‘The Dark Knight Rises’ teaser poster


The teaser poster for The Dark Knight Rises is here! The official website was just updated with the poster, and the teaser trailer should be released online any day now. What do you think?

SOURCE: TheDarkKnightRises.com, Download in High Resolution

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  • TDKR2012

    Not what i was expecting, looks cool! inception-inspired?

  • Williamregal456


  • I was not expecting something like this – I don’t know what to feel about it

  • Yeppers

    HOLY SH*************************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!  Love how the buildings make the batsignal!!  All hell is about to break loose!

    • Geeky Randy

      I think the bat-emblem is supposed to be the sky, as if Batman is rising up to the sky to catch a falling Gotham.  Hence, “The Dark Knight Rises”.  Yes, awesome teaser poster!

  • wow took me a minute to notice the batsign, very cool

  • Anonymous

    Nolan cannot get out of his Inception world lol
    Nice poster.

  • Anonymous


  • bradley

    Wow…. not bad at all.

  • TDKR2012

    I’m blown away by how different this is from the other movies, just the tone of the poster is CRAZY!, this is definitely going to up the ante, i’m expecting a completely new film to blow us all away. 
    The poster screams gotham city in it’s darkest hour, and the batman breaking light!

  • why is it always the bat symbol in different places? Cant Nolan come up with something new?

    • lol! Maybe cause the movie doesn’t come out in a year, ya dumb ass dunce.

      • Really, thats your defense? Calling people names and run away, real mature, and what does the final release of the movie have to do with a piece of promotional art? Try harder, fanboy

        • aha I ran away? Guess ya just can’t catch up to my e-tron cycle bruh. Maybe I meant this is simply only a “teaser” poster, and obviously near the release of the film their will be more posters that don’t have the bat symbol in different places to satisfy your moobs. Sorry I cuss man, honestly, but like fuck your morals dude or gurlll, I honestly can’t tell from your pic.

          • BANE

            Hey Tyler and yxuz, maybe the both of you brahs should chill out.

            This time next year Bruce Wayne will be in a world of pain. I am going to give him a seeing to that he would have never expected; and I will not hold back.

            Unless you want me to iron you both out, I’d just make up and be friends.

            In a years time; Gotham will feel the unbridled and unsheathed rage of my girth –

            The girth of Bane’s wrath.

      • Difference of opinion is one thing, downright disrespect is not cool, Tyler Grisco. Take that crap to a website that doesn’t have integrity.

        • Sorry my moral brothers, gotta read over my e-bible again.

      • Let’s all get along and focus on this awesome poster! I can’t wait to hang this thing on my wall :)

        • Yeah come on guys, we are better than those trollish idiots who argue with each other over the internet…..we are Batman fans!

        • Veronica-bellotti

          id like it on my mobile.and wallpaper on my laptop

        • Jamil Ahmed

          That’s a good point, any idea where we can buy this poster?

      • Anonymous

        That comment was really uncalled for. But oh well, we gotta respect all members of society, even the uneducated ones. I feel ya, “bruh”.

        • dont worry, bruh, you have my utmost respect ;]

    • Garypa74

      Ermmm because it’s a Batman movie!!!! What do you mean by new? You want the Superman or Spider-man logo?? What a stupid comment

      • learn to understand the questions before you answer them, so you dont embarrass yourself, like right now you stupid troll, yet another

        • Anonymous

          The only person embarrassing himself here is you.

        • Anonymous

          The only person embarrassing himself here is you.

          • why, because I got a different opinion? Hey, why dont you go live in China

    • JimmyFraska

      Well, um… because the movie is a Batman movie?  Arre you implying that it shouldn’t have the Batman symbol in it?

      • I dont know… maybe the Batpod, new Batmobile, Batcave, Batmask, Batcape, Baterang, Batbelt, Batshadow, Batfists, bats, or Batman himself? There’re so many things to represent him, why always a giant Batman symbol on a building? its just not creative

        • RyRy

          Hmmm, I kinda see what you mean, but I think it’s just the art of the three films. Nolan wants to keep it a trilogy and having the same theme run through the posters makes it seem more unified. I think it’s safe to say that the film wont be exactly the same, but will have the same themes, just as the posters to.

        • bradley

          Well its a teaser. They don’t want to give too much away. I actually didn’t notice the bat symbol at first.

          • I dont think “giving too much away” is the only way to be creative

          • bradley

            Fair enough, but all they are trying to tell people is a new Batman film is coming soon. The bat symbol is Batman’s symbol, and I think they were really creative in the way they made the bat symbol.
            Besides, being effective is more important than being creative.

        • Anonymous

          Because it’s a teaser and teasers aren’t supposed to giveaway details, merely create anticipation.

        • Davey699

          O yeah, slapping the Batmobile or Batman on a poster would be much more creative (insert eye-rolling emoticon)

    • Geeky Randy

      Why isn’t there a “dislike” button?

  • Brain expoldey!

  • Simplebay

    it is FANTASTIC.

    although the burning building one for TDK was better. but for a first poster? excellent

  • Amazing

  • Derek F

    Very Inception-esk. I love it though. All the talk about the color scheme for the film. What if its just grey? Could be interesting. I really like this poster. Cant wait to buy a copy!

  • guest

     THANK YOU BASED GOD. I’m crying right now.

  • NeonBlack

    Earthquake destroying Gotham?

    • Antrozous

      It´s a metaphor…

  • Limp8931

    Truly Amazing, can’t wait for the teaser, i bet by looking at this that Nolan is gonna include a lot of visual effects in the inception style

  • Maxwell Action

    I’m sorry I can’t see the image through all the jizm flooding this page. Just kidders. It looks solid (well as solid as it can be anyway with it falling apart and whatnot). OMG you’ll shit bricks when you finally see her!!! Holy wowzers look close!!!

  • I just changed my desktop wallpaper from Tom Hardy as Bane, to this new poster!

  • Ksunaycock


  • TheRiddler

    I was disappointed until i realized that it had the bat symbol lol. amazing teaser poster. didn’t reveal much though.. guess we will have to wait a couple more days for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. gunna be the best Thursday ever! The Dark Knight Rises and Sherlock trailers plus imax of Harry Potter! 

  • Anonymous

    Inception 2 

  • b1000

    Does any one see a face on the first building on the left? or is just me?

    • Crystal Brain Strawberry Smash

      Yeah, I see a face with sunglasses on?  Maybe an image of Bane?  And also…I see a superman symbol somewhat too randomly.  No way any of these “images” I’m seeing make any sense…..The overall flow of this pic is a crumbling/breaking city….. Bane is going to be tough on Bats.

      • BANE

        I’m going to give “Bats” just what he deserves.

        A broken back.

        He’s going to get it. Just wait and see.

        He will feel my pent-up prison brunt.

    • I don’t know about a face, but I definitely can see a… “S” superman symbol on a falling rock at the lower left!

  • Mos Def08

    This poster to me is INSANE!! In a way the bat signal in this poster is the antithesis of TDK, could symbolize his “Rise” as the white Knight and not the silent, dark one that he was. 

    And in order to do so(rise), he must go through total chaos.

    But that’s just me reading too much into these things like I normally enjoy doing :)

  • Crystal Brain Strawberry Smash

    Pretty cool poster.  Gotham just crumbling, breaking…. Batman is going to be in some trouble in this flick a la Knightfall.

  • Fucking awesome! Hell yeah, this have an INCEPTION vibe, for sure! The bat, the BW pallete… Gotham falling appart… is it upside down? Duuude… i can not wait for what is coming!Maybe the [non] color theme chose for TDKR is almost black/white? Sweet!

  • Chris

    My night just got a whole lot better. Come 2012, the Bat will be broken.

  • Yeah, reminds me of Inception. It’s okay but nothing that blew me away sadly.

    edit: Okay, now that I actually notice the Bat-Symbol, it’s a whole lot cooler. haha.

  • Anonymous

    When they relaunch the Bat-franchise, mark my wordsies: McG WILL direct.

    • Antrozous

      God forbid! :S

  • plum plum

    Got to say this is second best teaser poster I have ever seen.
    This one is just somewhat better:

  • mjm12

    Chris, as far as you know, will the trailer be released online before it premieres with HP7.2 or will it be officially released as of midnight on Thursday (when the film is released)? Trying to decide if I wanna hold out to see it on the big screen for the first time, but could be insanely difficult if its online, like, tomorrow. 

    • I don’t know, but I really hope they release it BEFORE it premieres. That way they won’t have to worry about leaked copies being uploaded online. I hope they put it on the website tomorrow, around the same time they put up the poster. We’ll see!

      • mjm12

        Fair point, seeing it leaked would be major buzzkill. We’ll see how strong my willpower is… forgive me if I avoid your awesome site for a few days : )

      • Guanoman

        Any thoughts on the poster Chris? 
        I personally love it.
        I can’t explain how hyped I just got.

  • Batman Inc

    The hype machine has really started now. Awesome poster! Can’t wait to see the teaser trailer. Hope we get our first look of Catwoman. July 20 2012 has to get here already lol

  • maiguancai

    Heard someone say it’s a fan-made poster, is it?

    • Batman Inc

      No this is the real deal. It’s on the official the dark knight rises website. http://www.thedarkknightrises.com/

      • maiguancai

        Yeah, I saw it on the official website so I think it’s real, too. Just now those who said it was not real admitted they were wrong. 

  • I think I see a guy with a stick on the left batwing tip?  tilt the picture. On the part where it almost looks like a giant bat?  Anyone see that?

  • Jdkees

    I’m so surprised everyone didn’t see the bat symbol immediately. It’s really obvious. It’s interesting, I guess. I like the sense of perspective (maybe too literal?). anyway, Nolan is a clever fellow. I have zero doubts this film is going to be amazing. Initially, I was devastated by not having another movie with the Joker, considering he’s the greatest comic villain ever created (at least, Ledger’s version anyway). But as time passes, I’ve embraced Bane and look forward to something completely new and exciting. From this moment, we have exactly 365 days. Cheers all!

  • Avi_knight

    OHH MY GODD!!.Bane will destroy Gotham,literally!!.i’m speechless…After Arkham City released Robin first pic,riddle’s lair plus penguin…now this!!.too much Batman for me..but in the good way!!

  • Chris

    After looking at it more closely, I noticed what I believe to be a sort of optical illusion. At the top, it’s sort of as if you’re looking down, and at the bottom it’s as if you’re looking up towards the sky with the skyline crumbling down on top of you. Maybe it’s just me, but that’s the effect I’m seeing. Regardless, brilliant poster. Possibly my favorite from all of the Nolan films.

    • Yeah, I feel the same… for a moment, the sky is a white bat… but, could be an explosion on the streets too… works on both sides!

  • Tinus

    Dark poster, nice!

  • The knightMan

    Ummmm, okay. Honest to god I’ve seen better fan art than this. Sorry, not impressed.

  • KMiller

    At least we know it’s legit! I remember for each of the posters for The Dark Knight, people on other sites claimed “inside knowledge” and declared them all as fakes… It looks like the movie will… blow us away?


    porn meister batman having new  car where he is having new aeroplane


    porn meister batman having new  car where he is having new aeroplane

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful teaser poster.  I expect nothing less form Team Nolan.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful teaser poster.  I expect nothing less form Team Nolan.

  • Simon

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Is that a Superman symbol on the lower left?

    • Man, saw it too… it’s almost in your face – the shape, the S… but blurry. That’s a REAL teaser! :D

  • Pretty good. Can’t tell if it’s a masterpiece or a rushed up job

  • Collin V.


  • Anonymous

    Cool ! One thing i would love to see in TDKR is Wayne Tower Blown up , DESTRUCTION IS GOING TO RAIN = )

  • TheRiddler

    Hey Chris could you put up the Batman Begins and The Dark Knight teasers posters (for those who forgot like me) so we can compare please?

  • Kayvan_922

    Its just kinda simple. I was expecting a bit more.

    • Antrozous

      Simple? A lot of people here admited that that failed to see the bat-symbol at first glance, that´s a perfect illusion right there!

  • So Begins was all Sepia, TDK was all steel blue and TDKR is Grey?? Can’t wait to see Pfister’s photography on this one!

    • Yeah, greyish, almost B/W would be beautiful… that was my first guess for the movie’s palette.

      • It’s better than the RED scheme from that fake trailer. Grey washed out tones are incredibly dramatic like “Flags of our Fathers”

        • I thought in “Children of men”, but “Flags” is a fantastic exemple too!

  • TheGoddamnBatman

    This poster is incredible. Can’t wait for the teaser trailer!

  • thebatwithinbruce5812

    Impressive. This look like TDKR will top the Dark Knight with this poster and the upcoming teaser trailer. Can’t wait!!!!!

  • Guanoman

    I swear, I got teary eyed because I realized, this is it. Man, it’s happening!
    Okay, a year. But what the hell, I am currently getting ready for my teaser trailer marathon which will most likely run through the weekend.

  • JokersMav

    I was blown away at the look of this. I knew Nolan wanted to go big with this movie and this poster makes you feel the intensity. I can’t wait for this movie to come out! All hell is going to break loose! :D

  • After staring at this for a long time, it kind of makes artistic sense. The skyscrapers seem to rise infinitely into the skies but they cannot rise above the bat symbol which is the sky itself! “Begins” had the bat symbol in a metallic form (slightly rusted) as if, a hero was being forged out of the fire- then TDK had Gotham burning and had the bat symbol in destructive places as if for all the good that batman was doing, it always results in destruction. This one my friends, this one is deeper than what meets the eye. The sky is the limit! ***pauses dramatically as the wind catches his hair in slow motion***

    • BUT, just think about it: maybe, MAYBE the bat isn’t the sky, but the streets bursting in explosions… Maybe this poster works in both perspectives: upside down too!

      And that is just the TEASER poster… imagine whats coming, buddy! Heads will blow just like “Scanners” movie!!!

      • Anonymous

        If i had to dig deeper , into the meaning of this poster , i would say it means Bruce Wayne / Batmans world , will have to crumble to dust , before he can Rise again and be finaly complete , how do i define complete , He is and shall always be The Batman !

  • President Lex Luthor

    There’s a definite apocalyptic vibe about this. I was honestly expecting the poster to be more optimistic, given that Batman ‘rises’ from his previous defeat at the hands of The Joker. Yet this is gloomy, ominous and almost has a look of death and decay about it.
    Amazing poster, but with a very different vibe to what I was expecting.

  • Geeky Randy

    I guess it’s Gotham crumbling.  “Why do we fall?  So we can pick ourselves up.”

  • Hey, Chris! Put all teaser posters from previous Nolan’s bat-movies side by side, so we can compare better!

    • TheRiddler


  • I want this poster

  • Just an BatmanGASM!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Voldemort. You’ve been officially replaced as my wallpaper…

  • Anonymous

    Dam , i need some moral support hear , fellow Bat fans , Collider.com , has a detailed description of the teaser , i have NOT read it , but i know i am weak , and can not hold out until Friday ,HELP ME !

    • TheRiddler

      Be Strong! Just think how good its gonna feel when you see it on the big screen and be surprised!

      • Anonymous

        I know right , it does not help ,when people on this site  , type out the whole thing , Jesus Christ ! but i just avoided it ! Determined now  = ) might not see me on the site till after Friday !

        • TheRiddler

          Me 2 lol. Hang in there friend we will make it lol. Chris can you please take that post down?

          • TheRiddler

            *The one that gives a description of the whole trailer*

          • That was a fake description. I’m posting what I believe to be the real description in a new post now. Don’t worry, it’ll be in spoiler tags.

        • Don’t be such a pussy, my friend! C’mon and read it!!!! They’re just merely words, surely that will not screw the exibition itself! 

      • Anonymous

        I know right , it does not help ,when people on this site  , type out the whole thing , Jesus Christ ! but i just avoided it ! Determined now  = ) might not see me on the site till after Friday !

  • Model_102

    the new poster is awesome, it still funny me some are so worried about tom hardy as Bane, anyhow here something to tie u guys over intell the new trailer comes out, u seem im trying to give a another film called “Bronson” a Cult Following so here it  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rm39m8LWqUI&feature=fvwrel please vote like crazy and leave comments ok…hehe

  • Jameskearny282

    I keep reading random teaser descriptions. Have no idea if this is accurate but it sounds cool. 

    [spoiler]It starts off with the usual studio titles.

    Then it’s essentially the same tracking shot. It starts out tracking on the ground and gradually pans up the body of Hardy as Bane as he’s making his way down a long corridor. We’re not certain where he’s at but I would imagine it’s Arkham because the hallway is reminiscent of what it looked like in Batman Begins. As we’re walking we hear Hardy as Bane start his lines of dialogue. It’s spaced out to last the entire rest of the teaser.

    [I]”When you hear your city, and these people….”[/I]

    It levels out to Bane’s head and continues following him with audio of sirens and explosions gradually getting louder and louder as he makes his way to the end hallway. 

    It starts to become more clear that the wall at the end of the hallway has been completely destroyed and is wide open. Bane walks to the edge of the hallway and stops but the camera continues outside where we see a good portion of the city below is complete dismay. 

    [I]”…the sirens. I want you to think of one thing.”[/I]

    Buildings are crumbling and the city streets are destroyed with random fires broken out over all of the city. 


    The camera continues out until it gradually starts panning higher and higher. The music builds up until the Bat symbol becomes clear in the sky. Music hits it’s maximum point and we cut to black. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES title fades in.

    SUMMER 2012.

    Some of the dialogue might be different. I had to try and memorize it as I typed it.[/spoiler]

    • Anonymous

      WTF ,i did not read this , please take it down , some people ,want to see it for the first time at the pictures or in HD , come on people lets stop posting spoilers ,

    • Anonymous

      WTF ,i did not read this , please take it down , some people ,want to see it for the first time at the pictures or in HD , come on people lets stop posting spoilers ,

  • David

    Mind-exploding.I cried when I saw it.Pure art

  • Interesting to note that it shows the sky during DAYTIME! Almost as if “Dawn has arrived”…Batman during daytime? “Not very subtle”

    • Very good observation!

    • Antrozous

      Well I believe it´s for the sake of constrast and lighting, don´t see what it has to do with Batman in daylight. Did you saw him in any daylight scene in prior movies? No…

  • Garmanbozia

    I really like this poster. It trully symbolizes the “rises” in the tittle are you are looking at the skyscrapers high up and with the debris falling from those buildings, it gives the feeling that you need to “rise” in order to avoid them. Well done, Dark Knight Rises marketing crew!

  • Antrozous

    I simply love it, for a teaser it´s perfect I caný understand some complaints I´ve read about it. More posters will come along in the near future so chill…

  • abw2

    Yeah I kind of like it. I still wouldn’t have minded just a bit more detail though. P :)

  • dkm

    I am thinking this movie might have a new batsuit for batman, i mean of a different colour,  say white

  • Anon
  • Erik

    ROFL I bought the poster the first day I heard of it. =]

  • awesome

  • Tom

    AWESOME!!!!!! Cant wait for this movie