’ teaser trailer and poster coming next week [Update]

Update 07/11/11: It’s official! The teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises will be released this week and have a runtime of 1 minute and 26 seconds.

We’ve been hearing this rumor for a while, but now Superhero Hype has received word from a reliable source that The Dark Knight Rises’ teaser trailer will debut next Friday, July 15th, with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. According to the source, the teaser trailer has a runtime of 1 minute and 33 seconds and a poster will be on display as well. If this is all true, Warner Bros. will likely release the teaser trailer online sometime next week in all it’s HD glory. Batman-News.com will have it for you here the minute it hits the net…stay tuned! For now, express your excitement in the comments, and check out the teaser trailers for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight after the break.

[Image via my friends at Nolan Fans]

SOURCE: Superhero Hype

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  • CANT WAIT!!!!

  • Juliomatag


  • Anonymous

    = ) = ) = ) = ) = ) = ) = ) = ) = ) = ) = ) = ) i am going to have to wait in the midnight showing lines with Wizards and Muggles , but it will so be worth it !

  • Caddy


    going to a midnight showing of harry potter 7.5 thursday night so hopefully itll be shown before that. ill be so gutted if not :(

    • Guanoman

      Sometimes midnight showings skip the previews.
      Let’s hope not for your sake!

    • Miguel

      Try not to be too disappointed but sometimes midnight previews have different trailers featered, but I think you should be fine. 

  • Anonymous

    And my personal convulsions start…..now…..

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know , if a movie is in 3D , are the trailers shown before that movie on for movies in 3D ?

    • Usually, but I don’t think that’ll be the case for The Dark Knight Rises

    • Anonymous

      The 3D movie I saw (and this may just be where I live) had like three or four 2D trailers, then one 3D trailer. So if it’s like that everywhere, you’ll be fine if you see HP7.2 in 3D.

    • For me, they always have trailers not in 3D featured before the 3D. We’ll get the normal ones, then a message telling us to put our 3D glasses on and that lasts for the remainder of the movie. So trailers and then film all in 3D.

  • Anonymous

    Hang on a sec guys, this could well be false, bring it down a notch until we know for sure. Personaly, the length of the teaser has me suspicious…

    • Anonymous

      if you remember , ” they turned to a man they didnt understand ” teaser that was 55 seconds long , i dont expect to see much to any footage in this teaser , just a glimpse of the tone and feel , but i will take anything i can get , you are right though , but i am hoping for the best !

      • Anonymous

        Oh for sure, all I meant was that when it comes to the TDKR “trusted sources” can’t always be trusted. If there is a teaser, it gonna be have to be voice over with a shot of the logo, there simply isn’t any post-produced footage to show…

        • Ellesar23

          Well, if you look at the teaser for Batman Begins or Inception. They both were over a minute and long and contained a decent amount of footage. Chris Nolan has shot a lot of footage and I’m sure its enough for a Minute long teaser.

          • Anonymous

            You’re correct about those teasers having footage early on. I just didn’t want to get let down by hying myself up but I guess I’l jump on the bandwagon…

          • Shahbaz W

            Earliest teaser of inception was 42 sec long..just contained the spinning totem..nothing else!!..doubt that 1min33sec teaser will be out :S

  • FINALLY! I’ve been stalking you guys for a VERY long time and to hear this!!! Ah bloody hell! I’ll spend a crap load on HP Tickets JUST to see the trailer! (I Don’t even watch HP) >:O

  • Anonymous

    The teaser is finally upon us, I suspect it to show footage this time around. Bigger question is why footage?

  • Gott

    I want to see the pussy……cat!!!
    I hope it’s not a hoax.

  • Hell yeah, babe!! Bring it on… i can not wait!
    Recalling the TDK teaser, this new one maybe doesn’t show almost nothing about the movie… I’m expecting just some audio and atmospheric stuff…

    • Anonymous

      I am , calling it now , we will see Catwoman , in the next 2 weeks ( remember i was right about Bane ) as for the teaser , i think it will be focused on Bane , with a hint at the destruction , that will rain down , and finaly the poster , our first look at the new Bat suit = )

      • Wow! You sir are an optimist! Yeah, probably we’ll see something about Bane, but a new batsuit? Would be a day of grace!


    -Steve carrel from get smart.

    • I bought my ticket to a Harry Potter showing. In the spirit of the original Batman from 1989,I’ll only stay to watch the trailer and then I’m outta there.

      • Haha, well I like Harry potter…so i’ll stay, but I admire your spirit!!!!

  • Rifik

    yes yes yes!!! C´mon Bane!

  • Cannot WAIT !!! This is going to be horrible though. Nolan movies have such good teaser trailers that  its all I will want to talk about for the next 12 months !! 

  • bradley

    I think Batman Begins was better (the trailer and the movie) Hopefully Dark Knight Rises will be up to par.

  • The teaser for BB shows quite a bit of footage but I prefer the DK one.
    For this one I’d love to see some footage of Bane and Catwoman. I
    imagine we will get footage considering we haven’t gotten an official
    still of Catwoman yet and it would be a great opportunity to reveal that
    to everyone.

  • Add that to the excitement I already have for the final Harry Potter film and you have one amazing theater experience. Going to be a great, great week.

  • Man, I couldn’t remember how great the Begins teaser was… it’s simply magnificent! Could TDKR teaser top that one? I think the whole thing is so secretive, that the teaser will be even more intrigate.

  • Why the hell Jett has been so sarcastic? Anyone here knows if the dude always acted this way?

    • Anonymous

      I was a BOF regular for 3 years , listen JETTS a good guy , a TRUE Batman fan like all of us , but , and i wish he would quit , that sarcastic and slightly arrogant approach , but hey now i am thankful for it , because it drove me to the best Batman site on the web Batman-News.com , Thanks JETT !

      • I know that! I followed his site since TDK pre-production and i still do sometimes… I know he’s a good fella, but lately the guy is too cranky… became too self-referencial, with an arrogant attitude… no need for that.

        • Bwayne10oclock

          I think Jett is a nice guy, and I followed him starting when he was covering news for Batman Begins. In the last four years I’ve been staying off his site…I got real tired of Jett’s Narcissism!
          It got old real quick!!…I’ll stay with Batman-News for my Bat info.

    • This is strictly my opinion, so take it as you will, but Jett was the top dog for a long, long time. He had the monopoly on Batman movie news. There was no competition.

      Few years ago there was a bit of a rift that caused a bunch of people to jump ship to a message board. Some TDK pictures were leaked, and more people jumped the BOF ship. I noticed a big attitude change then. 

      Fast forward to now, and you have a lot of people leaving and coming to sites like Batman-News.com. Many have left for the very reasons EBostock mentioned. BOF has lost a LOT of it’s audience in the last three months. Just see the attached Alexa image. 

      I think BOF was important, but I don’t think the rise of competition has sat well over in that camp.

      • Really sorry to put this issue on topic, fellas. Superheroofthemonth cleared the things up as water! Well, as a reader, I just don’t like to be treated like enemy, you know what I mean?

      • Ex KGB

        I would just like to say that I too have followed BOF from as far back as Batman Begins days.  I sent him a few emails over the years with a few questions, and always got snark replies.  The site itself has never been easier on the eyes.  Especially lately his ego has erupted, and well because of that I’m grateful, because I found this site, and now stay here for my news.  Batman News looks great on my laptop and on my iPhone.  The news is quick, and whomever is running it has a good sense of what the readers like.

        Thanks for running a great site.  Competition just created a better product!

        R.I.P. BOF

        Cya Jett!

  • Can’t wait!!

  • Anonymous

    Will be GLORIOUS!

  • Anonymous

    I carnt pick between the BB and TDK teasers , I love the BB one , because its Batman centric , but do you remember the first time you heard Heaths voice , That changed things forever , there was no going back = )

  • abw2

    I really do hope this is true. I mean seriously, they’d DAMN well better not be playing with me on this one!!!!!!

  • That TDK trailer still gives me the old goosebumps.

  • Anonymous

    The moment we’ve all been waiting for is coming!!!

  • guest
    • Um….that’s probably fake, but damn…that looked kind legit.

    • That’s fan-made.

      • guest

        What tips you off that it’s fan made?  I thought it was pretty legit.  Ugh… I hate fan-made stuff.  I don’t understand it myself.  But to each his own.

        • The footage is from a different movie.

          • guest

            Not that I don’t believe you, just curious – which movie?

          • I can’t remember the name, but I’ve seen that clip in just about every fan-made trailer for TDKR.

          • Yeah, the footage is from BRONSON, movie with Tom Hardy… wich I strongly recommend! Very, very good flick…
            The audio is a mix from various flicks… damn, this fan-made stuff is going too far!

          • Shahbaz W

            The footage is mostly legit..its just not the whole thing..listen to what alfred (michael cane) says!!..”To crush the vigilante..ye must reveal the gangster”..I literally cross referenced to most of Sir michael cane’s movies..out of which none bear this dialogue..after i Binged it..however..the music is totally zimmer style..but no title..no name..even though theres a really good chance its legit..that says its a fake </3

  • Batfan

    If true,it’s great 1:33minutes thats longer then the TDK teaser,so we will see footage for sure.

  • Jdmediaking

    Watching that trailer for dark knight makes me think how much we as Batman fans miss you Heath Ledger. You were the best Joker we could ever hope for wish we could see you do it again in The Dark Knight Rises. Tom Hardy you better not disapoint in this……I know you wont . Brunson showed us that !!!!!

  • Even if the trailer is only 10 seconds, I will STILL have a bat-gasm!!!!!

  • Ingrid

    Hopefully it’s more like Batman Begins, because TDK didn’t give us much to go upon (but I know those little buggers will go with TDK and show us nothing D: )

  • Got a Question: “Harry Potter & Deathly Hollows Part 2” debut wednesday July 13th in France (cause I’m French….)
    Is that possible that TDKR teaser will launch at the same time or we have to wait the American release???

  • Simon

    I’m going to the premiere of Harry Potter 7 part 2 on the 12th of july (Holland^^). I guess I won’t get to see the teaser then but anyways: CANT WAIT FOR THE TEASER TRAILER/POSTER!!!!!

  • Haha. Great image they created. Love that so much.

  • Ramonestthebatman

    OMG I cant f-in wait im a be there just for the trailer I dnt even like harry potter I may just stay untill the trailer ends then leave I know it’ll be epic!!!

  • Hey Chris, very cool Harry Potter parody banner! Where did you found it?

    • NolanFans.com, I thought the parody banner was great too!

  • Antrozous

    I´m calling it, if there is indeed footage in this upcoming teaser trailer it will be from that inicial India shoot. Will they going to show us Ras Al Ghul? Bane? I don´t believe Batman or Catwoman for now, I would be very very surprised if that happened. Another possibility is to show us some scenes from the previous films and end up with a final shot of something new just to set the mood for this last ride. We´ll soon be seeing it…

    • Anonymous

      If i had to guess , how about , start in darkness camera from behind , voice over , I WILL BREAK YOU ! Gradual reveal of Bane sitting in a cell , Batman Logo appears , snaps in two ,

      • Antrozous

        For 1:33 that outline seems a bit short for just that althought I doubt it will last that long to be honest…

  • Man, I still get cold chills watching that dark knight teaser. I really miss the anticipation there was for that movie. I think there is a lot for The Dark Knight Rises, but not as much as The Dark Knight had. I remember how blown away I was watching the first Dark Knight theatrical trailer.

  • Yeppers

    I was 100% sure that there would only be voiceover like the TDK teaser.  But this teaser is 1:26…the longest teaser yet!!!!  There is SO gonna be footage!!!

  • Dseth2k

    Where’s the viral campaign that should happen just before release of said teaser?!!

  • TDKR2012

    OMGEEEEEE!!!! 1:26 is  my new favourite number!, so amazing… hopefully the website is accurate, and all signs point to… can’t believe this is officially official!!!

  • Anonymous

    BB teaser is way more epic.
    The only good thing in TDK teaser is Heath’s voice.

  • David

     OMG! I didn’t get happy.I got crazy! I’ve just took part in my university entrance exam.It was challenging and I’m waiting to hear about my score and the results.But I’m telling you,guys!I’m telling you,Chris! If I get admitted into the university,I won’t be more excited than I am about this piece of news!!!the feeling is not even comparable!

  • David

     OMG! I didn’t get happy.I got crazy! I’ve just took part in my university entrance exam.It was challenging and I’m waiting to hear about my score and the results.But I’m telling you,guys!I’m telling you,Chris! If I get admitted into the university,I won’t be more excited than I am about this piece of news!!!the feeling is not even comparable!

  • Model_102

    found something cool it may be a real poster for the dark knight rises
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORN8deeE4fk&feature=related and found this
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPY-RgUvhVM i know the video is from tom hardys “bronson” damn good movie by the way, but the audio seems to be part of the new trailer that may come out this week “fingers and toes crossed”

    • Shahbaz W

      Video is a fake..audio sounds legit..poster is badasssss!!

    • Anonymous

      The poster seems real..

    • Anonymous

      The poster seems real..

    • Anonymous

      The poster seems real..

  • Lucaskan

    It’s 1 minute and 33 seconds or 1 minute and 26 seconds?

  • SandyCarp

    The Dark Knight teaser still gives me chills.

  • Stephen92895

    I dont even like Harry Potter movies, so i might go see it just for the trailer and leave when the movie starts