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Comic Con is just wrapping up in San Diego, and while The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t there, Batman certainly was. More on Comic Con in a minute, but first I’d like to make an announcement. Since I started the most popular suggestion I received was to start a podcast. I didn’t feel like I’d be a good host, so I’m very proud to introduce two new members of the team who are more than qualified. Meet your podcast hosts… Matt and Grant.

Matt Galvin

Matt is 27, lives in Los Angeles and is a freelance video editor, but his true passion is Batman. If he was to ever get a tattoo, it would be Batman. The first movie he saw in theaters was “Batman 89” and ever since then he’s been obsessed with the Dark Knight. He’s followed Batman in all forms of media, throughout the years. “I love everything Batman. The comics, the films, the animated series and the amazing Arkham Asylum video game series. While I will always have a fondness for the Burton films, I prefer the Nolan Universe which I feel is the closest to the source material (well, besides the Tim-Verse :)”.

Grant Christopher

Grant is 28, grew up in San Diego and made the move up to Los Angeles to attend and graduate film school. Apart from California, Grant has also lived in Japan, as well as Hawaii and a few other states in the U.S.. But, no matter where he went, he always loved Batman and his arch-nemesis, the Joker. His main area’s of Bat-expertise lies on the 1960’s Batman T.V. show, Burton’s Bat-films, Shoemaker’s Bat-films, Nolan’s Bat-film’s, Batman T.A.S., old and new video games, and plenty of Batman comics and graphic novels. Grant was heavily involved in the viral marketing for The Dark Knight starting from the scavenger hunt in Downtown San Diego and all the way to the very end. If there IS in fact any viral marketing set up for The Dark Knight Rises, Grant will be all over it.

Matt attended the San Diego Comic Con this past week, and got some great videos for Matt interviewed Adam West, Rocksteady (the team behind the upcoming Batman: Arkham City video game), and Dino Andrade (the voice of The Scarecrow in Batman: Arkham Asylum). He also shot video of props from The Dark Knight and some Arkham City merchandise. Be sure to check out all these great videos after the break, and stay tuned for a few surprises on future episodes of the podcast. The first episode of the podcast will be released very soon!

Adam West


Dino Andrade

Arkham City t-shirts and The Dark Knight props

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  • Moojidy

    Someone told me last week about geting our first looks at Anne Hatheway as CatWoman this week and another poster. I’m guessing he thought that cuz of comic con but from this looks like the rumor was un-true. Anybody else hearing anything about seeing our first looks at CatWoman?

    • X- BOY

      Hope we see it soon.Just imagine.You open and………Our First look at Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

  • nick price

    Adam west is my man

    • Veronica-bellotti

      thats what I grew up on.I used to run home from school to watch Batman and Robin.I have never looked back.and now my son (who is 22 by the way)has been a fan since he was a little boy and he has never looked back.Thank god he’s not embarrassed i still am.

  • X- BOY

    Suprises?I love suprises!

  • X- BOY

    Suprises?I love suprises!

  • TheRiddler

    They had the Batman Begins costume on display  because they are filming The Dark Knight Rises and are using the The Dark Knight costume

    • Antrozous

      Are you implying there´s only one TDK Batsuit?

      • Anonymous

        I am starting to worry that might be the case , we know the old Tumbler is there , also if the rumours are true that the trailer scene , is the final battle scene , he is in TDK suit , at this point , i still think there will be a new suit and vechile , but i could be wrong .

        • Willie

          Seems like TDKR will begin just after TDK, so I think the time lapse is too small for a new suit, I mean, what would be the point? But, for the new batmobile it’s perfect time, for obvious reasons.
          Well, at least spy-pics of the tumbler in desert camouflage was peeped in some spots!

        • Antrozous

          I was refering about one single existing suit therefore being used in the film instead of being in display, it wouln´t be the case since we know that a hanful of suit are made.

          In the case of a possible new suit well, I believe we at least will see an upgrade one on the second half of the movie because to be honest,I don´t believe that scene between Bane and Bats is from their final showdown, my money goes on being the first round between the two so most likely is to Bane damage the suit pretty bad at least to a point that it needs some mending! xD

        • Willie

          Yeah, uruguay deserved, they’re playing fine, instead of Brazil. Diego Forlan is the man!

        • iamnolan

          don’t really understand why everyone thinks because there is a new movie there will be a new suit the last one is pretty close to perfect. if anything there will be some extra add ons (like the sonar, explosive gel gun, shooting gauntlets, hydraulic hand, etc in tdk) to it but not a complete redesign

  • Antrozous

    Grappling and glidding without ever touching the ground of Gotham Streets? Awesome, can´t wait, I will spend a lot of time of that game simply roaming around just for the fun of it…

  • Bat-Kevo

    Hey what’s up everyone Bat-Kevo here I happen to see Comic Con on TV last night I think they should haved talked more about TDKR it was like a 2 sec segment about the new Movie Masters that r comeing out I mean they look great but come on lol but I had my lucky Batman T shirt on showing my batman Love :-) have a ???? For everyone.

    Do u think thay should have harley quinn in the next batman movie I know I’m thinking WAY AHEAD but I was watching NCIS n that chick that Plays Abby whould be perfect tell me what u think and tell me who whould u like to see in the next batman movie and who should play them ( just 1 of my random ????? I was thinking about )

  • Anonymous

    The Arkam City Collectors Edition will be mine , He ha hA HE = )

    p.s , Welcome Matt and Grant carn t wait to hear you thoughts on all things Batman = )

  • Sammy Doja

    I just wanna say That Batman-News is the best.Much Respect to everyone involved.

  • Antrozous

    Regarding Adam West…

    Hmm if Frank Miller´s The Dark Knight Returns was going to be done today I might consider him for the role of Batman again, I mean, it would be funny that he would go from the most goofy Batman to the most darkest Batman of all, just for that it would be worth to give him a shot at it!

  • Ahegele

    great to see this site grow so quickly and offer to unique Batman related material!

  • Sammy Doja

    I wanna see Adam West do a Family Guy style movie of him as his legendary role of Batman Lmao
    Secret Bush and all (No pun intended)

  • Anonymous

    I loved The Scarecrow in Arkam Asylum , best section of the game for me !

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean we’ll see all types of batman related news,not just Nolan movies? Either way I’m cool with it, I just love this site, especially the comments section.
    Looking forward to the podcast.