The Dark Knight Rises’ Batcave being built at MGM Studios?

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Kevin O’Leary spotted the new Batcave being built on MGM’s lot in California. The Batcave that was used in Batman Begins was housed in London, and it looks like we’ll definitely be getting a new one in The Dark Knight Rises. I can’t wait to see what improvements Bruce Wayne has made to the “southeast corner”. The Dark Knight Rises will be filming in Los Angeles after they wrap up in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, Mr. O’Leary was not allowed to take a picture of the newly constructed Batcave, hopefully Warner Bros. releases some production stills soon.

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  • The Daly Knight

    this is great! hopefully they will have all the computers and stuff that is traditional for the batcave, BB didn’t have that much because it was the beginning and TDK had the place under the docks. Can’t wait to see it! :)

  • Me like, ME LIKE!!!

  • abw2

    Awesome, can’t wait to see this new and improved Batcave, and of course the mansion itself!!! P :)

  • Wonder if he will stick with TDK look that was in the docks. Very practical and realistic, but of course in a cave! 

    • abw2

      Yeah I think maybe a cross between what you’re thinking and what Nolan gave us in Batman Begins would work pretty well, more than likely ya know. P :)

  • TDKR2012

    Holy cow! this is great…. i was saddened by how few scenes we got in Begins of the batcave, but happy that they made opportunity to create a new/upgraded one… i thought the hanger/bunker thing in the Dark Knight was cool and all with the bright lights, but wanted to see more gadgets/gear inside…… now THIS new batcave should be fun….

  • Oh God! All these happening in The Dark Knight Rises make me want Nolan to make another Batman!What a vain hope,though!

    • redXphantom

      I respect that he doesn’t want to make a long running series but he struck gold with this frachise and it is a shame he wont do more.

      • Yeah,you know,now that we’re gonna see Nolan establishing Batman completely in this movie,it’s painful having to say good-bye to it.But for now,that doesn’t matter.We still have an epic movie to come out!

  • bradley

    MGM lot. Is WB buying their lots while they’re going into bankruptcy?

  • Sheldon

    Take a look at this, a person in TDKR teaser poster zoom

    • Antrozous

      Well sometimes I look at the clouds in the sky and I swear I can see rabbits… xD

    • Bat-Kevo

      What’s up man Bat-Kevo here lol it looks a lil like Robin or some young boy hmmmmmmmm looks like I’m going to have to do so closer looking

      • Jhaisd

        little robin? can this be some kind of hint??

        • Joob

          Yeah, no it’s totally fucking Robin. You fucking retards.

    • This poster is very,very meaningful

  • Anonymous

    I hope the Water Fall , is still there , i want the tech to be , super high , but to keep the feel of a natural cave , Can we all agree we want a huge view screen with the chair in front !

    This is AWSOME , Home Theater Bat Cave ! I got to get me one of those = )

  • Antrozous

    I´m expecting to see a minimalistic batcave, not expexting at all to see computers and screens all over the place, just a work-station with a handful of high tech screens will be more 21st century. I still would like the cave to resemble the one we saw in Begins, I hope that they won´t go over the top with this (I´m confidant that they will stick it into practicality)…

    A classical element that I would like to see introduced in the cave would definitely be the Batmobile 360º plataform, always loved to see the Batmobiles spinning all the way around towards the exit tunnel…

    • Anonymous

      Come on , we have to see progression , this has been the whole point from BB , to complete the trilogy , at the end of TDKR , Batman must be fully formed into the Legend he is , this includes the Bat cave , monitors on a work bench are not going to cut it any more !

      • Sheldon

        we have to see the yellow bat symbol lol

    • Anonymous

      I agree. It has to look like something Bruce and Alfred could set up their own, with help from Lucius.

      • Batman Fan

        Which on face value sounds like it wouldn’t be much.  Until you realize that Bruce is a billionaire owner of gigantic company that produces, among other things, cutting edge tech.  AND that Lucius has been presented as a tech/computer genius.  So saying something that Lucius and Bruce and Alfred could set-up on their own would be minimalist looking I think is a bit off.

      • Anonymous

        Bruce and Alfred want be popping off to IKEA , to kit out the Batcave , it will be cutting edge tech , the sonar machine was a sign of things to come .

        • Antrozous

          Sign of times ring a bell to you? Twenty years ago you needed a lot of computers and screens when now you can have all of it in one high-techglass touch-screen,I mean if CSI´s have it why woudn´t Batman? Adapting to the age we live in is important! Or you want the T-Rex thrown in there also?

          Despite Lucius is at hand just remember that they must do most things themselves or are you expecting Bruce Wayne to hire a team of computer geeks and construction workers to assemble the Batcave for him? If Nolan´s Batman is all about practicality and plausibility then we should see something that Bruce could put ip with the help of Alfred and Lucius…

          • Anonymous

            Yeah , because Bruce just whipped up the Sonar machine in his spare time , this is a movie , its not real life , yeah Nolans films feel practical , but the fact is they are not , each Bat cave / Bunker , has been better than the last excpect no different in TDKR ! yeah i want the T REX and the Coin and maybe a suit for Robin and a coffe machine and satalite t,v (Joke)

    • Nolan will possibly keep it simple and avoid alot of things seen in the previous franchise, but it could look closer to the Batman’89 batcave.

  • Bat-Kevo

    What’s up Bat-Kevo here I think it’s great that the Batcave is returning hope to see a lot of cool things I think it be cool to see if batman shows off some new toys like I was talking to my brother and we were thinking we should see the bat plane cuz we seen batman ride the streets with the bat pod and the tumbler why not see him in the air well u guess we r going to have to wait and see lol

  • all i can say is this movie better be longer then 2 and half hours, cause if it is not, their is no way they are gonna to be able to do any justice. i just want this move to be better then the last one, BRING BACK THE BATCAVE is an epic start to getting their!

  • Yeah, right… this was the worst tweet ever! I’ve expecting some description of the thing, at least!

    Well, I think the TDKR cave will be a mix between the Begins cave and those screen monitors from TDK. You know, unless we’ll have a big passage of time in TDKR, I don’t think Wayne will be able to  build something too advanced in the short time lapse after TDK.

    • Warner Brown

      they’ve been rebuilding Wayne Mansion, and the ‘Southeast Corner’ since Batman Begins

      • You’ve got a point… but between Begins and TDK was only about 6 months, I guess.

  • Anonymous

    Off Topic , very good Batman Year One Review

  • Batfink UK

    Can’t wait to see Nolan’s vision of the ‘Batcave’ but please NO Bat-poles or Bat-computer or Bat-shark-repellant store.

    It’s gonna be great!!!

  • Anonymous

    I was under the impression that the original Batman Begins bat-cave was still standing in an England studio somewhere, but I guess that was like 6 ears ago.

    Anyway, this was expected but great to see confirmed. I really hope we get the classic shot of Bruce sitting at his chair watching the bat-computer, deep in thought, ignoring Alfred…

  • Awsome!

  • RFF

    While there is definitely a new batcave under construction, I’m afraid our friend Mr. O’Leary is confused as to its location.  I was on the set not a few days ago and it was most definitely at Warner Bros.  It’s under construction on the same soundstage that the big theater from the upcoming Muppets film is on.  Im not sure whether he thought he was at MGM when he was actually at WB (which is especially odd seeing as MGM doesn’t even have a studio anymore, it’s now Sony Studios) or that someone misinformed him.  Either way, I can confirm that the new batcave is currently under construction at Warner Bros. in Burbank.

  • Sammy Doja

    That is Awesome news and I can’t wait to see it for myself

  • I hope it has a slurpy machine!

  • iamnolan

    guess this most likely means the fight they showed in the trailer isn’t in the batcave since the set is still being made.

  • Bulwark

    Batman. A great American export. No propaganda, villains are not necessarily affiliated with any nation. Espouses human virtues and weaknesses regardless of race or gender or nationality Main character is actually British, best Oscar winning villain was Australian (RIP), most intelligent man in series is black, most prolific actor is British (Oldman), best two-face ever by American acting genius (Eckhart), and helmed by incredible American director Nolan.

  • Bulwark

    Batman. A great American export. No propaganda, villains are not necessarily affiliated with any nation. Espouses human virtues and weaknesses regardless of race or gender or nationality Main character is actually British, best Oscar winning villain was Australian (RIP), most intelligent man in series is black, most prolific actor is British (Oldman), best two-face ever by American acting genius (Eckhart), and helmed by incredible American director Nolan.

  • batman


  • bustyrusty

    i work at sony pictures (where the mgm lot used to be) and they are indeed building the set here at stage 30. i was able to take a picture, but i dont want to be traced and get in trouble! in short, the set is huge, they used stage 30 because it has a pool in the middle of the stage for water scenes. this means the batcave will be elevated over water. also, there is a side of the stage that has what looks like a more victorian-style stack of balconies facing the batcave…

    even tho its the TDKR batcave, it looks like i imagined it: a rocky underground industrial setting. theres nothing amazing or outstanding about it other than its realistic approach. theres no cheesy bat symbol or anything unrealistic….