Michael Caine talks ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, wants to return as Alfred

While talking to Digital Spy in an interview for Cars 2, Sir Michael Caine talked a bit about The Dark Knight Rises. Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • Caine talked about Christopher Nolan’s secrecy, especially around The Dark Knight Rises
  • Caine confirmed that shooting has wrapped up in the UK, and is headed to Pittsburgh
  • Caine hinted that he’d like to return as Alfred in the next movie, even though Christopher Nolan won’t be directing
  • Caine talked a bit about filming at Wollaton Hall

Check out the full video interview after the break. By the way… we’re just 1 year away from The Dark Knight Rises! July 20th, 2012 is so close, yet so far.

SOURCE: Digital Spy [via Comic Book Movie]

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  • Anonymous

    You can tell , Nolans hired a Sniper , to follow Caine around , any slip  !, but whats funny is , you can tell , when he hears the question , he thinks ” O.K i have been told , dont say a word ” so he trys not to say anything , and in trying not to say anything , he always says something new  !
    , love it

    Anyone else notice , its exactly 1 year , to the Day , until TDKR = )

    • I just updated my post, I was going to post an update on Facebook/Twitter later :) Just 365 more days…

      • Anonymous

        Yeah 365 painful days of waiting = )

        Hey Chris , since the Poster and the Trailer , the traffic on the site was insane , with new people , Definetly feeling this is the place to be in the build up !

        • It definitely is! Traffic has been crazy, July has been the biggest month yet!

      • Pierre

        Actually it is 366 days, as next year is a leap year…
        But I’m going to count down every single day untill july 20 2012

      • Pierre

        Actually it is 366 days, as next year is a leap year…
        But I’m going to count down every single day untill july 20 2012

  • Adam_Stabelli

    It’s cool that Caine was to continue being Alfred after Nolan leaves. He must really dig the role.

  • Rokkyn

    hahah with McG or Shyamalaan directing, i really dont care if Caine  is back, won’t see it anyway

    • Antrozous

      Then you cannot call yourself a true Batman fan and you won´t be missed, sorry.

  • Bazman05

    It’s good to know we might see the odd familiar face from Nolan’s trilogy in the reboot. If it’s going to be a completely new cast, it’s going to put me off.

  • Joselo

    i think Guillermo del Toro should direct the reboot, what do you think?

    • Anonymous

      Duncan Jones ( Moon , Source Code ) should direct the reboot , with Nolan Producing , Did you know , Jones is David Bowies son , Bowie , would make a great Riddler = )

      • Good choice! But I still wanna see a Daren Aronofsky bat-flick! Del Toro would be great too, as Alejandro Inarritu [21g] and Alfonso Cuarón [Children of men]… they could give a amazing vision of the Bat in cinema!

        • Anonymous

          Aronsky , great choice , i loved Black Swan and The Wrestler , You forgot one more guy , Michael BOOM BOOM Bay = )

          • guest

            michael bay is a bad director, did u see the transformers movies or wat?

          • Anonymous

            It was a Joke , Bay should never be allowed near Batman

  • The knightMan

    When The Dark Knight Rises finishes, Chris Nolan’s Batman Saga will be one of the greatest (if not thee greatest) movie saga of all time, no Superhero Saga will ever come close to matching what Nolan has done over the course of these last three films. My question to that is why reboot something that now has so much potential? I guarantee you that if Caine wants back in, so does Bale. If Nolan doesn’t want to direct, fine, have Jonathan Nolan do it and Chris and Emma Thomas can produce or find someone else with passion for continue to carry the story on while Goyer, Nolan & Nolan write the script. I know he wants to do other projects and that’s fine but why reboot Batman again? It makes no sense and from a financial standpoint it makes even less sense.

    Batman in film is still too young, what are we going to see, the third interpretation of the Joker in the last 25 years? That’s too much.

    Let’s go back to Bale, Caine, Oldman and Freeman and see what the Riddler looks like in the Nolan-universe or Black Mask, Calendar Man, Hugo Strange, The Mad Hatter, The Penguin, what I would have really liked to have see what true interpretation of Knightfall. I know a lot of people didn’t like that story-line but I think it works well on film with Jean Paul Valley taking over as Batman and brutalizing his victims and being a menace and Batman having to reclaim the throne, I would have to guess a lot of that story-line is now being used for TDKR.

    But you get my point. Keep the crew together and let’s do 3 more!

    • Anonymous

      I hear , what your saying , but to me your point ( wich is a good one ) is the problem , Nolan does not want anyone else , touching his Batmanverse , i feel the same , his Trilogy should remain , stand alone , A reboot will be cool , a new Era .

      • Well, no need to be from total zero. Nolan put the right path for Batman in cinema, I mean, the next director could simply to follow the scheme and put their personal view mixed to it, like more supernatural / fantastic elements, more detetivesque stuff… but always watching the Nolan’s touch previously as a foundation.

        • Anonymous

          I dont know how , you guys feel about BATMAN BEYOND , I am , a fan , there is a lot of potential cinematicly , just a thought , not saying , this should happen after Nolan , just throwing some ideas out there .

          • I love that show! I think they made great clever stories… the movie it’s awesome too!

    • Ramonrodriguez20

      I think once nolan sees the outcome of tdkr he’ll be back for more…..so many villains to pick from and go in so many directions…..I’d like to see his take on the riddler and penguin….I’m thinking paul giamatti for penguin….or even a michael keaton would be quite interesting….he can get pretty vilonious (ex. Desperate measures)

  • Vander

    Did Caine just hint that something “sinister” is going to happen inside the halls of Wollaton Hall (or whatever location it ends up being in the film?).  If it is supposed to represent Wayne Manor, are we then to speculate that either Alfred gets killed or Wayne gets his back broken in this location?  Sinister indeed.

    Nolan must be so frustrated with him, because he can’t help but reveal things.

  • Jhiasd

    The next director of Batman should be Darren Aranofsky. If not, del Toro could be a good way to go.

  • Bat-Kevo

    Hey what’s up Bat-Kevo here lol that interview was funny lol I loved how he tried to play it cool lol but yea bat fans I love the dark knight tesser trailers I have Ben here in pittsburgh waiting for my casting call nothing yet :-( lol but I will be ok it cooled down a lot it was like 98• out earlier n I seen someone sed the man in the back of batman might be the riddler well dude I think it might be Dr Hugo I mean the man has a white lab coat it looks like but who knows u might be right not trying to start beef lol but people get at me I miss u guys n my I phone is on 29% lol so hit me back up o yeah and buy the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY too meeee I’m going to have one hell of a b day gifted next yeat TDKR

  • Another movie????  Woo hoo!  Well at least we can say Bats survives Bain.  But what I want to know is, does Nolan take Bats the way of the comic…

    • Antrozous

      First off, it´s Bane not Bain! Secondly the next Batman series will be rebooted so it doesn´t matter what happens to this Batman. Needless to say that with a new team we will get another Alfred I find very hard to conceive Michael Caine going back to do another Batman Year One type of movie and far as we know it wont be until 2017/18 so it´s unlikely to happen for him…

  • so… i’m kind of lost here… may you clear things for me, please? why are you talking about a reboot, since the finishing movie wasn’t finished yet…? did i lose any news? thanks!

  • particularly, i think people screw things up doing this… a trilogy like this is just amazing and a fourth movie with other director will put batman in the same direction we saw at the previous shoots, the anthology. i would be happy to see more, but, at the same time, i’m totally satisfied with the magnitude nolan has given to the dark knight movies. that’s what i thing…

    by the way, found out this site last week, happy for doing it! you’re great, best source of info on the internet! now i can be in touch with everything!

  • correcting – that’s what i think

  • quest

    I cant wait to see the new batman movie. im a really big fan of christopher nolan. im going to countdown every day till it comes out. my heart is just pumping!

  • Jq14

    I crack up as folks talk about who could do what as far as directing go. Once Nolen is finished who wants to step in those shoes. You might get in them but you won’t fill them up!

  • Anonymous

    if Zack Snyder is this dark movie director, forget superman, he should take over Batman if Nolan is truly finished, wont be the same but it would be good

  • Bradley Eversley

    Honestly, I believe if any reboots were to drop, the soonest should occur in maybe 35 years where Nolan’s magic of film  becomes excellent history and a new director/screenwriter decides to take a fresh and innovative path on the franchise maybe even better than Nolan’s. But it definitely wouldn’t make sense to do a reboot any time soon, ’cause then it would make the filmmakers of the new franchise feel as tho they just made “another movie”, and it would deplete the value and moral of the BB, DK and DKR saga and spit in the face of the people who put their heart and soul into these films. 

    I’m just saying, the next official batman should not be put into production until about 2040. Unless of course the Superman coming out late next year has a trilogy also that ends with some Batman since they are in the same universe, but I doubt that. lol

    • Antrozous


      I mean I personally don´t want a Batman anytime soon after next year´s TDKR but almost thirty years from now seems a bit(a lot) extreme. We must not forget that Batman is a franchise owned by Warner Bros and as a franchise it needs to cash in big bucks to the studio so they can´t just put on ice for undetermined time just because some Nolan fans seems outrageous that another director will take his shot at The Caped Crusader. Batman is Forever, nowadays Nolan is The Man just like Tim Burton one day was but life goes on and Batman will have many reencarnations in the future, I just hope to be alive when he reaches 100 years of age in 2039!

    • Anonymous

      Are you serious , 35 years , i am having enougth trouble , waiting 2 years inbetween each film !

  • Anonymous

    This reboot of Batman that’s not Christopher Nolan’s will be a EPIC Fail and will prove that you should not try to fix something that’s not broken. Just cause Marvel’s doing the Avengers does’nt mean that we have to have the Justice League. I agree with Bradley Eversley down below.35 years let’s make it 50 years