‘The Dark Knight Rises’ to shoot at Heinz Field

Back in June, we learned that a football game would be taking place in The Dark Knight Rises, and that extras would be needed in August. Now we know exactly where this scene will be shot. The Pittsburgh Steelers have confirmed that their stadium, Heinz Field, will be part of The Dark Knight Rises. The Steelers posted a link to the extras casting call, and explain that they’re looking for enough people to “fill their stadium”. Heinz Field holds 65,050 people! If you want to be a part of Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman conclusion, this is your chance. Hit up the source link to find out how you can be in The Dark Knight Rises at Heinz Field on August 6th.

SOURCE: The Steelers [via CBS Pittsburgh]

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  • Adam_Stabelli

    Why don’t I live in Pittsburgh!

    • Chris 92595

      Nah. I assume all the Gotham players dress up as batman during their games.

  • I already signed up for my 4 passes for this. Go Gotham Rogues! (I wonder if their colors will be black and gold)

    • Have fun! I wonder if they’ll give you a “Gotham Rogues” jersey to wear?

  • Guanoman

    If I wasn’t in school, I’d drive down from Canada just to help fill that stadium.

  • Simon

    I have no clue about what purpose this scene will have in the final movie. But it’s interesting though. 

    • Yeah, I’ve been having the hardest time trying to figure out how a football game will fit into the story.

      • cwilliamson32

        Read my comment for my theory (minus spoilers).

        • David

          But,there are many other possibilities too.I just don’t dare express any ideas on this one!

  • cwilliamson32

    My theory of a football game, its part of the big stunt which is being filmed/in preps for.  I won’t say what scene in terms of spoilers, but I think combining the idea of that action scene and what is happening, with a crowd of over 60 thousand makes for some serious drama involved in this film.  It would make the filming of a stadium full of thousands of people seem like overkill, but it could be a Cecil B DeMille moment for Nolan.    

  • keifaleif

    Ive got 4 passes reserved as well. This will be EPIC!!!!

  • With my luck if I went down there to do this there would be this big giant spoiler. Thank why I just can’t bring myself to do this.

    • Antrozous

      Wtf? To be a part of this or not? That´s a no brainer for a true Batman fan!

  • Antrozous

    About the footbal game it will probably be 65,000 people in danger somehow, remember that they talked about blowing up a stadium…

  • Collin V.

    Maybe..Nolan’s version of Bane is a football player for the Gotham Rogues…that’s all I got so far.

    • JamieSon

      Haha Bane vs Titan infected Rogues lol

      • Collin V.

        Also, the chanting on the website and trailer sounds like “Hey hey, Gotham Gotham”. Maybe it’s the stadium crowd’s cheer for the team…

  • Stlsports589

    It would be cool if they were playing a team from Metropolis.

  • JamieSon

    It could be a place for a bomb scare or something along the lines. Or a place for Bruce Wayne the Billionaire playboy to be seen at.

  • Billpriff

    I have a buddy who works on the set and he says they are going to blow up the stadium out of batmans reluctance to return. Bane sacrifices 60,000 people which forces the dark knight back to save gotham

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was perfecta nd people need to shut up. The trailer shouldn’t of given more than it did and the voiceover was fine. And why would we see Selina Kyle so soon? I hope they NEVER so her as Catwoman in the previews.      http://bit.ly/p17sCk

  • Pam

    I signed up for two passes. Taking my 15 year old nephew! Going to be exciting.  And, having gotten an email about it the other day, the scene takes place in fall/winter and we have to wear jackets … preferably in Black and Gold colors if possible.

  • Deeznutzz

    I’ll be there in my Cleveland Browns gear, Steelers suck

  • Lrej3

    Guys, ill be in Pittsburgh next week, somebody knows the schedule or places where they will be filming the movie??? Thanks,