The Batsignal shines in Pittsburgh for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ [Update]

This is pretty cool. The Batsignal is shining on Downtown’s Highmark building to welcome Warner Bros. and the cast and crew of The Dark Knight Rises to Pittsburgh. Christopher Nolan will be filming his final Batman movie in Pittsburgh for about a month. If you live in Pittsburgh, or are willing to make the trip, you can be part of a major action scene on August 6th. There will be a press conference tomorrow at noon with Christopher Nolan, Chrisian Bale, producer Emma Thomas, and executive producer Kevin De La Noy. I’ll have video from the press conference as soon as it shows up online. For now, check out one more picture of the Batsignal after the break.

Update 07/28/11: George from Lightwave International (the company behind last night’s awesome laser show) sent in even better photos, including a behind the scenes shot. Check them out after the break.

SOURCE: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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  • Eli Boley

    That would be a pretty freaking awesome thing to see in person.

  • K. Drummond

    Very cool… looking forward to this press conference!

  • Guguleta

    Pretty cool
    I wishvI was in Pitt

    * jealous *

  • Natemail007

    Not mad or anything, but this got me really excited from the title that this was going to be the actual Bat-Signal used in the movie… now I feel somewhat disappointed.

  • Batman Fan

    Reminds me of when they did this here in Chicago for the ARG marketing for The Dark Knight.  They put the batsignal up on the sears tower for the marketing.  Enjoy it Pittsburgh.

  • Sammy Doja

    That’s great

  • TheDude

    Hope they still have that up on the 22nd of August when I go down for the Pirates doubleheader.

    • Anonymous

      Go Red Sox !

      • TheDude

        No need to hate on the Pirates unless they play your Red Sox in the World Series which we both know won’t happen. If I were you I would be much more worried about The Indians in the playoffs.

        • Anonymous

          I am , not hateing on the Pirates , youre having a winning , season in like forever , i hope the Red Sox and the Pirates , do meet in the World Series = )

  • ManyTh

    Hi you all, i don’t know if this is important but i have a friend on Pittsburgh, and he’s telling me that right now is a local rumor (local tv news, newspaper, etc) that the Civic Arena, builted in 1961, is going to be demolished in the coming month and that will be part of the dark knigh rises movie from Warner Bros.

    • Chalres Xavier

      yeah, that is nonsense- 

      a “yinzer” rumor that started last april, the civic arena is set to be demolished by the city for the cost of 2.2 million dollars-

  • Davidmena140

    This web site is SOOO COOL , i just found it , congratulations to all people working on it and regards from argentina
    the best:  lack of publicity

  • Anonymous

    Press Confrence ! , Nolan will reveal himself as The True Batman !

  • Anonymous

    O.K , your at the Press Confrence , you can ask Nolan , 1 question , What do you ask ?

    Me , i would want to know , does he own , any clothes , wich are not Black ! This is the only colour you ever see him in ! I t would be good to know , that he just had , you know maybe a Hawian shirt , in his wardrobe , wich he would break out on a speacial occasion = )

  • Anonymous

    Shit just got real…

  • TDKR2012

    LOL!!!! The whole city of pittsburgh coming to a stand still because of batman!!!! Epic! ….. This is bigger than the superbowl!

  • Chalres Xavier

    should have done it the night before when 55000 people were downtown for the u2 show-

  • Derek F

    Is this gonna be part of the film or is it just an advertisement? 


      It was just something a Pittsburgh laser company did to welcome Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan. It’s not going to be part of the movie.

      • Derek F

        Gotcha, wasnt sure if it was like a new bat signal or something.

  • Anonymous

    Well this should be very good indeed!!!

  • Anon
  • the bat

    total friggin awesome wish i was in pittsburgh

  • X- BOY

    How magnificent! And,It’s gonna be so cool having that press conference online.Exciting! 

  • keifaleif

    Cannot wait to be an extra at Heinz Field next week!!!!!!!

    • Veronica-bellotti

      you’re only boasting

  • Anonymous

    Is the Dark Knight Rises the most anticipated sequel since Phantom Menace? I’d say so.

  • Anonymous

    Christian Bale has facial hair at the press conference!  Does this mean he’s playing Hugo Strange?!?!?!?

  • Jokerjonj

    Dats cool wish I was in Pitt.

  • Ed Kusiki

    In the beginning was the SIGNAL…. and the signal was good.

  • batman


  • Veronica-bellotti

    hope this is not a silly question,but will we be able to buy those laser photos as posters.?

  • Enosalex366

    looks like something the riddler would do